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Sunday, July 29, 2001
Heh, my 2nd wind just came. A bit late!!!
posted by Crystal 2:01 PM

How SAD!!!! I had this big long celebratory Last Post all typed up and ready to post, and my computer froze! Of course now I can't remember what all it said! :(

Guys, WE MADE IT!!!!!!!! CONGRATS to everyone!

This was really a huge rollercoaster of emotions! We laughed, we cried.. You have NO idea how many times I just wanted to GIVE UP and go to sleep..I would have NEVER gotten through all this without Kel! She kept me awake, slapped me around occasionally, made me laugh, and generally kept me going! I LOVE YOU KELS!!!!!!!!!!!
There really isnt much I can say here that can explain to you what it was like to go through this crazy 24 hours. Its just something you have to experience. Wow.

Well, I don't know about you, but im gonna SLEEP now! :)
Posts: 91
24 hours of posting DONE!
# of webcam pix posted: 51
# of webcam pix taken: Lord only knows
Drank: 7 pepsis, 1 big dr pepper from taco bell, 2 cups of coffee, 1 medium orange juice
Ate: footlong turkey breast sub, mexican pizza, biscuits & gravy, oreos, snack mix
Watched: Real World, Road Rules, Jeffersons, Brady Bunch, All In The Family, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Cruel Intentions, Shakespeare In Love, MTV All Access, MTV Becoming
Haikus: 13
Number of Nice Emails from Strangers: Still 2.
Number of not-so-nice spam porn emails: Still 2.
Toenails Painted: 10
Awake: 26 hours

posted by Crystal 2:00 PM

I've been awake nearly 26 hours now. Wow. That's a really really really long time. I wonder how late I'm going to sleep.


And, Pepsi #7. Because you know I couldnt stop at 6.
posted by Crystal 1:31 PM

Ok, im so freakin jealous. McDonalds in the UK has all this cool stuff! Why dont WE get yummies!?
posted by Crystal 1:13 PM

ONE MORE HOUR!!!!!!! Rejoice, rejoice!

This has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster! Will we survive the last 60 minutes?
O N E H O U R. It seems so.. SHORT after 23 allready being over. What the hell have I been saying all this time? I'll probably read through it all later tonight when I wake up, and wonder what was WRONG with me. I've really lost all concept of time, and yet at the same time, I can now say I REALLY know just how long a half hour is.
posted by Crystal 1:03 PM

Ok, I moved my hit counter down to the very very very bottom, and voila, my sidebar looks right again. Duh, why didnt I do that like.. 22 hours ago?
posted by Crystal 12:38 PM

Oh, and now I know: Total pix uploaded so far: 50. I sure got my 30 bucks worth outta this little camera tonight!
posted by Crystal 12:33 PM

Oh, i forgot to post Noon Pix.
posted by Crystal 12:32 PM

12:30. Thank God. 3 posts left after this. Thank God.

Well, believe it or not... you know how I was worried about my poor seeds outside in all that rain? Well about a million of them decided to sprout! Yippie! I'll post pix when I can stand to look at this page again after today.

307 hits since this whole crazy thing started. And I think only 305 were me.

I only wish I had saved a movie for these last 2 hours. Sure would help pass the time about now.
posted by Crystal 12:31 PM

I hate all of you who have slept and are IMing me expecting me to be coherent.
Except Rich, I never hate rich.
posted by Crystal 12:09 PM

Can I sleep yet?
posted by Crystal 12:04 PM

Cant sleep, blogs will eat me! Cant sleep, blogs willl eat me!!!!!! 2 more hours!

Hehehehehehe... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Everyone is awake now, and they forget that I haven't slept yet, and they expect me to be cohernt. Heh. yeah right. Dream on! Ooh, dreaming involves sleep. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
posted by Crystal 12:02 PM

i cant wait to sleep! 2 1/2 hours! Im so excited!! sleep cant come soon enough!
posted by Crystal 11:30 AM

Posts: This is my 77th.
21 hours down. 3 to go.
# of webcam pix posted: Countless
# of webcam pix taken: Lord only knows
Drank: 6 pepsis, 1 big dr pepper from taco bell, 2 cups of coffee, 1 medium orange juice
Ate: footlong turkey breast sub, mexican pizza, biscuits & gravy, oreos, snack mix
Watched: Real World, Road Rules, Jeffersons, Brady Bunch, All In The Family, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Cruel Intentions, Shakespeare In Love, MTV All Access
Haikus: 13
Wearing: Same jean shorts, purple tank top, still wet kinda wavy hair. Smeared makeup.
Number of Nice Emails from Strangers: Still 2. More of y'all need to email me!
Number of not-so-nice spam porn emails: Still 2.
Toenails Painted: 10
Awake: 23 hours
Times I have almost given in to sleep: 275764014761076542743012764351987653102536

Its really cold. Why is it cold when its July and approaching noon?
posted by Crystal 11:00 AM

im taking more webcam pix, which is scary, since im looking all blair witch project-y.
the phone just rang and i jumped about 3 feet.

2nd wind, where ARE you!?

3 and a half hours left!
I think I will do some subtotals in my next post, just so I dont have to count everything up later. Yeehaw.
posted by Crystal 10:31 AM

10am finds me freshly showered, and therefore a bit more optimistic about the fate of the universe! I have my food now, and life is gooood.

I wish I could have stayed in that shower forever, but I knew going into it that it was only a 10 minute affair with comfort!

HAND CRAMP!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i cant type with my right hand now, but i just turned on mtv and nick was singing, so life is just peachy!
posted by Crystal 10:00 AM

When people who have been blogging for 19 and a half hours meet shakespeare.

Crystal: i know this play like.. like something I know really well
Kel: Like the back of your pillow?
Crystal: oh, how I miss my sweet pillows
Crystal: pillows are such sweet sorrow
Kel: A pillow by any other name... is still better than this chair.
Crystal: thou knowest the mask of the blog-a-thon doth paint my face else would a lovely pillow be paint my cheek
Kel: et tu, pillow?
Crystal: rofl
Crystal: Oh pillow, pillow, wherefore art thou pillow!? Deny thy pillowcase and refuse thy bed!
Kel: lol!!
Crystal: or, if thou will not.. be but sworn my pillow and ill no longer be awake
Crystal: arise fair pillow and kill the envious blogger, who is allready sick and pale from lack of mother freakin sleep
Kel: You need to post that.
Crystal: Oh thinkest thou we shall ever sleep again?
Kel: You KNOW the answer to that.
Crystal: Two bloggers, both alike in dignity,
In fair Internetland where we lay our scene
From ancient blogging break to new posts
Where 2pm can not come soon enough

From forth the fatal posts of these two friends
A pair of star-crossed bloggers write their posts
Whose misadventerous piteous overthrows
Doth with their blogging bury their charity's strife
Crystal: i never was good with the death scene
Crystal: thus with a blog.. I sleep
Crystal: Oh happy posting

Oh, wow, where did real MORNING come from?
posted by Crystal 9:33 AM

Kelly and I seem to be sharing a single "awake". I have it for a while, and then im sleepy and she is very much awake. I suppose this is what happens when you have allready burned the candle at both ends... perhaps that's where they get the phrase "I'm at my wit's end". Maybe it was originally my wick's end..

I can't feel my hand. yuck.

On the bright side, dad went to get me food. I will have biscuits & gravy & orange juice soon.
posted by Crystal 9:21 AM

5 hours. I want so much to give in and just sleep, and yet at the same time, so much to complete this, so finish.

To die, to sleep, and in that sleep perchance to dream.

...What dreams may come?

No, I can't quit just yet. 5 more hours. 300 minutes.

How oft when men are at the point of death have they been merry, which their keepers call a lightning before death. Oh how may I call this a lightning?

If you are sleeping right now, I am green with envy, and would give my right arm to be in your shoes. Or more fitting, to be in your bed. As you can tell, im still watching Shakespeare in Love, as im feeling rather shakesperian. All the world's a stage, and we are but players.

Sleep. My kingdom for sleep. It has become something that no longer even seems real.. and yet vividly real- sleep has a sound and a taste and a smell and oh, certainly a feel. I can not wait to feel it again. Sleep.

I'm considering taking a shower, but im afraid I'll fall asleep in the process, and that just would not be pretty.
posted by Crystal 9:07 AM

is it 2pm yet?

Parents waking up. The house comes alive. Oh, if only that life ran through me.
posted by Crystal 8:30 AM

My clock must be stuck. It has been pre-8:30 for what seems like hours now.
posted by Crystal 8:19 AM

8am! 6 hours to go!
I think my muse got smart and went to sleep. That, or she's off drunk somewhere.
posted by Crystal 7:57 AM

7:30. Now I am going to watch Shakespeare In Love and paint my toenails. And hope I survive. 6 and a half hours to go.

Sleep is a vile temptress
posted by Crystal 7:28 AM

I feel drained. Nothing more to write. Oh, but I need at least 13 more posts!
posted by Crystal 7:18 AM

You know, I was looking up the lyrics for Hotel California, and now im even more confused than I was. These do not match these.
posted by Crystal 7:16 AM

Okay, back to Rich's "What would you do if you had a whole lotta money?" question. I posted a truck I want, and a few nice horses, so lets build on that, eeh?

*I'd build a house.. not *too* huge.. but big enough. And then a huge barn. With nice indoor riding arenas. Mmmmm...
*I'd buy a bunch of horses. A few good cutting & reining horses, a barrel racer or two.. a nice nice dressage horse, a good jumper.. perhaps a little bit of everything!
*I'd get some camels. Lots and lots of glorious camels.
*I would love to somehow buy Van Gogh's Starry Night from the museum, but that would be very selfish. It should remain where the world can gaze upon it, not just me. Although it would be nice.
*I would travel *everywhere*, and pay for my friends to join in on whichever adventures they would like.
*I'd buy some cows. For my cutting horses, of course.
*Oh, some really nice trick saddles, and some horses to use for trick riding. Can't forget that!
*I'd build nice little houses for my friends all near mine. Hooray for closeby friends!
*I would leave huge tips for small town diner waitresses working the late shift.
*I'd obviously donate money and time to all sorts of charitable things, but the question was more what would I *buy* than what I would *do* with the money. Oh, and I think that donating the *time* is equally important as donating the money. Perhaps ill get into that later.
*I would adopt tons of horses being shipped off to slaughter houses because auction prices were down that month. I could just buy a few hundred really grassy acres and put them there. Dont get me started on the whole horse slaughter issue, or we will be here until Wednesday.
*I'd buy myself some new clothes, because dammit, I'm so far from stylin' its not even funny.
*I'd get a better net connection, for goodness sakes! 32k connections are NOT fun.
*I'd get a live-in masseuse. Mase..Mass.. damn, spelling is really really hard at 7am.
*Throw in a live-in chiropractor too. My back has issues.
*I'd pay to get Emmet *professional* training.
*I would hopefully not forget what is important in life.

Oh! And in my house.. I want a skylight over the bathtub, so I can lay there and gaze up at the stars. Well, it would need a cover of some sort, because you know, some people are just perverts.
posted by Crystal 7:12 AM

wow, so here we are at 7am. Just 7 hours left. That's awesome. Time seems to be passing a bit faster now, but im sure its just because we're all so incoherent.

And even at 7am, Nick is just... yum. (sorry hon! Just trying to stay awake!)

And, on that note, I have uploaded a LOT of files tonight. 20 pictures at 3am alone. I could really use an oreo for every file I've uploaded! I'd be a very, very happy girl.
posted by Crystal 7:00 AM

oh no! My cd is skipping! What is the world coming to when even boybands fail me!?
posted by Crystal 6:48 AM

Torrential downpour
Is back at my back door now
Dont make me unplug
posted by Crystal 6:43 AM

Raindrops need counted
I need more oreos
Mostly I need sleep
posted by Crystal 6:42 AM

I am post happy
I cant stop writing haikus
Damn damn damn damn damn
posted by Crystal 6:41 AM

Rain has come again.
My cucumbers stand no chance.
Damn this old downpour!
posted by Crystal 6:40 AM

Damn rain is back.
posted by Crystal 6:40 AM

Or some dancing boys.
posted by Crystal 6:39 AM

Or at least caffeine pills.
posted by Crystal 6:39 AM

blog-a-thons should come with straight jackets.
posted by Crystal 6:39 AM

Kel ate some altoids
I do believe there were 10
Set her mouth ablaze
posted by Crystal 6:37 AM

Haiku # whatever
The last oreo
In my esophagus now
That was quite yummy
posted by Crystal 6:36 AM

BLAH! Has anyone seen my altoids?
posted by Crystal 6:34 AM

Wow, I did NOT think the storm was going to let me back online in time, but it left just in time.

I just heard the most wonderful sound.. over the pouring rain came the song of a single bird, singing his heart out to an audience of raindrops and angry clouds. And you know what? I think they listened.

Maybe I needed this to give me back my drive. I wanted to quit, but once I wasn't able to post, I wanted it so much. I'm BACK, baby! :)

She picks up the broken pieces from the floor,
And wishes her life could be fixed as easily,
Even the strongest glue can not mend shattered dreams.
posted by Crystal 6:29 AM

My poor freshly planted seeds are still out on the back porch, being flooded. Maybe I should go get them. (insert HUGE lightning here) Or.. maybe I should turn off the computer until its time to post at 6:30. Yes. That.
posted by Crystal 6:04 AM

The clouds are very, very angry.
posted by Crystal 6:01 AM

Rain rain go away, come when I can sleep?

6am 6am la la la la la! 8 hours left. 8 long long long long long hours.
posted by Crystal 6:00 AM

Oh, if you could hear the thunder. One hundred lions roaring, Aircraft landing outside. This HAS to be what it sounds like when they blow up those buildings, and you see them turn from structure to dust in seconds on TV. I swear, if I opened my back door, and World War 3 were going on outside, I would not be surprised.

Im very jealous that Rabi is much more coherent than I right now, and she has done this without caffeine.
posted by Crystal 5:47 AM

By the way, post a few hours ago was supposed to say lady that was ON Oprah. Not lady that was Oprah. Shut up, Kels :)
posted by Crystal 5:34 AM

Well, if I were being good and actually WRITING things here like I had planned on doing, I would start writing my post for 5:30 about now. However, I've SUCKED so far, but I think ill start writing anyway. Just because hell, its 5:17, what else am I gonna do!?

I was going to finish up my trip report from my May trip to WDW tonight in between posts, but really, it just hasnt worked out like that. I've spent all my time posting, reading blogs, or watching movies. Not a lot else. I'm clinging to my sanity by a thread, and it's unravelling fast. EEK! 5:30 now!?

I keep going to actally *write* something, but other people's words keep coming out.

Cool breeze and autumn leaves, slow motion daylight.

All I can say right now is Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
posted by Crystal 5:31 AM

Thunder is trying to sing me to sleep, but I will not go.
posted by Crystal 5:10 AM

Roaring winds outside now
Casually usher in morning
Time drifts in and out

Morning or still night?
Time no longer has meaning.
Am I here or there?

2, 2, 2 haikus for the price of one!

Oooh, here comes the part of the movie where Donny sings. Yippie. You know, he's like the only osmond I never met. Oh, I dont think I know Marie either. Okay, so there are a few I haven't met. Shut up. Its 5am. And I appear to be cranky! yippie! Perhaps I will watch Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat next. My shark and suckerfish are fighting. Apparently THEY are cranky at 5am too.

...Mysterious as the dark side of the moon....
posted by Crystal 5:00 AM

Still too dark to tell. It is raining, however.
posted by Crystal 4:31 AM

I wonder if the deer are outside.
posted by Crystal 4:29 AM

Ugh. I was just reading through my journal, and came across mention of a lady that was Oprah who spent 40 days alone in the desert with just necessities and a journal. And here we think 24 hours is bad, when we even have movies and such. Then again, she got to sleep when she wanted to. Hummmmm.

Watching Mulan now. Drinking coffee. 9.5 hours to go. Is anyone still awake?
posted by Crystal 4:26 AM

Woo, well, Cruel Intentions is over.. good movie! I'm either gonna watch Shakespeare in Love now, or give myself a bit of a mental break. That is.. if I have any mentality left to GIVE a break!

No pix this hour. I think I'll stay away from that webcam for a while now that the damange is done :)

10 hours left!
posted by Crystal 4:02 AM

Current Mood: Crazy
Wearing: jean shorts,, simucon 2001 t-shirt (Its the $200 shirt!), hair.. um.. a MESS
Watching: Cruel Intentions.
Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: Surprisingly, still just 2
Nice emails from people I dont know: 2
Pepsis allready gone: 6
Cups of Coffee: 1, on my way to get the 2nd.
Eaten: Footlong sub from Subway, lots of oreos, Mexican pizza, snack mix
Haikus Written: 5
Hours to go: 10 and a half
posted by Crystal 3:31 AM

I would give anything for a marathon of mystery science theater right now.
posted by Crystal 3:10 AM

Heh, its been quite an hour. And so, I present you with...
3am Insanity Photos
The Camel Attacks!
posted by Crystal 3:04 AM

I wish it werent so much work to upload my photos, I'd have millions on here by now! Oh well. Do do do do do inspector gadget.. la la la la la LA LA!

Oh my. I really DO need help. Im currently amusing myself by making faces at my webcam. Oh, if only you could see all of these pix I didnt post. I wish my camera would automatically take pix every half hour or so like Kelly's does! I'd love to have that feature. Alas, alas. Now I have coffee and snack mix. Pictures coming soon.
posted by Crystal 2:33 AM

gah! Once again, I wrote that last post before 2, it just didnt get posted till late! Im here, I promise!
posted by Crystal 2:21 AM

I can't help but wonder if anyone has given up yet. We are now 12 hours in-halfway there! Will everyone make it? Will *I*?
I'm making coffee right now, as pepsi (Um, is this still #6?) is starting to hurt my stomach. The grocery store is open 24 hours so I may have to make a run up there later for munchies.

I'm really going crazy. Allready. Halfway through. Its time for drastic measures!

Time for a haiku
My 2 am post is crap
Twelve hours left oh my
posted by Crystal 2:18 AM

eek, 1:30 allready. Hi. Im still awake
posted by Crystal 1:31 AM

EEE!! I forgot that Joshua Jackson was in this movie. Much happiness.
posted by Crystal 1:10 AM

Its Sunday! WOOHOO! I know the next several hours will be the hardest. I feel bad now for all the senseless dribble I've been posting, now that I know people are actually *reading* this! 148 hits in about 11 hours isnt half bad! Rather scary, especially given the content though :)

I stepped outside for a minute to wake up- its a cool, cloudy night.. you can't even see the stars. How can I wish with no stars?

I love all of you people that I don't know that have either emailed me or left comments! Thanks!!!!
posted by Crystal 1:02 AM

2nd movie is now in the vcr. 11 and a half hours to go. Hopefully this one will keep me amused till like 2. yippie!
Thanks to those of you who emailed me! I need all the help I can get to stay entertained!

I may have to go run around outside in the dark to wake up. I can NOT be getting sleepy this early! SAVE ME PLEASE!!
posted by Crystal 12:29 AM

Well, its midnight! 10 hours down, 14 to go. We've all come a long way, and have an even longer way to go! I'm getting tired, and fighting it with every ounce of strength. Second wind better come soon!

Would you kindly email me if you are reading this? Just because im really REALLY bored. Thanks.

Candi Says: You know when I was little I thought horseradish was actually made from horses and radishes.
posted by Crystal 12:06 AM

Saturday, July 28, 2001

The Old Astronomer to His Pupil
Reach me down my Tycho Brahe, I would know him when we meet,
When I share my later science, sitting humbly at his feet;
He may know the law of all things, yet be ignorant of how
We are working to completion, working on from then to now.

Pray remember that I leave you all my theory complete,
Lacking only certain data for your adding, as is meet,
And remember men will scorn it, 'tis original and true,
And the obloquy of newness may fall bitterly on you.

But, my pupil, as my pupil you have learned the worth of scorn,
You have laughed with me at pity, we have joyed to be forlorn,
What for us are all distractions of men's fellowship and smiles;
What for us the Goddess Pleasure with her meretricious smiles!

You may tell that German College that their honor comes too late,
But they must not waste repentance on the grizzly savant's fate.
Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Sarah Williams

posted by Crystal 11:56 PM

Okay, if YOU ordered a mexican pizza with no tomatoes, what would YOU expect? Certainly not this.

Oh, and I had a surprise visit from my cat Laura, so here is her cameo guest appearance.
posted by Crystal 11:40 PM

posted by Crystal 11:22 PM

Candi asked me to write about how I got started riding horses, so here we go :)

I don't remember just when I started loving horses. I do remember when I was in the hospital when I was 2, I colored the picture of the horse in the coloring book because it was my favorite, so the love must predate my memory. My first time on a horse was when I was 3 or 4. A friend of my sister had a horse, and I rode him around the tree he was tied to, and was convinced I was off to a fantastic start in my riding career. When I was about 8, I suppose, I got to go on my first trail ride at a place called Krazy Horse Ranch on an appaloosa gelding named Rodger. I was in heaven. I spent the next several years riding at the local trail places, and though I may not have learned much about "correct" riding from all those trail rides, I learned a LOT about riding different horses. I'd guess I had to have ridden about 30 different horses over those few years, and I bet I remember at least half of them.

Finally, when I was 12 or 13, I met a lady named Jill Menz at a yard sale. They had a stuben-zeigfried english all purpose saddle for sale that we were both looking at, and we got to talking about horses. She invited me to ride at her house some time, and a few days later, I did. I ended up taking riding lessons from her for several months, and finally learned *why* I was supposed to ride the way I did.. I learned to groom and tack a horse.. I walked, trotted, and eventally loped as much and as often as I could, all on a wonderful appaloosa gelding named Prince Adi Ambro (Prince!) After about 6 months, I suppose, Jill moved about 5 hours away, and so ended my lessons. I went out to visit her for a few weeks each summer for the next two years, but that was basically the extent of my riding. The summer after I graduated ('99), I decided I NEEDED to ride again. Need like one needs oxygen. And so when I ran across a riding lesson business card at a tack store, I decided there was no time like the present, and gave the lady a call. A lesson was set up, and when I arrived that night, I met the horse I would ride- a lovely little chestnut gelding. Being so out-of-practice, I was anything but the picture of grace that night, but I really liked the horse I rode, and the teacher, and made plans to go back soon. And so began the great friendship of Crystal & Susie, as well the famous relationship with that wonderful little chestnut gelding. About a year later, I found out that precious horse I rode for most of my lessons was being sold to a lady named Janice. I cried. I bawled. I sobbed. You get the picture. Well, Janice didn't spend much time with her new horse, and so because he was boarded at Susie's, I struck up a deal with her. I would pay for the horse's shoes and worming if I could ride him whenever I wanted. She accepted, and I was the thrilled owner of a little bit of a horse. Well, his shoes at least :) Within a few months, Janice finally decided to sell him, and I bet you can guess that I jumped at the chance. And, obviously by now, if you haven't guessed, that fantastic little gelding I rode for my first lesson at Susie's is now my own precious Emmett. And although I seem to have gone off on a tangent here.. did I answer your question, Candi?
posted by Crystal 11:14 PM

We now return you to your regularly scheduled pointless blogs. And of course, the 11pm picture.
posted by Crystal 10:58 PM

Perhaps by now you're wondering why I'm blogging for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I had the esteemed pleasure of going to school with a young man named Brett Whimberly. I suppose I first met him back in 3rd grade when my family moved here. He was in my class a few years in grade school, and in a few of my classes in junior high. Brett was one of those happy kids that everyone liked, not because he was the quarterback of the football team or the social king or anything, but just because he was a genuinely sweet person. Looking back, I suppose its because he had to mature far beyond his age so quickly. We all noticed Brett missed a lot of school, and why, but I dont think any of us really *got* it. When we were in high school, a collection was taken up to pay for a lung transplant, and being the close group we all were (at least half of my graduating class had known each other since grade school) everyone pitched in, and Brett got new lungs. We were all excited, thinking that at last, his struggle with CF was over. No more months of missed school stuck in a hospital.. no more sleepless nights because he was up coughing. Little did we know that not long later, Brett's body would reject the lung. By now, his body was just too weak, though his spirit was so strong. I remember being in my 2nd hour drama class when we all heard the news. Words like shock and devistating just don't describe the feeling. I don't think any words can. We were all so young, our lives were just beginning.. it was impossible to really believe that one of our friends wouldn't have a change to live that life. Oddly enough, I remember pulling up to the funeral home for the visitation. I remember Christa was with me, and I know at least a few other people we knew were there... but I just can't remember anything else about it. I guess its the whole selective memory thing. We all stopped at our graduation, less than a year later, to remember Brett, and I think almost all of us couldn't help but think that he should be sitting there with us. I should have been able to look a few chairs down and see him.. just as nervous and excited as the rest of us, ready to take on the world, but of course, he wasn't there. Or maybe, just maybe he was.

So, as they say, life goes on, and so do we. Brett lives on in our memories and our prayers, but really.. there are thousands of other kids out there with CF, just trying to LIVE. I hope that they will get to graduate with their class, to go on and live their lives. But that can't happen without medical research. And that's why I've asked you to sponsor me for this blog-a-thon.

posted by Crystal 10:56 PM

Pepsi #6.Did you know that pepsis contain Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or Sugar, Caramel Color, Phosphoric Acid, Caffeine, Citric Acid and Natural Flavors?

Another short, boring, pointless post. Yeehaw.
posted by Crystal 10:32 PM

Well, here they are. 10pm Insanity Pictures.

And, then there was Fun with Camels. And just remember, its only 10pm! Wait until we get past midnight :)
posted by Crystal 10:01 PM

My friend Tara has asked that I post some soccer stats, so here those are :) I know nothing about soccer, so dont ask me what any of that means :)

I'm watching the Brady Bunch, which is sad enough. What is even more sad is that I just saw this episode on Wednesday. Nick at Night, Why hast thou forsaken me!? The rain has stopped, and its just a little too quiet. I can't wait for mom to get home from work at 11. Not only will she be some company, but she is bringing me Taco Bell. Well, she isnt bringing me the restaurant, she's bringing me a mexican pizza. Mmmm, food! Im down to just 2 oreos and 7 pepsis.

I just took about 6 million pictures of myself, so expect those to be posted at 10. If all goes well, at least!
posted by Crystal 9:31 PM

Well, the first movie is over, and im left with the dilema of wether or not to start the second yet. Hummmmmmm.

9 hours down, 15 to go. Or something like that. I'm eating oreos and contemplating going in to get another pepsi. Maybe I should save them until later. There are only 8 left, you know. And many many hours. Its raining steadily now, and I hope it doesn't continue, because the sound of rain really makes me want to curl up in bed.

Wow. Our local fair had a spam recipe contest. The winner was a spam eggroll. That's just wrong.

Oh, and we have 9:00 photos now. It took me 6 tries to get a pic of my braid flying through the air. Webcams are FUN.
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Yes, you could say that I'm beginning to lose it.
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Wow, here it is time to post again allready. This time is going SO fast, and yet so slow at the same time. I just don't have time to DO everything I want to do in between posts. Gah.

More pix coming soon
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Are we really 6 hours into this allready? That's 1/4 of the way done! Have I posted anything the least bit amusing yet? No! Have I posted anything of worth!? NO! Hooray for blogathon. Can't get my pictures to work, sadly. Perhaps before like.. 3am.

Haiku #4, I think.
Two black shoes sitting
Carelessly tossed over there
On my bedroom floor.

Oh, and the first pic is working now!
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ok, that didnt work. Lets try this.

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First pic posted here. Me with Pepsi #4 before its untimely demise.
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Oh, yippie and yippie! Our blog-a-thon is listed on the main page! How cool are we!? Also, my webcam is now working, and im snapping pix :) I'll post a few as soon as I get them uploaded!

I'm watching Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just think, perhaps this time next year Kels and I will be strolling around Notre Dam itself. You know, I've actually never seen this movie in english. I saw it in French, and got the idea, but I've never seen it in english. So, yeehaw! AHHHHHH!! I just knocked Pepsi #4 off my desk and spilled most of it. I will mourn this loss :(
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Its beginning to rain.. the wind is raging and thunder has started to rumble. PLEASE don't let the power go out when im trying to blog!

I got a niftly lil webcam at wal-mart, so nw I just have to figure out how to install the software and get it hooked up, and we will have fun pictures tonight! WOO!

Pictures coming in a few minutes. Real posts returning soon. Pardon all this filler stuff!
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It's 6:30, and im now going to run to wal-mart REALLY FAST, get a webcam, and get home before 7 so I can post. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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I was talking to Kelly last night, and actually found myself amusing when I said
CrystalW07: Lets give you Ghetto Extensions!

And holy heck, my site has had 40 hits in the past 4 hours! That's probably more than its had in its life!
If you go to, it tells you how much you are worth. I am worth exactly: $1,875,650.00. Any takers?

Our Horse of the Hour is a lovely little mare with Smart Little Lena bloodlines.

I'm really, really thinking of going to wal-mart and getting a webcam just so I can post pictures of tonight's insanity.
Current Mood: Pondering
Watching/Listening to: Same hotel California remix I was listening to last time, oddly enough.
Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 2
Pepsis allready gone: 2 and a half

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Time goes by always
Sitting here with Chesley now
The end is at hand
(That was haiku #3)

Well, Chesley is still here, as you can read. She's keeping me company as I read Kelly's lovely haikus. I'll link them to you. Err, link you to them. HERE!

We are sitting here looking through old pictures, and she is almost making me late for my blogging. Evil girl!
Okay, so I wont be interresting in this post. Next one, perhaps. But don't quote me on that!
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AHHHH! My 5:00 didnt publish right! I swear, I posted that at 5, not 5:13!
Anyway, as I said, more at 5:30!
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heh, 3 hours down, 21 to go!

My friend Chesley is over here keeping me company for a while. Hooray for company!

Sorry, this is a short post. Not even a horse this time. You'll live, im sure.

More at 5:30!
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I'm on Pepsi #3.

Horse I want-Bardo. This one is a Fresian. Not the most impressive I've seen, but I needed a fresian within a few minutes, so there ya go :)

Oh, and I'm currently listening to a remix of Hotel California. :-D

What have I gotten myself into!?

Haiku #2
Its still afternoon
Twelve pepsis are not enough
Will I survive this?

Oh well, might as well just go ahead and post this. I won't be getting any more interresting anytime in the near future. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Yeah.
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And, my Horse I Want of the post.. Sony Gold Star LP

Kel's last post brought tears to my eyes. I think some of us have gotten so wrapped up in how we're going to stay awake and amused for all these hours, that we're overlooking the real reason behind all this- to provide hope, education, perhaps life.. We're all having fun sitting around with our movies and sodas and whatever else we're doing, but somewhere out there, people are waiting. Some are waiting for medical treatments to save their lives. Some are waiting for a way to get out of an abusive relationship. And some are just waiting for a hand to reach out to them- to let them know that someone cares. Please, please, please go sponsor someone who is doing this blogathon if you haven't allready. I don't care if its me or not. You can click on the blog-a-thon button over there and there is a page full of the charities we're blogging for. Find one that you believe in.

I'm very glad that I chose the charity that I did, as I'll explain in a later post. I only wish I could have sponsored two or three more- the Mary Kay Ash foundation is both searching for a cure for cancer, as well as supporting programs to stop violence against women. I'd also LOVE to sponsor a theraputic riding program, where they teach kids with physical and mental disabilities to ride horses. Imagine never having been able to walk in your life, and suddenly knowing what its like to have four good legs moving beneath you. I first heard about these programs when I was about 8 on a tv show called Hey Dude, which believe it or not, there is still at least one fan site for. Did anyone else actually WATCH that show? Come on! Tell me you did! Well, okay, I wont believe you unless you can sing the Timmy the Magic Shrimp song. So ha! Great. Now I'm gonna have to go dig out my old videos. How sad!

Wow, I just read on that site that Christine Taylor, who was on that show is now married to Ben Stiller. Heh, the things you learn surfing the net.
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Rich suggested that I write about places I would like to live, periods of time I would like to have lived in, and things I would buy if I had a lot of money. So, watch for those things to be interspersed within the next 22 and a half hours!

So, stuff I would get if I had money? How about starting off with a nice silver Toyota Tundra?

Then I would start buying horses. Lots of horses. Lets start with this one. You know, as a matter of fact, I think I'll just post a horse I want every post for a while.

Oh, and if you are counting.. hour and a half gone, 22 and a half to go!
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Did you know that if you hit either the previous or the next button on the webring, the pages are mostly green? Hummm.. conspiracy?

One hour is done! 23 to go! The time is going by so quickly! I'd like to keep up with reading several other people's blogs, but there just isnt time!

How about a quick quote from the book im reading- Skinny Legs & All, by the wonderful Tom Robbins?

Some marriages are made in heaven, Ellen Cherry thought. Mine was made in Hong Kong. By the same people who make those little rubber pork chops they sell in the pet department at K Mart.

And, more amusing..

Despite its feetlessness, however, its pathetic podalic privation, this roast turkey- or jumbo facsimile thereof- was moving down the highway at sixty-five miles an hour, traveling faster, farther on its back than many aspiring actresses.

Current Mood: Still pretty much just awake, and a bit amused.
Wearing: I've lost the shoes.
Watching: Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 1
Im on Pepsi # 2
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Well, here we are! Allready at post #2! Things are going just swingingly so far! I'm talking to Kel, reading email, yada yada ya :) Half of the sandwich is gone, as is one pepsi, and very little of my sanity (so far!)

You may notice the pretty little hit counter over on the bar over there -----> That's gonna be there just for the blog-a-thon. Because hell, by 3am, anything will amuse me!

If I haven't allready told you (I'm pretty sure I haven't, but you never know!) I have some lovely seeds planted that I need to go set outside so they can get sunlight. All in the same 2-and-a-half foot long planter thing are cucumbers, green beans, snapdragons, violas, and blue boys. Yes, they were supposed to be planted outside in May, according to their respective packages, but instesad they were planted in my bedroom about 4 nights ago. NOW im gonna move them out!

I really wish I had a digital camera so that I could show you pictures as I go! I know I wont be looking this damn cute a few hours from now :-D

And my very first haiku of the 'thon..

One half hour is done
Twenty-three and a half left
Good lord help us all

Current Mood: Awake
Wearing: jean shorts, red t-shirt, white tennis shoes. Great, I look like a freakin flag. Hair in messy bun.
Watching: Road Rules 10 on MTV
Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 1
Pepsis allready gone: 1

and OMG, I just read that Rabi is doing this thing caffeine-free!

*PLEASE* if you have ANY ideas for things for me to blog about, Email me or IM me at CrystalW07.

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Well, here we go! One post at least once every half hour, for 24 hours! Yippie! If you haven't sponsored me yet, its not too late! And go over to Kelly's page and sponsor her too!

I have 12 pepsis, 4 movies, 5 emails, and a footlong sub. Oh, and 24 hours to go! So lets get started!

Thanks to Rich, for being wonderful and emailing me blogging ideas. And to Kel, who is on the other end of the IM, and will be keeping me awake for the next 24 hours!

I actually woke up at 7am today, after going to bed at 2 because I was so excited. One look at the clock and I KNEW I would never make it if I got up then, so I went back to bed until noon. A run to the video store & stop at Subway later (Damn! I just realized I forgot to get my sticker thingeys!) here I am!

The sandwich is Turkey Breast & American cheese on asiago cheese bread. The movies are Mulan, Hunchback of Notre Dam, Shakespeare in Love, and Cruel Intentions. I've seen the disney ones before, but not the non-disney, so ill tell you about them when I watch them.
Oh, look, its 2! Time to post! HERE WE GO! :) (47 posts until sleep!)

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Well, its almost time. I just figured out that I start blogging at 2pm my time, not 11am. Hopefully that will give me time to get to the library first! My plan of action for surviving the 24 hours? 12 pepsis and a huge bag of oreos! And, of course, laughing my ass off at Kelly's webcam pix throughout the 24 hours. Life is fun :)

Last chance to send me ideas of things to write about! C'mon, really! Oh, and you can still sponsor me too, so go for it!
See you tomorrow!
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Friday, July 27, 2001

Blogathon webring is up and running nicely. Hooray! Two more days until insanity
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Thursday, July 26, 2001

Its 5:04 am, and everyone is either asleep or AFK. Come entertain me, guys! Please?

Fine. I'll sleep.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Hummm, I think I may have just figured something out. Let me go ponder it a bit.
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6 am, still no sleep. Well, that's apparent as I'm posting. You should really all email me with ideas to keep me occupied during the blog-a-thon, or else things could get REALLY boring six or seven or twenty hours in to it! I dont want to be cheap and just post two-sentence posts too often, I want to actually SAY something, which is amusing, because how am I going to find 48 entertaining thigns to tell you about when I have trouble coming up with one a day? So, yes, really, gimmie ideas. Ask anything you've ever wanted to know about me, and chances are, around 9am when my sanity is gone, I'll answer.
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5:28 am. Still awake. Still very dark outside. Wearing Wrangler jeans, glittery black t-shirt, and hair held up with a pen shaped like a giraffe from Disney's Animal Kingdom. Life is good.

I've been a downloading fool tonight- probably about 20 new mp3's on my nice computer. I've been listening to way too much music lately, although I dont think its possible. I've been in a real mood for really summer-pop-ish music, and cheesey 80's music. Lyrics keep popping in my head.

New kids on the block had a bunch of hits, Chineese food makes me sick, and I think its fly when girls stop by for the summer.

I may end up sleeping outside again tonight, but I hate going to bed out there when its still dark, which it very much is.

Four days until the blogathon, and I'm really excited. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it, and go sponsor me if you haven't yet! Every little bit helps! :)

Reading a new Tom Robbins book now, Skinny Legs And All. I hear its not one of his best, but so far I like it better than Another Roadside Attraction, which I actually never finished. Tonight I was reading as good ol' Tom compared Thanksgiving to an ancient tribal ritual- the football game symbolizing the hunt and kill of the bird. Still not as good as Still Life With Woodpecker, but so far, so good.

Holy night, my dad just stuck his head in my hallway and scared me to death. That's really unkind, especially when his hair is sticking up in all directions, and he kinda reminds me of one of those pop-up ghosts in the Haunted Mansion at Disney.
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And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I dont wanna go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is you life
When sooner or later its over
I just dont wanna miss you tonight

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
Yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
Well everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

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Tuesday, July 24, 2001

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My most humble apologies to anyone who saw this page around 9:25pm! That, kids, is what happens when insanity meets colors.
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Good scrod, I need a new site design! Any suggestions? Um, PLEASE?
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I feel odd about not blogging lately- I tell myself that I'm "saving it up" for the blog-a-thon this weekend, but we all know that's just a cheap excuse. The words feel forced, and somehow not my own, as if I'm narrating someone else's story.

I was thinking earlier about how bad I am with giving things a title. I went through a brief period of about a month when I titled all my posts, but that was obviously short-lived. I love those blogs with titled archives, so you have the slightest glimpse of what that one may be about. So as I was pondering my lack of title ability, I remembered the title of my page, and couldn't help but smile. Sometimes the truth is just under our nose.
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Sunday, July 22, 2001

Oh, and I also like this!! And I simply must have this! And this is cool, and so is this!

This one is for Rage. This is for Kelly, who has been in the mood to go dancing. And did you know that I have a t-shirt with this on it?

At our meeting at work the other day, we were discussing when we were young and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went off the air, how sad we all were. And so, in honor of everyone's favorite mutant by Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michaelangelo. Lets get cultured, kids!

Oh, and while I was looking up those names, I came across this. All of a sudden, SimuCon seems so... normal! But then again, its 4:30 am, and I'm looking at people who are still obsessed with an 80's movie. Perhaps its time to sleep.
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Seeing that I havent posted any art in a while, here is some Van Gogh. Feel free to buy them all for me!
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Thursday, July 19, 2001

Well, somehow it has occoured that its 7:30 am and I am awake. And not a "getting ready to go to bed" NORMAL kind of 7:30 awake, but as in that I just woke up awake! Its really odd!! And now, as often lately.. I cant think of a thing to say. Lets hope this condition of un-writability is gone by the blog-a-thon!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Amusing Link of the Day- Journal of a guy who spent 2 weeks in Morocco. Ironically enough, his name is Richard. Hehe.

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Saturday, July 14, 2001

Well, I have decided that I really like this tattoo. Kels has been showing me dozens of pictures in her search for a design she likes, and now she has me all excited too :) Her plan is to get it while we're at Simucon next year, and who knows.. maybe I'll get mine then too!

You know, I think I would like to pack up everything I own, other than the necessities, and live with total simplicity for a few months. Then I could bring everything back out, and decide just what I *really* need to keep, and what I can live without. I have a feeling I could live without a LOT.

I'm really excited, because a new opportunity has just knocked. Someone at work told me about a new theraputic riding center that has opened about an hour away, and needs voulenteers. I cant WAIT! I'll get to groom horses and clean tack, and maybe even work with some of the students :) For those of you not familiar with it, theraputic riding programs teach kids with disabilities to ride. Can you imagine not being able to walk, and finally know what its like to have four working legs beneath you? I Cant Wait
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Wednesday, July 11, 2001

I have so many almost-ideas floating around in my head, and I just can't quite piece them together well enough to make them coherent. I want so much to start writing more, but its just so hard to get started. Blahhhhhhhh.

My little run to the costume place today turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. I started out with just two fun little renaissance dresses to try on. Just two. Really. So after I tried the first one on, and was going for the second which was a beautiful pale pink color, when the costume store lady asked if I minded if she took my picture in the pink one. "Um, okay..." I responded, not really sure what was up, but hey, whatever. It ended up that she wanted to use it for the store's display, and maybe an advertisement. Who would have expected that!? So she brought me a few other dresses to try on, and took a few more pictures. The things that happen to a girl who just wants to go play dress-up...

She gave me the address of another costume shop, so now I need to make plans to go there on a day off and check out their dresses too. I also stopped by the mall and got the phone number of a place that does hair extensions, so my next day off will most likely consist of stopping my there, and then going to the other costume shop. Yeehaw. I did get a few pictures of me in the dresses that I'll develop tomorrow, and maybe even post if they look decent.

And, I've gotten a nice email from the site running the blog-a-thon informing me that I need at least 3 sponsors by the 23rd.. so GO SPONSOR ME PEOPLE!!! Thanks ;-)
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Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Oh my gosh, how could I have left out what was possibly one of the BEST parts of my last trip from that list!? Our private balcony at Pinnochio's Village Haus for our lunch of french fries with stuff on them! Thanks to Nate, to whom I am forever grateful, we knew about this little balcony that most people dont even know the existance of, and so we got to eat our lunch up there all alone, which is very hard in a park full of 40,000 people! We had a great view, and the company of some big black birds, who were pretty amusing as well. Its definitly in my top 10 Disney moments of all time. Once again, THANKS NATE! (Um, well, I dont think Nate has ever even been to my site, but just in case he ever comes, kudos to him!!)
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Okay, so most of you know I'm a disney nut. I'm particularly WDW-sick (worse than being homesick, I tell you!) right now, so here is a nice list of things I would give just about *anything* to be doing now.

*Relaxing in the hot tub at the Wilderness Lodge
*Watching Illuminations at Epcot, while splitting beavertails with my mom (one apple cinnamon, and one maple chocolate!!!)
*Sitting at a table eating breakfast by the window with the big water wheel at Colonel's Cotton Mill at Dixie Landings, deciding what to do that day.
*Sitting by a fireplace at the Wilderness Lodge with a cherry coke and a cookie from Roaring Forks, and writing about my day.
*Riding Ellen's Universe of Energy That's the best ride. Well, okay, not the best, but it DOES have Bill Nye the Science Guy
*Sitting at Captain Cook's at the Polynesian, those awesome french fries.
*Eating my favorite lunch at Aunt Polly's
*Sitting on the monorail, hearing the ol' "Please stand clear of the doors.. por, whatever the rest is in spanish
*Laying in the top bunk in a WL room, with one of those yummy rice krispy treat mickey heads. Mmmmm.
*Sitting somewhere in EPCOT eating a yummy strawberrt Minnie bar.
*Swimming late at night in the quiet pool at the Polynesian, accompanied by those two ducks who always seem to hang out at the pool at night.

Its funny how most of my favorite things involve just sitting around, absorbing the magic. I really think I could spend weeks at WDW and never set foot in a park. The funny thing is, the simplest things make the best memories...
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Oh, how I wish I could be logical in the morning!! In a perfect world, my alarm clock would go off about 9, and I would have plenty of time to get dressed, eat breakfast, and feed my horse, and still make it to my meeting completly prepared, and even a few minutes early. The reality, of course, is that my alarm will go off around 9:45, I'll push the snooze button a few times, finally get up a few minutes before 10 and then I will throw on whatever clothes appear to be clean in a frenzy, fly out the door, and get there a bit late, having forgotten something important. If only we didn't have to sleep...

Also, on a rather unrelated note, it seems that there are plans to put a Starbucks in our local Wal-Mart. Is it just me, or does that not quite seem like a match made in heaven?
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Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Well, I had my fun little hour of Fire Fun. The entertainment started as I was driving home from the fireworks places, and saw a figure in the road in front of me. Some girl had been in the middle of the freakin ROAD in pitch black darkness setting off fireworks! No lights, nothing! I came damn close to hitting her! So, feeling a bit "I know what you ALMOST did last summer"-ish, I came home, grabbed some soda and went out to live out my little pyro fantasies. Everything was fine, unil one particularly menacing thing decided to start "When Fireworks Attack!", and rather than shooting balls of, stuff? up into the air, it flipped over and started shooting them AT ME!! As I saw one fly right past me, I took off, seeing one fly towards my truck as I went. Now, of course I'm thinking "Oh, that's just great. Lets shoot balls of fire into a truck bed full of explosive stuff!" I went back to inspect the scene, and found a paper bag that had been in the back of my truck now had a BIG hole in it! Photos coming soon ;-)

I still can't help but think back to a few years ago when everyone who lived in my neighborhood would get together for a huge party on this day, and most people would bring literally *hundreds* of dollars worth of fireworks, and we would be out there alll night.. or until the beer ran out.

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!
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Oh! And for those of you who wanted to see them, here are the pictures from SimuCon. There are like 90-something of them on there now. Woo! Most of you wont really get the captions, but trust me, they're funny.
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Ah, and once again it seems to be the 4th of July. How did so much of summer sneak past me? Very sneaky, that season! Sadly, I don't really have any plans for this year. I hate how as we grow older, holidays just dont seem to be as much fun as they once were. Perhaps its just my family where that happens. One of the best Independence Days I remember was a few years ago, when my youngest sister came over with her husband and kids. We spent the day barbecuing under the shade of the large trees in our front yard, as the kids ran around playing with the little things that pop when you throw them down. It was the perfect summer afternoon. That night, the kids delighted in waving sparklers and shooting off bottle rockets and such, while we all sat back and watched. What more could you ask for?

I went out to feed my horse, and on the way, passed by a small town 4th of July fireworks celebration getting set up. Kids sitting along the curb with slurpies from Casey's Gas Station while the adults set up food and decorations.

So, today is a bit different. Instead of family and friends, I'm alone at home, but have all my friends online to talk to. Instead of barbecuing outside, I'll be throwing together whatever I can find that isn't alive in my fridge. Instead of helping the kids, I may break out some leftover bottle rockets from last year. Hen, anyone wanna come keep me company?
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What do you do when you find yourself fading.. blending in with the background?
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Sunday, July 01, 2001

Oh! I forgot to tell you all.. guess who came to the show yesterday? Paula Jones, of Clinton-scandal fame! Being the bored little people we are, we were all pretty amused, running around showing all of the managers her picture. This is what happens when you lock people in a building from March to December and never, ever let them out.
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Last night, I decided to sleep outside, and it was wondreful. Around 5 am when I decided to go to sleep, I just had an urge to sleep outside, so I stuck my head outside and found the weather to be perfect. Sleeping bag and pillows in hand, I set up camp on our back porch, taking a few minutes to find a comfortable way to sleep. Due to the hour, the neighbor's roosters were crowing, and all the birds were singing, which was very nice to fall asleep to. I woke up to the mid-day sun. I think I just may have to do it again tonight!

As I write, I can hear fireworks going off somewhere. Some people just can't wait, can they? They sound like the big professional sort. Of course, by the time I made it to the door to see where they were, they stopped.

Oh, and now I have officially signed up for the 24-hour blog-a-thon, so click my little button over there on the menu and sponsor me! My charity is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in memory of a boy I went to school with from 3rd-10th grade named Brett. I even asked for the days off from work, so its all set now! I just need a case of pepsis to keep me awake, and some good ideas of what to write about, and I'll be ready to go! If you have any ideas or requests for topics to keep me going, please email me and let me know! Well, hey, just email me anyway, I like mail!
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