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Thursday, August 30, 2001
Step 6: Consult with best friend, and see that she broke hers too. Feel slightly more competent.
posted by Crystal 10:19 PM

Step 4: Bang head repeatedly into computer screen.
Step 5: See that you are obviously incompetent, and wait for technical genius boyfriend to come fix things.
posted by Crystal 10:06 PM

Step 1: Open blogger template to edit it for new comment system to work.
Step 2: Avoid pasting the same script twice, because as we can see, that doesnt work.
Step 3: Fix oopsie mentioned in step 2. Try again.
posted by Crystal 10:05 PM

YAY! I've broken my comment thingey!! I'm so proud. Ummmm.... Riiiiich?
posted by Crystal 10:02 PM

I got new fishies! 2 new bettas, and a tetra, although the tetra died last night less than an hour after I got him. Poor fishy! Anyway, click here to see the new boys! The one refered to as #1 is now named Bogart, and #2 is now Merlin.
posted by Crystal 4:37 PM

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

The air outside has this amazing quality to it, it feels almost tangible. The clouds are lingering overhead like a thick layer of smoke, in dark grey curls that just seem to float there, ready to break open into a downpour at any second. Bring it on, baby.
posted by Crystal 5:07 PM

Monday, August 27, 2001

Goodness gracious. I downloaded what was SUPPOSED to be a live version of Kenny Chesney's "Fall In Love" but this is NOT Kenny Chesney, I tell you!

Oh, and I want one!
posted by Crystal 5:35 AM

GRRRRRRR. I was just about halfway through an allready-long post when AOL decided to kick me off. The ONE time I open Blogger in AOL instead of IE.. Anyway, this stuff is never quite right the 2nd time around, but I'll try to remember what I wrote..

Kelly says I have to blog, so, well, that means I have to. Tonight I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed, realizing I need to get together $705 for the deposit on my December vacation in about a month, preferably less. Hopefully more like 2 weeks. So, after the necessary period of freaking out, I sat down and broke it down, and figured out a plan of action, and I think I can get together about $300 of it in 2 weeks or so, which is a pretty good chunk, and it makes the big-huge-scary looking figures look a little more do-able. But, you know, if you are feeling nice and want to help me feel a bit less stressed about the whole thing, you can always feel free to click on my Mary Kay link over there --> and buy yourself some new stuff. Come on, you know you need some new mascara, admit it! I'm considering recruiting Kelly's dog to go eat people's lipsticks so that they will need new ones, because he's really good at that. What, me? Desperate? Nah....

I'm not sure if I've told you or not, but we are now down to 1 show a day at work, and its wonderful to get home, thinking its 11 as usual, and see that its only 8. Of course this means my paycheck is similar to that of a 3rd world country sweat shop worker, but that's life I suppose.

I can't wait for "Fall" with its more reasonable temperatures and pretty days, which will hopefully pull me outside and shove me in the general direction of my horse. It seemed long to drive 10 minutes to see him before, but now 20 just plain sucks. I miss riding so much, its been forever. It would feel wonderful to go ride... hopefully soon.

I made a nifty collage tonight, with various designs in the background, mostly in shades of blue. On top of that I pasted words and phrases, including ones like "Wouldnt it be nice to laugh so hard we practically wet our pants?" and "Rebel with a pedicure" and "Think less, Dream More" and of course, "Made from 100% Ugly Sheep".
posted by Crystal 5:31 AM

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

I got up at 6:30 this morning to go clean up Dixie's section of the Adopt A Highway thingey. A brave crew of 8 of us cleaned up a 1.1 mile stretch of highway, and boy was it disgusting! Some amusing stuff we found.. a $109 paycheck from McDonalds from March (found by me!), an empty Sobe bottle full of pixie sticks (found by someone else!) and a one-armed superman (me again!) We were out there for about 2 hours, and then all the *other* dixie people showed up, and we informed them that Photo had done it all! Hah! I did get 2 donuts out of the deal, so life is good. I'm eating them while watching the kids shows on the Disney channel :)

posted by Crystal 9:40 AM

Monday, August 20, 2001

Well, hello there. I haven't posted in a few days, so I just thought I would confirm that I'm alive. I just got some wonderful hotel rates in my email for my December vacation, and they have very much made my day!
Last night was our first 1-show day at work since like.. April! It was so odd to get out when it was still daylight. Wonderful though!

posted by Crystal 1:48 PM

Friday, August 17, 2001

Also, websites which make loud gunshot noises out of nowhere when they load, and it is 6am and you are half asleep are not very nice at all.
posted by Crystal 6:11 AM

Okay, I decided I needed to visibly work through my current job options, so I figured I might as well do it here. Here's what I have so far:

Stay @ Dixie-
Pros- I know everyone, everyone knows me, its generally not that difficult.
Cons- I'm sick of it, pay sucks. I dont want to print photos for the rest of my life.

Photo Lab @ Walgreens
Pros- I hear it pays really well, its something I allready know how to do
Cons- Gah, printing ALL DAY? Definite potential to get boring.

Post Office
Pros- Lotsa $.
Cons- Um, potential of "going postal" and becoming one of those disgruntled postal workers you see on TV. And, it doesnt sound that thrilling.

Work @ a Vet's Office
Pros- Something I'm interrested in and kinda know about, I'd learn things that would come in handy, probably pays pretty well
Cons- Sadness seeing sick/dying animals, sometimes very icky work

Camp Creek Ranch
Pros- Working with horses makes me happy :) I would learn a lot, and I allready know the owners, and puts me in a field I know I want to work in the rest of my life
Cons- Dont know what it pays, its *hard damn work* at times, and a half hour drive away

Packing up and running off to work at Disney World
Pros- Um, HELLO, its DISNEY WORLD. Days off would be the best :) Closer to Rich.
Cons- Um, having to move half a country away, I dont like big cities, where would I keep my horse? Would cost a lot to live out there.
posted by Crystal 6:07 AM

Well, I'm looking for new directions to go. I'm really kinda considering working here. I'm gonna talk to the owner tomorrow, and see what he thinks about the idea. Seeing that we've known each other for like 10 years, things look up. Hopefully I'd learn a lot working there, and get a lot of experience. Or, maybe I'll go to Florida and work at Disney World. Any other suggestions?
posted by Crystal 3:26 AM

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Tonight was one of those nights I could have driven forever, had I not had really good ice cream in the back of my truck. I went out grocery shopping, and was treated to Kenny Chesney being on the radio when I got in-a wonderful start! After that, I flipped stations, and the nifty live version of Hotel California was on! (And no, it was not followed by piano-played styx.) I got to the grocery store, which is my favorite, because it has a nifty organic foods section with all sorts of fun stuff, and low and behold, they had.. SOYNUTS! :) They had several differnt flavors, so I picked out two to try, just because Kelly has never given me bad advice before ;) I haven't tried them yet, so I'll give you feedback when I do.

I took my shopping cart full of stuff out to my truck, and much to my happiness, it was raining. I love rain, especially this sort- the warm summer evening- not raining hard enough to make you want to get out of it, but more go out and dance in it. However, as I was in a big grocery store parking lot, I decided to pass on the dancing. I stowed my groceries in my truck toolbox, and went back in to grab some movies. Much to my amusement, they had a movie called Starry Night in which Van Gogh comes back to life, and is amazed that he's famous (as he only sold one painting in his lifetime!) However, it was checked out, so I'll have to wait on that. It could either be really cool, or really disappointing. We'll see.
posted by Crystal 9:40 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2001

I had a lovely morning with my sister, singing songs to the slightly-too-loud radio in the kitchen, even if she did wake me up after only 4 hours of sleep. So now, after a day at work that was actually good (despite a rather nasty fight with a coworker, in which I made her cry..) I'm sitting happily with my leftover pizza, and a V8 Splash, which is surprisingly good for something whose 2nd major ingredient is carrot juice. So, my question is this though.. isnt it called V8 because it is supposed to have a whole lot of 8 different vitamins? Well, this only lists A & C. So explain THAT one to me!
posted by Crystal 11:36 PM

I keep hearing planes fly overhead, and I close my eyes, and wish that I am on them, off on a grand adventure to..anywhere but here.

Dont care where I go
Just as long as im going
Somewhere less like here

..and climb high to the highest rung, to shake fists at the sky- Reasons Why
posted by Crystal 2:40 PM

I was more decisive when I was three years old than I am now. Isn't that sad?

I can distinctly remember a stormy evening when I was about three, and wanting a stuffed animal to curl up with. My oldest sister walked upstairs with me to get one, and asked me which one was my favorite. I didn't have a favorite at the time, so I simply picked up an ivory teddy bear with brown ears, and decided he was my favorite now. So much has changed...
posted by Crystal 3:32 AM

Saturday, August 11, 2001

I found the nicest webpage tonight,, which has almost every one of his works. Ah, what a lovely way to spend the early early morning hours. I'm sick, and wondering if I'm going to make it to work tomorrow, but Van Gogh is making me feel much better. I look at how he sees things, and how I see them, and have this feeling I need to open my eyes. Maybe I should go take a closer look at the stars.

On an unrelated, but then sort of related note, I really like the clothes at Betsey Johnson's website. Perhaps if I'm ever thin and rich I will have her come design clothes for me. Oh, and the spinning roses on there are fun too.

Tonight, I'm listening to "You're the Reason" by Krystal Harris & AJ McLean, "Whole Wide World" by Jennifer Jackson, "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, "Five String Serenade" by Mazzy Star, and "Flora's Secret" by Enya. They all suit my mood quite nicely. While we're talking music, can I share some lyrics with you? Really, please make me happy and go read these. It will make me very happy. These are all Tim McGraw songs.. I've been listening to his cd while I fall asleep lately, and keep trying to remember to share these with you.

You Dont Love Me Anymore
And an old familiar feeling wraps its arms around the moment...
Please Remember Me
When all our tears have reached the sea, part of you will live in me...
My Next Thirty Years
Now its time to focus on where I go from here, Lord have mercy on my next thirty years
Place In The Sun
Someday I'll find a way to shine, leave all these rainy days behind...
My Best Friend
And it was a feeling I'd never known, And for the first time I didnt feel alone...
Where The Green Grass Grows
...But all of this glitter is getting dark..
Its Your Love
Dancin in the dark, middle of the night...
Grown Men Dont Cry
Years of bad decisions runnin' down her face...

posted by Crystal 5:22 AM

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Did I forget to tell you that I have a new betta? His name is Sinatra, or Frank for short :) He was almost named Mack the Knife, because frankly, thats what I was listening to when I decided it was time to name him. And so, I present to you, Sinatra!
posted by Crystal 9:35 PM

You know those guys that spin plates on sticks? I feel like one of those. Its like I have all these different aspects of my lift that im searching for a way to ballance.. and I can't keep one plate spinning right without neglecting another, and its crashing to the floor before I know it.

I just went out to repot some of my plants- they're so big allready! It felt so good to have my hands back in their soil, feeling the roots that weren't even there the last time my hands were there to implant tiny seeds. There's something so simple about planting something and seeing it grow. I need more of that simplicity.
posted by Crystal 6:34 PM

Monday, August 06, 2001

Thank the Lord for the few remaining Southern gentlemen! One of my assistant managers at work waits for me if he knows im the last one there. He stands and holds the door open for me, drives me out to my car (about 3857 miles across the parking lot), and waits for me to have my car started before he leaves. How many men these days would do that!?

There's something about the moon tonight. She's got something up her sleeve, I think.
posted by Crystal 11:36 PM

Thursday, August 02, 2001

I have this weird feeling that I need something.. new?.. in my life. Not so much that something's missing, but that something needs to be added. I guess I just need something fun to look forward to.. something to get excited about so that work doesn't seem so monotonus. I'm afraid I've gotten stuck in a rut. Yuck.
posted by Crystal 5:16 AM

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Oh my. I'm just now reading through my blog-a-thon posts, and I can't believe that was me. I forgive anyone who no longer wants to claim to know me. That was just *scary*. But, then again, how sane would YOU be after 24 hours of blogging? I'm trying to decide if the photos or the haikus were a better representation of my insanity. Looking back, there were some DAMN funny poems in there.

Of course, due to the ways of the world being what they are, I'm actually in the mood to post since then, and blogger is down.

My sleep schedule is still very screwed up. I took my nephew out swimming today (and got a lovely burn, thank you!) and fell asleep around 7 when we got home.. woke up at midnight, its 6:30am and im still going!
posted by Crystal 7:57 AM

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