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Wednesday, October 31, 2001
posted by Crystal 10:36 PM


We moved today. Late tonight, I took my fish from the old house to the new, and my cat was at my new house. None of us took her there. She had never been there before. It was 5 miles away.

Someone, explain? Please?
posted by Crystal 7:10 PM

Monday, October 29, 2001

Desire to write
More than I desire air
Beauty on paper

posted by Crystal 5:37 PM

We chased after lightning bugs
And knew that we would be famous one day.
A bundle of baloons could carry us to the sun,
And we would still be home in time for dinner.

We drank lemonade in the afternoon sun.
Life was simple,
Though in our imagination we made it a great adventure,
As life should always be.

posted by Crystal 5:36 PM

I find myself wanting more lately. More everything. I want to read more books and see more movies and be more educated about more things. I want to surround myself with more beautiful works of art, and more people I know I can rely on.

Today is Marathon Monday on the history channel, which I have been watching at work, as my tv at home is..well.. tv-less until we get moved. And oh! The greatness! Today's marathon is Haunted History! Oh joy! Oh bliss! What a reminder of why I love halloween. I've been sitting happily on my broyhill sofa, macadamia nut cookie in one hand, mug of milk in the other, happy as can be watching this lovely Haunted History marathon. I learned that there used to be a tribe of indians in what is now Key West, that were completly wiped out by invaders. They left their bodies on the beaches to rot, and so when the Spanish came, they saw the sand covered in bones, and named it "Cayo Wayso" (Um, okay, thats what it sounded like. The spelling is an absolute shot in the dark) Anyway, they named it something that translated to island of bones. Over time, we have changed the pronounciation to Key West. Apparently, Ernest Hemmingway likes to haunt a famous hotel there, and does not like VCR's. The most disturbing story, by far, was the of this girl in the 1920's who had teberculosis, and the doctor that she was visiting, a man in his 50's (she was 22) fell madly in love with her. After she died, he got permission from her family to have her body moved to a moseleum he had built for her. Then, around 10 months after her death, he stole the body, and began reconstructing it! He made her new skin, and put in glass eyeballs, etc. Eventually the girl's sister began to feel that the body was no longer where it should be, and the doctor finally showed her the reconstructed body. There was a huge public funeral, which 8500 people attended, to see this oddity. They showed the body- EWW EWW!! And then the clincher- doctors performed an autopsy after the body was taken back, and found that the doctor had been having sex with the reconstructed body! EWW EWWWW!!

Oh, history channel, how I love thee. Old keyboard with the volume controls, oh how I miss ye. Computer at work which freezes if I open more than 2 IE windows.. I miss you not.
posted by Crystal 11:26 AM

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Ah yes, still at work. Hoping to leave within an hour. Keep your fingers crossed. I would, but my fingers are so cold I can barely type. While reading Out of Order, my Blog of the Day, she mentioned the 1st day of winter, which got me thinking. Isnt it rediculous that December 21 is the first day of winter? I think it should be mid-november at the latest, really. Well, early December. Thanksgiving is still Fall to me, evne though it usually snows here a week after. Well, my town has a very screwed up idea of Christmas. Its not even halloween, and they allready have christmas decorations up, as well as these red, white, and blue stars hanging from the lamp posts (is that one word or two?) along the main street, making it look like a horrible combination of Christmas and the 4th of July. I really should take some photos. Coincidentally, we start the Christmas show at work on Wednesday, which means new outfits, and.. CAMELS! Many pictures to follow, of course. And I'm gonna talk them into letting me ride a camel this year if it kills me.

Wow, now that I've gotten off on almost every tangent possible, I think I will go back to reading this lovely blog.
posted by Crystal 6:14 PM

Mostly just copied from my email to Kel this morning, because I'm too lazy to reword it...

I was looking through some airline ticket pages today, checking fares for
December, and I came across a $200 one for my Orlando tickets! And that's
including all taxes and everything! Well, after MUCH MUCH debate (apparently
not enough), I bought it.. This is what I ended up with..

Depart: Springfield/Branson Airport: 6pm, Dec.1

Depart: Dallas Freakin Fort Worth:8:52pm
Arrive: Orlando: 18 minutes after midnight.

And on the 13th..

Depart: Dizzy World: 6pm
Arrive: Dallas Double Freakin Fort Worth: 9:03 pm

Depart: DFW- 9:03pm
Arrive: Home-10:53

And oh yes.. the airline? American Airlines. I'm estatic. I probably could have gotten this just as cheap or cheaper through Priceline, and not been flying after 10pm, which would be very nice. On the good side, however, I'll get to see Kelly on my layovers! Yay!

posted by Crystal 3:54 PM

Saturday, October 27, 2001

"Is it just me or does a lot of life come down to the desire to have other
people see something in you that you don't see in yourself?"
posted by Crystal 7:17 PM

This horse is very visibly related to mine.
posted by Crystal 4:36 PM

I left long enough to go to the gas station for something to eat, and ended upw ith a bottle of strawberry kiwi V8 Splash, and a bag of Funyins (Quite the combination, I know). I parked in the parking lot of the hotel next door to eat for a few minutes, and noticed that something was just.. not right.. about my V8. Upon closer examination, I found that it was diet V8. Now tell me, was there really a huge uproar that the original fruit-vegetable juice drink was so unhealthy that the masses demanded a diet version? It tastes very watered down, but hey, its 20 calories in the whole bottle.

And, while I sat there in the parking lot, I began to wonder for no real reason, what would happen in a world when, upon the death of a person, they no longer existed in history. Nobody would remember they were ever around. The wife whose husband had just died would be living alone, and not find it at all out of the ordinary. Hummm... anyone see a sci-fi novel in the making?
posted by Crystal 4:04 PM

I have decided as a sort of early new years resolution to read at least 20 good books by the end of 2002, and so I am therefore taking suggestions. So, throw some ideas my way. And yes, Kelly, I'll read something by Neil Gaiman.

I'll post the official List of Books I'm Gonna Read by December, so start sending ideas. Oh, and if you could throw in a quick note about what the book is about, it would be greatly appreciated!
posted by Crystal 2:28 PM

The Good: I have ice cream cake
The Bad: I can't eat it
The Ugly: I will be here for around 4-6 more hours
posted by Crystal 1:52 PM

In the hour and a half I have been at work, they have allready played "Play that Funky Music White Boy" and now "All My Friends Drive Low Riders". To a room full of 50+ year old people. Heh.
posted by Crystal 11:33 AM

Thursday, October 25, 2001

How does the time slip by so quickly? One minute its early in the day and I have a long mental list of things to do.. the next I really should sleep soon, and haven't done a thing. I wish I could have a nice discussion with Time, and ask him to explain why he does this. Yes, Time is definitly male, as I dont understand him at all. I wish that for just one week, I didn't have to care about what time it was, and live by my own biological clock, sleeping when I felt the need, never rushing, never having to put off what I wanted to do until later, and by that time no longer be in the mood.

My muse has gone on vacation without me. When will I regain the ability to see poetry in the sky instead of distant balls of burning gas?

Little Betta Fish
Red and Periwinkle Blue
His name is Gatsby

posted by Crystal 11:45 PM

Every time I start to write poetry, the same lyric pops into my head..

Cool breeze and autumn leaves, slow motion daylight...
posted by Crystal 9:39 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Oh lorrrrrrrrd have mercy on me. I'm on hold with American Express, and I'm getting that "Please continue to hold, your call is important to us" crap in between the muzak. Why cant they just have an automated card activation thingey? This guy on the line sounds SO bored, im tempted to mess with his mind, but I just cant bring myself to do it. He's one of those that doesnt even TRY to make it sound like he isnt reading the same thing he has read over and over for the past six hours. Poor kid.

How has the end of October snuck up on me so quickly? Our Dixie halloween party is Tuesday, and I havent even thought about a costume. Or if I will even go. I love dressing up for halloween, but its far too late to *make* a costume like I did last year, unless I did a really half-assed job. I guess I'll go to some costume places Tuesday, and if I find something really good, I'll get it and maybe go to the party.

Any costume suggestions?
posted by Crystal 10:33 PM

Sometimes I wish I were a teacher, just for things like this. (from here)

"Have been grading student papers. Favorite mistake: student who used "exorcise" instead of "exercise" throughout his paper. Imagine sentences like "We have to exorcise our first amendment rights." I took great pleasure in writing, in the margin, "To exorcise is to get rid of a demon. Is that what you wanted to say?" Then I drank whiskey to numb the relentless internal pain I feel when grading freshman papers."
posted by Crystal 9:31 PM

Option 1: Grab champagne bottle from nearby table and get in a better mood.
Option 2: Bang head repeatedly into computer monitor
Option 3: Wait for this last couple to FINALLY leave, and be able to go home.

posted by Crystal 6:52 PM

I cant help but wonder if the sales reps are jealous of me. There are 13 standing against the wall by the water cooler doing nothing, and I can just see the thought bubbles that say "Damn I wish I was the chick with the computer"
posted by Crystal 4:38 PM

I attempted to post the other night, but Blogger ate it, so here is the general idea.

After training for my new office job, I was really unsure about what I was going to do about my job at Dixie as I drove to the doctor's office. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I looked around and saw a poster that read "Achievement: Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow"
posted by Crystal 1:46 PM

Stolen from
From Magnificent Melting Object: "Rasbliutto means 'the feeling you feel for someone you once loved' in Russian."

I'd like to find a use for that word. Maybe I need to get a new betta and name it Rasbliutto.

posted by Crystal 1:42 PM

Someone just popped a champagne cork, and it flew and hit the wall less than a foot from my head with a loud Thwack!

In other amusing news, one of the guys just had me make him a nametag that said his name was "Little Prick" for the halloween party.

This job really isnt half bad!
posted by Crystal 12:39 PM

Well, I ventured out to one of the little shops... it was full of the sort of thing you expect to see in your grandma's or eccentric old aunt's house.. and yet they had surprisingly good music playing. I may have to start making scheduled evacuations of my office every time they play "Come on Ride the Train."

And it also posed quite the question. They have tiny bags of Jelly Bellys, but they are sold with a gift bag for $2. So, the burning question is, will Crystal shell out $2 for 20 jellybeans? We shall see!
posted by Crystal 11:54 AM

I'm so hungry even the hot dogs are starting to look good.

Overheard at the ol' office: (Ol' as in I've worked here 11 hours allready!)

Man putting on a tie: So he said something about me not wearing a tie?

Overheard at office 20 minutes later:
Lady to Man Now wearing Tie: So who exactly told you you needed to put on a tie?

Oh, what issues we deal with.

Ohm and the ironic part, he just walked by. Heh.
posted by Crystal 11:37 AM

Overheard at the doctor's office from the two receptionists:
First Lady: I think I need something from that stress relief book.
Second Lady: How about this one? Picture yourself by a beautiful waterfall. The water is so clear that you can clearly see.... the head of the person you are holding under. Feel better?

Hell, I sure did!
posted by Crystal 11:30 AM

I wish I were writer enough to find words to describe the insanity I am immersed in for 10 hours a day on weekends. From the outside, it looks like a little shopping center similar to any other... but our office takes up about half.. and inside this innocent looking facade there is constand 80's or 90's dance music, champagne corks popping almost every hour, bells ringing, tons of helium balloons... its just odd.

Elsewhere in the shopping center is a restaurant, a hardware store, a chiropractor and massage therapist (closed on weekends, dammit), a store full of the really ugly clothes women in their 50's and up tend to wear (The store is actually called Dressin Gaudy), a tanning place, and a lingire/ "adult novelties" store, and a Japanese restaurant. Hummmmm...

I need to stop by Dressin Gaudy because a) I hear they have some jewelry with camels on it and b) what fun it is to laugh at ugly clothes! And the other amusing store...only if Rich is lucky!
posted by Crystal 11:02 AM

You know, it rather pains me to admit this, but I think I'm starting to enjoy this job.
posted by Crystal 10:56 AM

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Why, oh why haven't they put up the SimuCon 2002 info yet!? WHY!?
posted by Crystal 10:52 PM

I have a desk. I dont really have an office, but I have a desk. There is a computer here... and about 28572 other people in this room that are all very loud.

On the good side...
There are free hotdogs, popcorn, and soda constantly.
I have internet access. Yeah, baby.
I can play with the card maker if I get brave. For instance, I could make myself a nametag that said "Exotic Dancer". We'll save that for a day when I'm really bored.

So, please, send me tons of Emails this weekend, so I dont go crazy here.

On the bad side..
I cant EAT, still.. hopefully my medicine will help soon.
When I can eat, I still cant have the hot dogs- they always make me sick, dammit.
I still have NO idea what I'm doing.
Its REALLY loud in here.
I'm gonna go broke with all the time I'm gonna spend on E-Bay.
posted by Crystal 2:00 PM

Thursday, October 18, 2001

I almost downloaded "Wake Me Up Before You Go Girl" tonight, but then I realized it really is only fun when you're at work really bored and in the mood to dance on some furniture. Did I mention we had an amusing day at work? When things got really slow, I snitched the dish soap from the other side of the unit, mixed it up in a juice glass, and blew lots of bubbles. Oh! And Teela won dinner for 2 from a radio station.

Whew, I really do work too hard.
posted by Crystal 2:24 AM

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Ahhhhh! So I woke up and show jumping was on ESPN, and I was even lucky enough to get to see Margie Goldstein Engle ride Hidden Creek's Laurel! That in itself was enough to make my day. Well THEN I switch over to ESPN 2 and there is barrel racing, and Charmayne Janes on Cruiser!! What a fabulous day. Now if Ty Murray rides bulls, I think I can die happy.
posted by Crystal 2:21 PM

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to our fire alarm going off! I ran in the kitchen, and the stove was on FIRE! A few seconds later, my parents came running in too, and we got it put out, thankfully! Apparently it had a gas leak, and the fire was *just* starting to spread to the wall!

Such a scary thing to happen! I'm so thankful for the fire alarm!
posted by Crystal 12:24 PM

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

My Kelly has redesigned! By coincidence, we are both oceany now! We are just cool like that.
posted by Crystal 8:24 PM

I did it again. Two keyboards in ONE week. A pepsi was the weapon of choice this time, and alas, the keyboard... it lived a good life while it lasted. Kindly remind me in the future not to lay keyboards under precariously balanced drinks. Poor, poor keyboard.

I still can't eat. I miss eating like a normal person so much! On the good side, I've lost almost 10 pounds, but I'm sure that given the circumstances that isnt such a good thing.
posted by Crystal 6:59 PM

Thing I hate the most: The damn recorded operator voice from my calling card that says "Yout have five minutes before you reach your daily calling limit" at the most inoportune times.
posted by Crystal 1:11 AM

Sunday, October 07, 2001

Oh, its lovely now! All that is left is to fix the link colors!
posted by Crystal 10:29 PM

Yeah, I know its currently still a little hard to read.. I'm working on it.
posted by Crystal 7:13 PM

On the complete other end of the emotion spectrum from my last post, Oh joy and rapture, LOOK what I found to put on the door of my Van Gogh Bathroom I also really like this one.

I must add, this one is freaky. And, I am VERY amused at the idea of drunk Simuconners trying to get bottles off of this if we put it on the door of Quavvy's next year.

Yes, I am link and footnote happy today.
posted by Crystal 5:42 PM

While searching for wallpaper murals to decorate my new house, I came across these, and wondered how many people have them up in their houses, and are now saddened by the feeling they get every time they see them. I had to post them, because they hold a haunting beauty to me.

posted by Crystal 5:17 PM

This burn on my hand from the oven at work is refusing to heal, and it reminds me of what Emmett's neck looked like when he tore it open last winter, but much less disgusting. Speaking of Ems, the guy who boards him called and said he probably just got kicked, and that he will keep an eye on him for me. Whew!
posted by Crystal 4:54 PM

I have this odd habit of loving drinks mixed from various beverages. My personal favorite includes Strawberry Banana V8, Orange Juice, Sprite, Squirt, and a splash of strawberry SoBe. Today, while drinking my 7-Up and Strawberry Kiwi V8 Splash mixture, I realized quite sadly, that I had created the "7 & 8"
posted by Crystal 4:52 PM

The thing I really hate about packing everything up to move is that it forces me to acknowledge that I have a ton of crap that I never use, and can't bear to part with. I wish I had the willpower to actually go through everything and get rid of what I dont need and such, but in the end, I just dump stuff in boxes.

Oh, and its really, really boring.
posted by Crystal 2:37 PM

Saturday, October 06, 2001

You know you have been spending too much time on Ebay lately when you just paid for something, and can't quite remember what it was. But hell, it was $5.
posted by Crystal 9:23 PM

This color, Kel?
posted by Crystal 6:56 PM

My sweet horse is hurt :( I went to check on him, and he was limping really bad. Keep your fingers crossed for him!
posted by Crystal 6:29 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Okay, so I traded my keyboard, with the broken space bar and backspace key... for mom's with the shift key that gets stuck every time I use it. So, um, at least I'm moving up, right?
posted by Crystal 10:01 PM

Well, Lou decided I looked sick today (after about my 100th sneeze), so he sent me home at 10:30, and yup, I got paid for being there until 2. Have I mentioned I LOVE that job? I came home and slept from 11-3, went to Dixie, where Teela let me go home. Have I mentioned I love Teela too? So, now I'm back, and trying to stuff myself with nutrients (yay for V8 Splash!) so I can feel human again. At first I was really excited, because I thought today was the 11th, and I would be home for both the good Friends episode AND the Survior premiere, but then I figured out thats NEXT Thurs. Damn.

I'm starting to worry that I really *am* becoming a work-a-holic. When I got home from Dixie, I had to force myself to lay down for 15 minutes, and then I cleaned my fish and started cleaning my room. Why can't I just relax?

58 days! 58 days till vacation- THANK GOD!

In sad news, my keyboard is dead, so I have sneakily stolen mom's. Muahahahah.
posted by Crystal 5:26 PM

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Okay, Its not pretty yet, but I suppose I can go ahead and link you to our Camel Blog, the collaborative babblings of Kelly, Stormy, Rich, and myself.

Maggie's post over at Fluffly Battle Kitten today cracked me up. Many of you know I have an unusual fear of REO Speedwagon now.

After a doctor's appointment yesterday, and taking medicine last night that made me pass out for several hours, and generally feel like I was run over by a bulldozer (repeatedly), I feel a lot better today, and I just managed to eat a whole sandwich without dying for the first time in a loooong time.

Friday night was Tom and Diana's last night at dixie, so a bunch of us went out to BT Bones for some dinner and dancing. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but they make you spend at least $5 on nights when there is a live band, so I just ordered some cheese sticks and let the guys eat them. As everyone was leaving, Wes and I tried to go play pool in the back room, but people were playing, so we waited. Tom and Diana were ready to go before we got to play, so that one will have to be a raincheck. Overall, it was a great night. Tom and Diana dancing together was really cute, and its one of the few nights I've ever not had my camera and needed it!

I've been working alone at Palace View for the last two days, and so its been a little boring. I need some company, or phone calls, or something! The maintainance guy informed me today that I could go have sex with him if I got bored, but that's a big no. I'll stick with watching TV, thanks.
posted by Crystal 2:49 PM

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