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Thursday, December 27, 2001
Oh, why yes, I forgot to tell you! I rather uncerimoniously quit Dixie today. Yay, me. I called first thing this morning, and left a message, asking them to get back to me ASAP, knowing that someone is usually in the office by 12. By 2 (I have to be at work at 3), nobody had called yet, so I called back. They said that yes, they had recieved my message, and had been planning on calling me soon. When I asked what we could work out, the answer was basically "Well, we know your dad is in the hospital and you need to spend time there with him, and you're obviously not feeling well, but we have 2 full shows tonight and don't really care about our employees,so you have to come in anyway, and then we'll discuss you maybe getting off early. But dont count on it or anything." I came home and practically collapsed on the couch, physically and emotionally drained. I tried to eat some cheese and crackers, since I've been weak and I know I need to get something in me. I began to ponder the idea of just not going in. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day anyway, so what was I really losing? My middle sister came by and couldn't believe the were making me work. She agreed with me just staying home. Needing one last vote, I called Rich, and it was settled. Yet another reason why I am absolutly in love with this man. He puts up with me calling 59 times a day with whatever my moral dilema of the moment is, my nose completly stuffed up, and my "I dont feel good so I deal with it by being rather bitchy" personality coming out. And he loves me anyway. :)

And in case you are wondering, yes, you read that right, my dad is in the hospital. Right as I was falling asleep Christmas night, he started throwing up. Poor Daddy. By 5am, mom decided to call an ambulance, and I was woken up, to stare helplessly as he EMT's carried my father out of the house. There are no words for seeing such a strong figure in your life suddenly look so weak. Despite everything, everyone was very calm, mostly, I think, to keep all the kids from getting upset. One of the EMTs told me that when they asked dad if he hurt anywhere, he said "Yeah, my wallet!". Typical dad :)

I'm yet to make it to the hospital to see him. That was the majority of my plan tonight after deciding I wasnt going to work. Nap, then hospital. However, nap that was supposed to last from 4:30-5:30 lasted until almost 10. Hopefully I will make it tomorrow. You know, I think I mean that sentince in many ways.
posted by Crystal 10:35 PM

During my "I dont feel good"-nap, I had a dream that Rich and I were going up to the local little college to see Steve Irwin speak about reptiles. Ah, what a dream!
posted by Crystal 10:18 PM

Nephew #3- "There's good in everything, so I don't 100% hate anthing. Except the devil. And balogna."

My precious blogger was attacked by hackers, and I was blog-less for a day! There is much to update you on, but my head is abou to explode, so it will have to wait.
posted by Crystal 10:00 PM

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

I do NOT want to know what this conversation was about. I think it had something to do with Christmas morning toy assembly, but....

Sister #4- You go in and out, and up and down and up and down
Corresponding Brother-in-law: Uh huh..
Sister#4- And then on top..
Corresponding Brother-In-Law: Yeah...
Sister #4-You go through this end, then the other end...
posted by Crystal 12:57 PM

Monday, December 24, 2001

(kids chattering on about the difference between a pre-pre teen and a pre-teen)
Brother-in-law John: Are you guys looking forward to being teenagers?
John: Is that gonna totally rock?
Kids: YEAH!!!!

Neice Hannah: Sometimes I like to eat butter RAW.
Me: I used to do that when I was little
Hannah: Did you eat chocolate?
Me: Yup!
Hannah: Did you eat...KITTIES?
posted by Crystal 7:55 PM

Yes, I seem to have a one-track mind.
Kelly was discussing baking a birthday cake for Jesus.
Me: Wow, that would require a TON of camels!
Me:Err.. CANDLES!!

However, it runs in the family. Earlier my sister showed us a picture of her boys with their babysitter.
Sister #4- "And this is our babyshooter!"

My youngest neice is very Dr. Jekel/Mr. Hyde-ish. She goes from this sweet little thing who wants to sit in your lap and give you kisses to this little terror trying to break down your door. Crazy!

I got my next-to-last roll of vacation film developed today- hooray! There is a lovely pic of me and Nate at my birthday breakfast, as well as the infamous picture of me and Party Buddha. Yeah buddy! OH! And Sister #1 got me a veggie tales callendar! I love it very much. She always was my favorite.
posted by Crystal 6:46 PM

Sunday, December 23, 2001

OH! And I saw a movie called Action Jackson at Wal-Mart today. Yay, Amanda! You finally made the bigtime.
posted by Crystal 8:45 PM

"Here's to the nights we felt alive;
Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry
Here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon"
(Eve 6- Here's to the Night)

Even this song has a totally different context, the chorus reminds me so much of the end of my vacation. I listened to this song on the plane, thinking how much these words applied. I've been wanting to post the lyrics for a while, but I never remember. Some more, that dont really remind me of vacation, but I like anyway:

So Denied
So I Lied
Are you the now or never kind?
posted by Crystal 8:45 PM

This whole idea of having people around is a little hard for me to get used to. I can only deal with it for a few hours at a time before I have to slink away to my room and computer, and let myself re-fuel. So far things are going better than predicted, but the 2nd arriving sister is due in an hour, and so I am sure this is really just the calm before the storm. I think this sort of thing is just so odd for me because I usually spend at least half my day alone, and I like it that way. Not saying I dont like to be around people or anything, but it can be terribly draining.

Quoth my nephew: "I used to think a tornado shelter was a place for poor tornados to go live". This is why two stand-up commedians should never, ever breed.

Becky is the first sister here, and the oldest. I have to kind of envy that she got the most Indian-looking genes of the 5 of us. Today actually happens to be her birthday. She's here with her husband, whose name happens to be John Kennedy. Yeah, bow when you say that :) Also along are her three boys, who are yet to be annoying. Expect me to change this comment as soon as Scott wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I still cant get used to hearing voices in the other room. Its freaking me out.
posted by Crystal 8:42 PM

I always feel funny typing the names of authors or artists into the little search box on Ebay. I feel like I'm saying "Yes, does anyone have a used Neil Gaiman that I could purchase? I really do need one."

My oldest sister is here now, with her husband and three boys. My second oldest sister will get in late tonight with her 2 kids. The other 2 sisters are arriving tomorrow, with 5 kids between them. There are gonna be a hell of a lot of people in my house tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably burried in a mass of family. But, um, if you dont hear from me by new years, I may have not survived the incedent.
posted by Crystal 3:54 PM

Saturday, December 22, 2001

There are days when all the pieces just seem to fall into place like clockwork. They're certainly a nice break from the usual chaos.

Today as I stepped in to St. Louis Bread Co., on a mission to get lunch for myself and Lou, a little boy who looked around seven said "Hello there!" I thought he was probably selling candy for boy scouts or something, and was mentally preparing what to say when he said "Would you like to see a lego spaceship model and have a free brochure?" Eeh? And so, the boy showed me his lovely little spaceship, which he had in fact built out of legos. He then handed me my "free brochure", which was a brown napkin on which he had written "SPACE", and drawn pictures of his space shuttle. All this time, his parents were laughing a LOT at the next table. I kept the brochure, and I shall scan it for you soon. It made my day :)
posted by Crystal 3:56 PM

Friday, December 21, 2001

Work today was really quite lovely. We sat around from about 11 to 1, playing 5-card draw, and then sitting outside in the sun, talking about places we've been, and those we'd like to go to. Lou brought me back a piece of chocolate pie from his lunch break, which I spent laying on the couch by the fireplace, making Disney Trip Lists, titled things like "Things I really need to show Kelly" and "Stuff I Must do if we only have 4 days in February". If only I didn't have to work tonight, and instead I could go on a trail ride, this would be a perfect day.
posted by Crystal 1:45 PM

Thursday, December 20, 2001

I feel so very guilty! I completly forgot to tell you that I got a new betta! He is mostly blue and green, but his little dangely things in the front that look like arms are bright red. Therefore, his name is Irwin, after my beloved Crocodile Hunter. He is beautiful and very happy in his new home. Fig is doing MUCH better, as in he has traded in laying flat on top of the water to actually acting like a fish again. Its a Solstice Miracle!
I have my tree almost finished now. I can't find the cute Jessica rabbit ornament I bought in Disney World, but once I do, the tree shall be complete. I like Jessica- she's not bad, she's just drawn that way! ;-) And of course, she's a redhead.

Atop the tree is a pretty Cinderella's castle ornament, which I promptly dropped when I tried to put it on, breaking off 3 of Cindy's towers. Oops. Superglue, however, does wonders. Another favorite is the 3-piece monorail ornament that lights up and talks. Love it! Can you tell I went a bit overboard in the disney Christmas ornament store? I also have an adorable one with a little snowman-looking guy made out of marshmallows sitting in a mug with a grahm cracker and some chocolate that says "I love smores!", Eeyore on a snowflake, 2 epcot ornaments, and an Animal Kingdom one. Pictures soon. Really.
posted by Crystal 3:25 PM

I am so, so very cold. Not just the "put on a sweater and you will be ok" kind of cold. I've done everything today to try to warm up, including turning up the heat at work to "really damn hot", and sitting so close to the fireplace that I thought my hair was going to catch fire. Nothing worked. I want nothing more right now than to curl up in my bed, particularly with a certain someone by my side, and just take a very nice nap. Of course, I have to work tonight at Dixie. Oh dixie, how I detest thee, let me count the ways..
So, so, so very tempted to just not show up. I only have 4 more days, let them fire me. But then, there are still a few goodbyes to be said. It should be an easy night, right? I will be able to tolerate everyone, right? Please say I will.

I'm still a bit concerned that I may have mono. I'm tired ALL the time. Of course, being me, I refuse to go get a blood test, because that would involve needles. Bad, bad.

Work at the ol' cookie place has been fabulous. We're very slow, so I spend hours on end listening to good music, reading by the fire, eating cookies, and writing. We have a lovely 3-cd changer there now, so when I see or hear people coming, I just hop up and switch from my cd to one of the christmas music ones in the other two slots. I cant wait for the day when the CD player malfunctions, and we hear something like this..
(Bing Crosby...) "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." (cd-messing up noises) (Not Bing Crosby) "NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!". That would almost be as amusing as what happened the other day. I was playing with the doorknob to the pantry, and it came off, Oops. I just kinda stuck it back on until I could get a maintainance person back over. So, a few minutes later, one of the sales people is in on a tour. She walks up to the pantry, and it goes a bit like this.
Sales Lady: "And this is one of my favorite features..." (She pulls on the doorknob and it breaks off in her hand. She just stands there kind of staring at it for a second)

On a completly unrealted note, Kelly and I had one of the most amusing conversations ever last night, and I simply cant post it, due to a terribly personal nature. So just pretend there's a really, really funny conversation posted here. Thanks.
posted by Crystal 2:02 PM

CrystalW07: Jeff Corwin is growing on me
Kellsane: Have him removed.

Perhaps the most appropriate response, ever. You see, I have this ongoing attraction/revoltion to/from Jeff. For those of you living under a rock, Jeff hosts a most amusing/annoying show on Animal Planet. I simply cant decide about this one. All I'm saying is that if I've developed a thing for herpatologists, my life is heading downhill fast.

And, if you would like to see, here are my New Year's Resolution.
posted by Crystal 12:53 AM

AHH! Where did my post go!?
posted by Crystal 12:50 AM

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Dear Santa,

I want this and this.

Mkay, thanks.
posted by Crystal 12:00 AM

Monday, December 17, 2001

You know you've been in Disney too long when...
You stick your hands under the sink faucet at wal-mart and wait a long time for the water to come on before you realize that its not automatic.

Got my lovely Photo cd's today. After many hours of resizing and sorting, they are very ready to be uploaded. Whee. Now if only I had the time! Must work tomorrow morning, as well as Wednesday, and both jobs Thursday and Friday. Family comes Saturday. Toto, I dont think we're in the Magic Kingdom anymore.
posted by Crystal 11:00 PM

Sunday, December 16, 2001

Fig is sick! Send some fishy love his way.
posted by Crystal 11:43 PM

Stuff I did on Vacation: (aka the trip report isnt gonna be done for ages, so maybe this will tide you over)

*Petted with a white rhino
*Went *underneath* Cinderella's Castle
*Fed dolphins, sting rays (squishy!) and sea lions about $1324 worth of dead fish
*Learned that in general, Norwegan men are hot.
*Spilled a LOT of drinks. Oops.
*Ate a LOT of brownies.
*Partied with Buddha
*Watched Nate do some serious Bootie Shakin
*Rode a stick horse around a crowded room
*Heard some lovely Disco music
*Played with a Python (of the non Monty variety)
*Bonded with the chick at my resort's fast food place that resulted in me getting free breadsticks.
*Watched giraffes from my balcony
*Learned the difference between Greater Kudu and Bongos, and therefore stopped saying "There's a...a...THING outside my room!"
*Ate cheesecake for breakfast one more than one occasion
...and wouldn't you just love to know what else! ;-) Trip report coming sometime in the next 4325 months.
posted by Crystal 11:37 PM

Because sometimes, good friends just know...

Crystal: LOL! You dont even know which one im listening to!
Kel: LOL
Crystal: All I want for Christmas is you baby!
posted by Crystal 11:30 PM

Saturday, December 15, 2001

Well, I've been home around 24 hours, so I suppose I really should post. I've been putting it off because 1) I really don't have the words to sum up everything in one little post, and 2) I dont think I want to admit to myself that I'm really back home. Although the realization that I was certainly back hit me at the same time as the cold rain when I stepped off the plane, it still hasn't completly sunk in. I feel as if the past two weeks were all one wonderful dream, or as if I'm in a dream now, and I'll wake up soon and still be in Florida.

I got most of my film (13 rolls at least) printed today, and I'm going to get about half the pictures put on photo CD's tomorrow so I don't have to spend three days scanning. I've even started my trip repot, which is sure to be similar in length to The Fountainhead. Once I get at least a few days of it done, I'll throw everything together in a snazzy little website so that those of you who actually care can read about my adventures, and see the photos.

In the meantime, I'll just say this: It was one hell of a trip.
posted by Crystal 1:27 AM

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