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Saturday, March 30, 2002
1. If you could eat dinner with and "get to know" one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? Oh, man, you had to throw in that "living or dead" part! I am torn between Shakespeare & Walt Disney & Mary Kay for the dead, and Nick Carter & Tom Robbins for the living.

2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? Who was it and how did you feel? The most recent one was Mary Kay Ash. In a way it brought our company together, since we all feel like we need to continue to strive to live her dreams for this "perfect company". Its also really sad though, because I know I'll never get to see her at Seminar, or meet her when I become a director, or get any personal notes from her. It makes me REALLY wish I could have attended Seminar last year.

3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? Wow, I don't know! Like the original Friday Fiver mentioned, it would be really interresting to be Britney Spears for a day, but I'd have this overwhelming urge to kill myself, so that complicates things.

4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? Humm, someone says I have Audrey Hepburn eyes, but thats about it.

5. Have you ever met anyone famous?
I have such a screwed up idea of "famous" these days, so I dont know who really counts. Um, all of the Osmonds except Donny & Marie, all sorts of other musical people that live here, and then a bunch of people that are only famous to you if you are a horse person like Pat Parelli and Monty Roberts and Lynn Palm... um, my mind is blank otherwise.

posted by Crystal 12:29 PM

Tara made me promise to post this lovely survey before I woke up, so here we go! It didnt turn out all that interresting, to tell you the truth..

[ Current Clothes ] white tank top and dark blue comfy abercrombie pants
[ Current Mood ] Waking up
[ Current Music ] Its actually quiet here for once
[ Current Taste ] Toothpaste
[ Current Make-up ] None!
[ Current Hair ] Messy ponytail/bun thing.
[ Current Annoyance ] Runny nose
[ Current Smell ] I cant smell due to aforementioned runny nose
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] Getting orders ready to ship
[ Current Desktop Picture ] Red Grand Am- I shall have my free one by 2003!
[ Current Favorite Artist ] Frank Sinatra & Kenny Chesney
[ Current Favorite Group ] Humm, I have started listening to my Backstreet Boys CD's again lately. It still makes me happy. I also really like Rascal Flatts & Savage Garden.
[ Current Book(s) ] Good Omens by Neil Gaiman, Crazy Ladies by Michael Lee West, and Sophie's World by, um, someone.
[ Current CD in CD Player ] Backstreet Boys in my truck, a mixed CD in my house
[ Current DVD In Player ] I am DVD player-less!
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Shiny iradescent color
[ Current Refreshment ] None...I am deciding what I want for breakfast.
[ Current Worry ] I'm actually pretty hakuna matata right now!
[ Current Crush ] Does Rich count? ;)
[ Current Favorite Celebrity ] Heh, Nick.

[ You Touched ] Umm, I'm supposed to remember this?
[ You Talked to ] Mom
[ You Hugged ] Deborah
[ You Instant messaged ] Tara
[ You Yelled At ] Probably Dad, since I'm always yelling at him for various reasons
[ You Had A Crush On ] Rich ;-) That's the safe answer, huh? Just kidding!
[ Kissed ] Rich :)
[ Who Broke Your Heart ] nobody

[ Food ] Italian, Mexican, good ice cream, cookies & brownies. Yum! ;-)
[ Drink ] I drink a LOT of water. I also love my Disney Apple Grape Juice, pina coladas, sex on the beach, almost any kind of juice, yada yada ya
[ Color ] Green
[ Album ] Savage Garden's Affirmation, Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits, Backstreet Boy's Millenium
[ Shoes ] My knee-high boots
[ Candy ] Chooooooooooocolate!
[ Animal ] Horses & Camels & Giraffes & Tigers.. oh my!
[ TV Show ] Humm. RW/RR Challenge (Timmy!), Real World, Trading Spaces, Emergency Vets, Croc Hunter, all the good stuff on the Travel Channel, etc.
[ Movie ] I can never decide this! Right now Moulin Rouge, I also love Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, Twister, Top Gun, SW Ep. 1, Pretty Woman, Ever After, and a ton of others
[ Dance ] I love swing dancing :)
[ Song ] Hummmmmmm. "Heaven In Your Eyes" sung by Nick Carter ;), "Crash & Burn" by Savage Garden, almost every song on Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits, "The One", "Spanish Eyes", and "More than That" by BSB
[ Vegetable ] Corn! Well, do potatos count? If so, that. But as a loyal DIS-er, I must say corn.
[ Fruit ] Everything! I love just about everything.
[ Cartoon ] I havent watched any lately! I have no idea!

[ Understanding ] Sure.
[ Open-minded ] Definately.
[ Arrogant ] "Are you saying I'm.. arrogant?" hehe, nah.
[ Insecure ] Sometimes.
[ Interesting ] I hope!
[ Random ] All the time.
[ Hungry ] Not much
[ Friendly ] Shut up!
[ Smart ] Sure
[ Moody ] YES
[ Childish ] At times
[ Independent ] Somewhat.
[ Hard working ] Sometimes
[ Organized ] Depends on what it is.
[ Healthy ] Hardly!
[ Emotionally Stable ] Getting there.
[ Shy ] Rarely
[ Difficult ] Depends on the situation.
[ Attractive ] You tell me
[ Bored Easily ] Yes!
[ Messy ] Yup!
[ Thirsty ] Always
[ Responsible ] Usually
[ Obsessed ] Muahahahha...
[ Angry ] Nope
[ Sad ] Not right now!
[ Happy ] Yeah.
[ Hyper ] Usually!
[ Trusting ] Usually too much
[ Talkative ] Most definately.
[ Legal ] La la la..
[ Original ] Sure.
[ Different ] Sure.
[ Unique ] Sure.
[ Ignored ] Uh, sometimes?
[ Reliable ] Yeah,generally
[ Content ] Quite often.
[ Optimistic ] Almost always
[ Deep thinker ] Yep
[ Self-disciplined ] Working on that
[ Sleepy ] A little
[ Lonely ] Somewhat.
[ sXe ] Eeh?

[ Kill ] No one.
[ Slap ] Nobody
[ Get Really Wasted With ] Em, no.
[ Get High With ] once again, no.
[ Tickle ] Rich :)
[ Look Like ] Me with slight alterations
[ Talk To Offline ] I am going in to talk to mom, since she just woke up!
[ Online ] Kelly & Rich need to wake up and get their booties online!
posted by Crystal 12:28 PM

Me: okay, I am going to start sending you weekly postcards with randomness on them
Me: and I'll be all like "Oh, its thrusday! Its Kelly Postcard day!"
Kelly: Great. Pick a day of the week that doesn't exist.
posted by Crystal 12:27 PM

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Welll, I ended up doing what I said I’d do earlier, other than keeping thoughts about the blonde sex god to a minimum (I’m only human!) The best part of the whole video was that it was from back when Tommy Smith was still in the band- Tommy was the best! It was always so funny to be chatting with him online, and he’d be like “Oh, Brian called this morning, he wants to go golfing tomorrow…” or “So I was over at AJ’s house last night..” Just surreal! The other terribly amusing part was that it was from back when Nick was in that stage when he couldn’t dance and his voice was just.. lacking.. and you just wanted him to sit there and look pretty. Oh, the memories that video brought back!

I ended up falling asleep around midnight, but woke up at 4:30, Sinatra still playing through my computer speakers (Oh, so THAT’s why that guy in my dream said he wanted “to make a brand new start of it, in old New York!”) I tried to go back to sleep, but I could tell it wasn’t going to happen, so here I am at 5:16am, trying to figure out what on earth I feel like doing. I think I’m gonna go play the Sims. Or catch up on some Mary Kay stuff. Speaking of which, my grand opening is tomorrow, and I’m freaking out, because having 15 people there isn’t looking too likely right now, but I haven’t given up hope! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

posted by Crystal 5:22 AM

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The morning started in a battle of Mario Kart on Super Nintendo with my nephew Jesse, who is here for two days. I kicked much Mario Kart bootie. Then, we decided today was Easter, and staged easter egg hunts in the house. Mom hid them first while Jesse and I searched, then I hid them for the two of them. Finally, Jesse hid the eggs while mom and I searched, which was a kick, push, pull, grab, whack sort of escapade full of laughs.

Last night I found myself whistling the tune the Sims paper girl whistles. Stepping AWAY from the computer now…

I should be in putting on makeup and doing my hair and getting out to do things which will result in either money or people at my grand opening Thursday, but all I really want to do is curl up in bed with Easter candy and a good book, or perhaps watch a video. Want a horribly embarrassing confession? I got a Backstreet Boys video off Ebay for 3 bucks. No, I’m not 13. The blonde one just keeps sucking me in, I tell you! So, perhaps I will go get easter candy and drown myself in pop goodness, and only think a few dirty thoughts. Yeah, right.

posted by Crystal 5:30 PM

Monday, March 25, 2002

My archives are moodier than I am. They should be working again now.
posted by Crystal 11:11 PM

I have just decided that my goal is to be an extra in a movie or tv show or commercial or SOMETHING by the end of this year. How hard can it be? Okay, dont answer THAT question, but if you know anywhere I can start looking.. I blame my constant attraction to theater and performing on my dad living in Hollywood for so long and going to all those fancy schmancy acting schools and stuff. I like acting, but it isnt something I'd want to do on a regular basis. Yeah, I'll probably do a few more plays before I die.. it would be fun to be on one or two episodes of a TV show, or have a minor role in a movie. Right now though, I just want to be able to rent a movie, pause it at 57 minutes and 38 seconds and say "Look, there I am! Third chick from the left standing in that line on the far left side of the screen!". That's all I want- is that so much to ask?

My current List of Things to Do with Money When I get Some
1-Pay $380 Alltel bill (preferably by end of month) to avoid a) having to buy new business cards, as mine all have my cell phone # on them, and b) the evil $ collection people attacking me in my sleep and stealing one of my most prized possessions, like my stuffed camel.

2-Order Mary Kay Stuff. People have needs, man, and its my duty to fill them! Bring on the lipstick!

3-Get hair done. 'Nuff said. When you question the idea of shaving your head daily, you know its time for a trip to the hair guy.

4-Buy DVD player. There is a super-cheap, no frills, will probably break within a year kind at Wal-Mart for $89. I must have it.

While browsing through (Daydreaming about owning item #4 so I can take advantage of this site!) I came across a movie I never knew existed, and MUST see.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949)
Here's one ball game you can't afford to miss. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra team as the most talented double-play combination to hit the major leagues since Tinker to Evers to Chance. And in the off-season, when they aren't throwing out base runners, the duo doubles as Vaudeville's hottest musical act. With Kelly tap-dancing up a storm and Ol' Blue Eyes balladeering, this grand-slam flick covers every base.

Sinatra! Movie! Sinatra!! Yay! (I am so good with words when I am excited). I must also find a movie called "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle", because Tom Robbins had a role in it!! Yay, Tom!

I am still working to come up with a new design. I really want to use this photo I took, but we shall see!
posted by Crystal 3:28 AM

Sunday, March 24, 2002

My youngest sister: Can you smell the color 9?
Me: Yes, it tastes a lot like Thursday.

My neice, who will be 5 tomorrow, after I threw the ball to her while playing catch (said most indignantly) "Don't THROW it!"

I want to take yoga classes! And swing dancing! And ballroom dancing! And everything!

I am watching the Jeff Corwin Experience. I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. Jeff is quite funny and occasionally somewhat attractive, but he is whiny and too pale and screams like a girl.
posted by Crystal 11:43 PM

My word of the day seems to be “kickass”, as I’ve used it about 235245 times in the last 10 minutes.

Tara says I need to make a list of 50 things I want to do in my life, and I’m gonna, but Kelly and I just discovered the first thing on the list: Go to Hollywood and rent out the Cheers set for a party! (I just learned on the Travel channel that you can DO this!)

Most disturbing moment today: Flipping to MTV and seeing Busta Rhymes performing in peach Capri pants.

You know, I have laughed more today than I have in a long, long time.

Oh, and if you need me, Kel and I are going to Hollywood tomorrow (via super-cool road trip in a rented red convertible while wearing movie star sunglasses and scarves), and then I have to be home for my Mary Kay meeting Monday, but then Tuesday we set out for Europe/Asia/Africa to study world religion. Party Buddha- Woohoo~!

10 Things I Love Right Now (in order of pop-into-my-headness)

PostcardX (You send total strangers postcards, artwork, mix tapes, etc.)
The Osbournes
Frank Sinatra songs on repeat
The new neighborhood I started in the Sims
Burger King has really good brownies for $1.29
The chili I made the other day (Recipe via Fluffy Battle Kitten)
My new betta, who is bet to be named, although after conversations with Kel tonight, I’m leaning towards calling him “Sugar Daddy”
My pink pout lip gloss.
Not sure if you can call it love, but the insane stress of trying to get 15 people to my grand opening this week. I call this my “Mini-DIQ”
The fact that within 48 hours, my mom has bought me both a hole punch (I have been looking for mine for WEEKS) and a brownie (see item #5) Mom ROCKS.

Honorable Mention: My new shoes. They aren’t quite pornstar-esque, but they do make me about 4 inches taller- good enough.

Random thought inspired by a list I’m working on- Do you know how much I’d LOVE to see a commercial involving a talking camel? I mean come on here! A camel! Talking! Advertising gold!

I met up with a high school friend today at a dress shop that she works at where I was dropping off Mary Kay stuff. She looked totally different, and it was interesting catching up. She has a morning radio show now, which I never realized before that I’d love to do. Wouldn’t that be a great job? You can go into work looking like crap, and you get this anonymous fame from it.

Tara mentioning Jerry Springer just made me really nostalgic for the days that Teela and I worked together, and we’d eat cookies all morning, do stupid things like blow bubbles with the dish soap and play with the suction cup bow and arrow set in the closet, and watch Jerry Springer and Days in the afternoons. Those were the DAYS! We got PAID for that! MAN I miss that!! Its like “Okay, you have to spend 6 hours in this awesome condo watching movies and hanging out with one of your good friends, but I’m sorry, we have to pay you to be there!” I’d love to get that back!

Can someone who is more technically inclined than me do me a big favor? Okay, somewhere in Moulin Rouge (I cant remember, I know that helps a LOT), Ewan sings the line “My gift is my song”, but the emphasis is on gift instead of My, and its just so pretty. I would love you if you could make me a .wav file of that so I can use it as my “You’ve Got Mail” (I am finally tired of the famous WDW Monorail being my Email sound- it says “Please stand clear of the Doors- Por favor…” um, the rest of that in Spanish. Anyway, its kinda long, and overplayed now. I’d also love you for the part during Spectacular Spectacular when Ewan sings “But their love is just too strong…” I have no real plan for this one, Ewan is just particularly sexy when he sings that.

I’m watching “A Dating Story” on TLC, and the chick says she wants a man with a sense of adventure. However, when her date takes her canoeing, she totally freaks out, and when the canoe tips, she says in a super-whiny voice “The water is all slimy!” So just what does she define as adventure?

I’ve decided I really want to take like, 4 days and go to San Francisco. I’d probably stay with my sister, because it would be way cheaper that way, and way more safe, but the fact is that I don’t get along particularly well with said sister, and I want the freedom to see things I wanna see, which I strongly doubt we’d agree on. So, um, can someone tell me what I want to see in San Francisco? I haven’t been there since I was like 13, so I don’t remember much. Throw some ideas my way, sil vous plait. You’d think with all the travel channel I watch, I’d have caught something about that city by now, but no such luck!

Its funny how things change. About 5 years ago, when the big funky color nail polish craze hit, I had every color imaginable- royal blue, purple, pastel orange, sparkly green, ice blue, everything. Lined up, they stretched the entire length of my bathroom counter. Now, I just found myself thinking “I can’t wait to put in my next Mary Kay order so I can get some Natural Pink nail polish! That’s gonna ROCK!” Am I just getting old? What am I saying? I’m freakin 20! So what AM I? (Now THERE is a question!)

I am so glad that MS Word has that autosave feature, because I’ve had about 10 windows open all day, and if it didn’t, I’d worry all day that I’d lose this post that I’ve been adding bits and pieces to for the last 8 hours or so.

My temporary tattoo of the moment (I’m always drawing something or another on myself) is a really cool tribal sun I drew on my ankle, copying the design on my henna tattoo kit box (I never figured out how to do henna tattoos right, which is a huge shame, because the idea of semi-permanent tattoos thrills me to no end!) I really like this sun design, and its something I’d consider getting. Only much smaller than I have it, and in a different location. PLEASE, whoever goes to Disney with me next time, don’t let me leave Epcot without getting a henna tattoo in Morocco. I don’t care if its freakin $40 for a good one, I wont regret it.

WOW! They are playing “The Thunder Rolls” on CMT, and I cant believe how young Garth looks! I continue to adore Garth, after all these years. I have a tape of my friend Christa and I singing these songs when “Ropin the Wind” first came out- my heavens we were horrible singers, but it’s a fun bit of nostalgia!

posted by Crystal 4:20 AM

Friday, March 22, 2002

1. What is your favorite time of year? I love the beginning of summer, when it isnt TOO hot yet, but there's ton of sunshine, and you've been waiting for months for the clouds to go away.

2. What is it about your favorite season that, well, makes it your favorite season? I'm a sunshine girl :) Rain is nice, but after months, I'm ready for it to be gone, and there's something so refreshing and free about the beginning of summer- probably set in my brain that way from summer being the freedom of being out of school when I was younger.

3. What is your least favorite time of year? Why? Probably late winter, like late January/February. Snow has lost its excitement, and I'm just sick of cold, and want nothing more than sun, sun, sun!

4. Do you do anything to celebrate or recognize the changing of seasons? I'm usually lucky to remember that its the first day of whatever season, but I'd like to do something.

5. What's your favorite thing to do outside? Ride or spend time with my fantastic horse!
posted by Crystal 2:01 PM

In some sort of completly out-of-character mood swing, I'm finding myself wanting to live in a big city for a while. This is not me at all, but I have this desire to try it out for a while. Sometimes I wonder if I know anything at all.
posted by Crystal 7:57 AM

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Check me out, I fixed the archives! Woooohoo!

Also, any suggestions for a theme/color scheme for the new design of this page? I am ready to burn the palm trees they've been here so long...
posted by Crystal 7:03 AM

It has been raining for more than three days now. It actually rained for more than 30 hours straight, and now its finally breaking up a little bit. I always forget just how much it rains here in the spring. Speaking of which, yesterday was the first day of spring! Woohoo!

Seventy-six days until SimuCon! I can't wait. It would be so much more fun if Rich were still going, but I still get Kelly and Kiki and everyone else. I can't believe its getting so close! I just hope I can come up with the $ in time!

Kel may be coming down for Easter, so I'm a very excited girl. I need someone to come visit me, I've been bored off my bootie! I actually spent five hours tonight, in the middle of the night, cleaning my bedroom and rearranging my furniture! The computer desk I built a few months ago finally has my computer on it. I'm rather proud. I had to collapse around 5, but I still cant sleep, and its 6:32, so I came on to type up some business emails and blog real quick.

I am absolutly freaking out about my Grand Opening. I need 15 people there to win the watch, and a lot of people I was counting on aren't going to be able to make it, and its just ONE week away now, and I hardly have anyone confirmed. I am FREAKING OUT! I dont want to end up with just like five people there! I would cry. So, um, if you live in Missouri and want to make my day, come! I'll give you free stuff and name my children after you!

I started reading "Crazy Ladies" by Michael Lee West (Who I never knew was a woman) tonight, and the first chapter is disturbing! This lady is in her kitchen with her baby, and a man comes in and tries to rape her, and tries to kill her baby, so she shoots him, but he isnt dead. Her husband comes in and the killer/rapist guy is his boss's son, and he is afraid he will get fired and lose his house, so he doesn't want to call the police. The wife ends up burrying the man alive. Crazy stuff so far! This reminds me that I need to update my list of books I'm reading, just in case any of you actually keep up with that.

Oh, I had another dream with the croc hunter in it last night. These Steve dreams must stop! There's just something WRONG about that! Anyway, we were at some zoo place in another country, I think it was India. One of the men that worked there came up and accused me of not wearing any underwear, which was some big crime in their country, I guess, so I pulled them up to show them, and I guess that was even worse, so all these security people were chasing us trying to put me in jail. Okay, someone who knows about the meaning of dreams analyze THAT one!

"We ride and never worry about the fall, I guess thats just the cowboy in us all" (Tim McGraw- The Cowboy in Me) (That's stuck in my head right now)
posted by Crystal 6:51 AM

Monday, March 18, 2002

Absolute hilight of my day: Watching Steve's face as he feeds grasshopper after grasshopper to a huge chamelion. My kingdom for a photo of that! (Yeah, the croc hunter and I are on a first name basis now, baby!)

Jeff Corwin, while riding an elephant: "I feel like I have something very powerful between my legs!" This, kids, is why I have a fish named Irwin, but not one named Corwin. Speaking of which! I have a new betta! I have yet to name him, but he's cool and seems to have a slight attitude problem, so he fits in great around here. The very sad news is that the great Sinatra died, who was the oldest of all my bettas. Poor boy.

"You can milk a camel, okay, but not that one, that's a male" Jeff's Wisdom on Camels.
posted by Crystal 5:58 AM

Sunday, March 17, 2002

I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the
McDonalds Product Test
by Matio64

Now that's me!
posted by Crystal 10:58 PM

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

Should this worry me?
posted by Crystal 10:58 PM

When I have daughters, I never want them to stop believing, deep down, that they are princesses. I want them to believe the world is theirs. I want them to use all of the $40 an ounce bubble bath at once, and have the best damn bubble bath of their lives, instead of letting it sit on the shelf and collect dust. I want them to never be afraid to try. I want them to use their creativity, and be proud of the things they do and the things they learn. I want them constantly hungry for new experiences, for them to have an insatiable hunger for the things that make their eyes light up and their jaws drop. I want them to understand the little joys in life. I want them to seek out the big, wonderful things that I know will be waiting for them. Let these girls stand up for the things they believe in, let them make up their own minds about things, and let them learn from their mistakes. Let them be strong. Let them have friends that will be by their side no matter what, that they can tell everything to, and hear everything from in return. Friends that will never judge them, never outgrow them, never move on. Let them believe from day one that their lives are very important. Let me remember to remind them every day how happy I am to be with them.
posted by Crystal 9:10 PM

A Reminder:

Dear Crystal,
Even if you forget all else, please remember one thing. Life is an adventure. Yes, its wonderful to read an adventure, to see one played out on the movie screen, or to play one out in a game, but that’s not what adventures were intended for, my dear. Adventures were made to be lived. You don’t need to sit back and take whatever is handed to you along the way, you should go out and search for that which will teach you, satisfy you, and complete you. Fear has no place in you. Do the things that scare you the most, have some stories to tell your grandchildren. Make memories worth remembering. Get out there and live.

posted by Crystal 9:04 PM

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Oh, how I love the broken english!
posted by Crystal 8:06 AM

I should start refering to this as the "really early saturday morning five" rather than the friday five.

1. What's your favorite animal? Horses. Followed by camels.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime? Oh my gosh. Okay, 2 dogs, about 23987529857 cats, three parakeets, one horse, two cockatiels, 10 bettas (I think) 8 goldfish, 1 shark, 1 suckerfish, 3 guppies, 6 misc. other fish, 2 hamsters, 3 rabbits, and I'm probably forgetting a bunch more.

3. Is there any specific pet that you've wanted but never had? Why? I want a camel! WHY!? Because I love camels! Ha! I want just about every animal you can imagine.

4. Are you allergic to any animals? I'm kind of allergic to cat hair-- I'm okay if I'm just hanging out with my cat, but if she curls up on me for a while, I get all sneezy.

5. Do you have any 'pet' pet peeves (your pets or others')? I have a lot of patience when it comes to animals, way more than humans probably, so I cant really think of anything any do that really annoy me.
posted by Crystal 7:32 AM

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I got books today! Books! Books! I am so very, very excited that I can now knock 5 books off my Amazon wishlist, bringing it down to a lowly 102 items! :) I told mom that it would not be pretty if we went to Barnes & Noble, and sure enough, after she said she'd loan me $20 for books, 10 minutes later I was sitting with a stack higher than most small children trying to decide what I could live without. I ended up with five-FIVE! I love my mom! Ah, so you want to know what I got?

Three Black Skirts- all you need to survive by Anna Johnson. This book is kind of the 20's/30's-ish chick's guide to life, or as the back cover says, "Balance, Strength, Well-Being- and a Killer Wardrobe" I have a feeling I will be quoting it soon.


I got TWO!! TWO!!! Neil Gaiman books! TWO! Are you following me there!? (Yes, Kel, you can borrow!) I got Good Omens and Neverwhere, which the Minneapolis Star Tribune called "A dark contemporary 'Alice in Wonderland'... Imaginative, Well-Crafted and highly visual". Sounds good to me!


I've seen SO much hype about "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" on Amazon- its on everyone's list of "you have to read this!!" and everyone seems to love it, but I really hand't planned on getting it. However, while I was looking for books by Michael Lee West, and it was sitting on the shelf right above, so I had to check it out. I flipped it over to see the back cover, and just what did I see there? "This is the sweet and sad and goofy monkey-dance of life, as performed by a bevy of unforgettable Southern belles in a verdant garden of moonlit prose. Poignantly coo-coo, the Ya-Yas (and their Petites Yas-Yas) will grace, priss, ponder and party their way into your sincere affection."-Tom Robbins, author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Still Life with Woodpecker, and Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

TOM! My TOM!! Anything that gets a good review from My Tom goes in my shopping cart immediatly! TOM!! (They really should have listed Woodpecker before Cowgirls, but we will let that one slide) Well, you know, I had to give in when they had TOM pushing me into buying the book! I can't say no to Tom! And so, here it is, joining the collection, and now I'm excited to read it. Heck, I would probably jump off a bridge if Tom described it as "a verdant garden of moonlit prose". Oh, and I think that "goofy monkey-dance of life" should find its way into our everyday vernacular now.


Finally, "Crazy Ladies", by Michael Lee West, who is one author I've never read that I have a bajillion books by on my wish list, and so I think I shall fall in love with him. I don't know much about it other than what I could quote from the back of the book, so go look it up on Amazon if you're interrested. I shall get back to you after I read it.

BOOKS! I am so very, very excited. I'm going to go read now!

(subliminal message to you: Buying Crystal gift certificates is always a ncie thing to do. So is baking her cookies, but I bet she would like books more!!)

posted by Crystal 8:20 PM

Monday, March 11, 2002

...If these are life's lessons, she'll take this test...

Driving home tonight, listening to one of my billions of mixed CD's, I decided that Wide Open Spaces could practically be my theme song. Hearing it brought back the memory of listening to that same song while I was driving to the nearby town of Highlandville, back when I still drove Mustang Sally, on my way to test-ride a horse. Not just any horse, but a sweet bay horse named Slick. Oh, but lets get in a little deeper here- Slick was three years old. Slick was a three year old Thoroughbred. Slick was a three year old Thoroughbred straight off the racetrack. Those of you familiar with horses know what I was getting myself into here, but hey, I was 17 and I was convinced I knew everything!! So, here I am on a half hour drive that my parents dont know I'm making to ride this horse I'm considering buying. My parents didnt know because they would have immediatly said "No way, you have nowhere to keep it.." yada yada ya. Remember when you were seven and asked your parents for a pony? Same speech, and I wanted to avoid that. I got there and had a great time grooming Slick (I swear, if all else fails I'm going to be a groom for a living, I love it), and we were getting along great- he had lots of personality and was really sweet! So, I tacked him up, and got ready to lead him out to the outdoor ring to ride him. Well, what they hadn't told me was Slick wasn't too keen on the idea of being led. It took me forever to get him out to that ring (Keep in mind I'd never had a horse, so I wasn't really sure how to handle this situation!) Next, when I went to get on Slick, the fact that he was well over 16 hands high kicked in, and I split the seat of my jeans getting on!! (Thank God for my sweet Emmett who stands every bit of 15.2 hands!) After a quick mental note to do Buns of Steel when I got home, and get new jeans (The seat already had a tiny hole, who knew it could split THAT easily!?), I was up and ready to go. We walked around awhile while I got used to him and vice versa, and I got comfortable with him pretty quickly. I was ready to pick it up to a trot, so I gave Slick a light cue, and ....well... did I mention he was a racehorse? Apparently this model came with only three speeds: stop, walk, and run!! I managed to slow him down to a choppy trot, and was thankful nobody was around to see the look that was probably on my face! I spent the next half hour or so just playing around with him, taking him through the pole bending setup at a slow pace, and just seeing what he was like (He spooked at a vicious looking orange traffic cone sitting next to the ring)

It sucked to have to admit to myself that Slick wasn't exactly the horse for me at the time, because I was so desperate for a horse. I'm sure if I'd bought him, things would have been okay, but there was just a certain chemistry missing, no matter how sweet he was. However, I knew that I'd stepped outside my usual comfort zone, and done something totally by myself, and made a decision that had a big impact on my life. I'm thrilled things worked out the way they did, because if they hadn't I might not have my sweet Ems now.

So, essentially, the song really brought back that time in my life, when I was finding my way for the first time. I dont think there's ever a time when you arent still looking, though. Three years later, I'm still constantly exploring new places, and learning new things. Maybe three years from now in a traffic jam I'll think of "way back when I was 20.." and reminice about how things are now.

"Who doesnt know what I'm talking about?
Who's never left home, who's never struck out?
To find a dream and a life of her own
A place in the sun a foundation of stone
Many preceed and many will follow
A young girl's dreams no longer hollow
It takes the shape of a pace out west
But what it holds for her, she hasnt yet guessed
She needs wide open spaces
Room to make her big mistakes
She needs new faces
She knows the higher stakes..."
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I am reading the best book on philosophy. Well, okay, its the only book on philosophy that I've read, so I dont know that its the best, and I'm also only on the 4th chapter, so I dont have a lot to go on yet, but its good, okay? Its called Sophie's World, and you should go read it (Kelly is the only one who will listen to me when I say this.)

I have fallen into the life of the unemployed chick. Sure, I'm technically employed with my Mary Kay, and going back to Spinnaker in a week or two, but face it, I have no schedule, and I'm being a lazy bum. On one hand, its great getting to sleep and do whatever, on the other hand, its getting really boring and I'm starting to feel useless. There's basically not a whole lot going on, and I'm starting to wish there were. Of course in a few months I will have so much going on that I will forget what my computer looks like and be wishing I had the time to do nothing, but as of right now, it sucks. The grass is always greener...

So, I've just noticed that its March (I'm a little slow these days). That means its gonna be April really damn soon. You know, like, in less than a month. That means a lot of rain, but temperatures over 40 degrees! I can get excited about that. And then, if things go according to plan, May will come right after April!! I am really excited about that idea.

I have obviously just eaten chocolate, because I am making no sense, but having a damn good time doing it.
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Sunday, March 10, 2002


take the which one of the trading spaces cast are you? quiz!

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Saturday, March 09, 2002

I tell you what, once I start making money, I'm gonna have horses coming out of my ears!

If I had $2500 right now, I would get this one. I WANT her! 4 years old, 15hh...

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At times, being around my parents makes me understand why I'm so confused about life, and at the same time, it clarifies a bit why I am the way I am.
(Three minutes ago, in the kitchen, me wrapped in a blanket as if it is a shield protecting me from the world)
Me: What time do you have to be there again?
Mom: 7:05
Me: And you got up at what time?
Mom: 5
Me: Gah, I would have slept till at least 6:30. You're crazy.
(dad enters)
Dad: You know, you should probably leave here by 6:20
(Mom's destination is 5 minutes away)
Mom: 6:20? I dont think I need 35 minutes to get there. I could get to Springfield in that time.
Dad: Well, you know, you have to get out to the car and warm it up, and you never know how the roads are going to be...
Me: (Shakes head, pulls blanket tighter around me, and goes back to bed)

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Its funny how one second I can be here (well, as here as I ever am), and the next I'm 1000 miles away, but I can see it, hear it, feel it as as if I'm really there. I had one of those silly flashbacks for no reason today. I'm not sure what brought on the memory, a word or a sound maybe, but I could instantly picture myself in another time and place entirely. After dinner, we would go down to the comedy club on the ship's little district of nightclubs. We were still dressed up from dinner, and in great moods, because hey, how can you not be in a great mood when you've spent your day sleeping in, then relaxing on a tropical island, seeing a show, being served dinner by a very attractive Greek waitor, and then going out to a club? We sat at a table near the back of the room, sipping fruity drinks, and laughing at the show put on by a great group of improv actors. Carefree is the word that comes to mind. I hear the club is gone now, although I'm sure that the sunburned, overdressed people sipping fruity drinks still remain. I'd love to be there.
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Seeing that I havent slept yet, its still Friday, and therefore, Im actually not late doing the friday five!

1. What makes you homesick? Seeing that when I'm away from home, I'd generally rather be wherever I am, not much.

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)? I gues where I live now. And, as cheesey as it is, the Wilderness Lodge and Polynesian Resort are "home" to me. I feel more at home there than I do at home, if that makes sense.

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things? I guess just the familiarity, if we're talking about my actual home. Its nice using my computer, sleeping in my bed, knowing how things are going to go. As for my resorts, there's just a feeling of being home, I guess its the atmosphere.

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise? Bahamas, I guess

5. What are your plans for this weekend? I'm undecided. I think Saturday will be a stay in bed and read all day day, if it keeps raining like it is. Reading while it rains is so satisfying, especially if there is pizza. Yes, tomorrow will probably be a "dont leave the house" day. I'd love to have pizza delivered, but I'm probably too broke. Sunday will hopefully be more productive. I'll go out and hand out business cards (I'm actually gonna do it this time!) and make some business phone calls and such. I know, Sunday isnt the best day for that, but if I dont get more accomplished by Monday, turning in my weekly accomplishment sheet will make me sad.
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Okay, I know I've been quote happy lately, but this made me laugh.

"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."
Oscar Wilde

(Um, its way funnier when you know my boyfriend's name is Rich)
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Friday, March 08, 2002

One more I forgot to post from Mary Kay's biography:
"My favorite definition of an optimist is that person who when given a barnful of manure runs through it shouting, "I know there's a pony in here somewhere!"

and a very good quote I came across in Horse Illustrated..
"Fear almost never arises- in horses as well as in people - from concerna bout what might happen, and much more rarely from what is happening." Mary Wanless, For the Good of the Horse
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From the biography of Mary Kay Ash:

"Many people have been delighted by another example of Mel's generosity- my Thursday gifts. We were married on a Thursday, and so from the very beginning, Thursday was a special day for us. Every Thursday for the fourteen years of our marriage, Mel brought me a gift. Depending on his mood or financial situation, the gifts ranged from a flower to a piece of peanut brittle to a diamond. But no matter what, every single Thursday I would come home to find a gift-wrapped package and a beautiful, personally chosen greeting card. "

"There is absolutly no reason why a woman should not succeed in business. All she needs is: Intuitiveness, Foresight, Product knowledge, Market knowledge, Guts, Lipstick, Clear judgement, A stubborn streak, and a computer."
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I have a whole entry written on paper that I scrawled as quickly as I could last night around 5am when I was trying to sleep that I need to post. I have a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to post all week that I just havent done. In other words, well, I dunno. I'll post it all tomorrow, just remember to hold me to that, ok?
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She sits on the edge of the world,
Watching the pieces crumble,
And slip away beyond her grasp,
Too quickly for her to catch them all,
They fall faster than she can rebuild,
And she knows its just a matter of time
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And once again, I forgot to do the Friday Five

1. What's your favorite vacation spot? Disney World, baby :)
2. Where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth? Hummm, no idea
3. What would be your dream vacation? 2 weeks at WDW followed by a week on a disney cruise, followed by another week at WDW. Preferably with Rich, Kelly, Nate, and lots of other people there. Staying at the Poly. With a kickass suite on the ship. Yeehaw.

4. If you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why? Probably Kelly. Why? Because she is Kelly! We would have fun even if we were totally lost.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? This is cheating, because its already Monday. Saturday I did nothing because there was much snow, and felt like a bum for it. Yesterday, I once again did mostly nothing, but got out despite the ice to preserve my sanity.
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Which Sex and the City Player Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

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Sunday, March 03, 2002

Note: Do not attempt to read books by Ernest Hemmingway, Fannie Flagg, and Mary Kay simultaneously. Your brain will explode. I am shelving Hemmingway until I finish the other two.
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