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Thursday, May 30, 2002
My mind is mush right now. All it really seems to want is a really long nap. I don’t know why I’m in a bad mood, there are only FOUR days until Kelly is here, and SIX before we are in St. Louis! How very exciting is that? And my camera should be here tomorrow! That is fabulous, right? So why do I just want a nap? I think knowing that I have to do the mail on Saturday is really bringing me down. I’m dreading it. Ick. I may or may not be doing some of Karen’s runs tomorrow. I really hope I get to, I need the money. Can we re-cap my to-do list, really just for my own purposes?

Go to Springfield. Stop by middle sister’s house and pick out a kitten. Pay Sears bill. (In Springfield, not necessarily sister’s house)
Clean house for Kelly
Clean fish tanks
Go pay stupid piece of crap ticket.

Crap, I already forgot what all was supposed to be on there. I told you my mind wasn’t all here.

The last couple of days have been a kind of fun escape. I stopped by Christa & Chesley’s house when I was in Springfield on Saturday morning, and found that Brandon was there. He’d come down from Kansas for a visit—He’d emailed me about it a month or so back, but I had pretty much forgotten by now, so that was a nice surprise. I ended up spending the whole day at her house watching TV and then going shopping—things I never ever have time to do anymore. Today Christa, Brandon and I went out to Silver Dollar City and rode some rollercoasters and such, and then went to see Dixie. The really crappy part about going to Dixie was that I really missed working there. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back—I know it’s a lot better in my memory than it was actually being there. I don’t know exactly what it is that I miss, but there’s something.

Maybe I’m just tired- its been a long day. I’m in one of those moods where I just want to sit here and stare blankly at the screen. I’ll be in a better mood by Monday, right? I’ll let you know. Actually, expect an entry tomorrow with 230875 digital camera pictures, because as I mentioned The Camera comes tomorrow!

posted by Crystal 10:11 PM

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Oh man, I am BUMMED! No more Henry’s Diary!! I emailed his dad to tell him that the updates would be missed, and that felt really odd. I hardly ever email people whose journals I read, mostly because I guess I feel like I’m being sneaky in reading them, you know? As if by emailing them, it’s the equivilant of being caught in your big sister’s room while you thought she was out with friends, sitting on her bed with her diary and giggling.

I am going to kick myself. Or I could just have Kelly kick me, as she will be here in EIGHT DAYS! I stayed up until 2am last night so I could watch this Ewan Polar Bear documentary on tv. All I’ve heard all week is how damn cute it is, and so I figured staying up till 2 was a small sacrifice. Well, around 1, I think to check the tv guide that’s built into my satellite, and guess what. I click down to the Travel Channel, and there IS no Ewan Polar Bear documentary on at 2! I am severely bummed, so I watch Moulin Rouge and fall asleep. Well, now I wake up to find an email about the program, which mentions it was on PBS!!! It WAS on! All I had to do was be smart enough to look at the right channel!! I’m just hoping it is on again soon, or we all know that I’m going to be shelling out the $20 to buy the video from PBS. That cracks me up, because I know I would totally do that, and I’ve always laughed at the people that bought videos from PBS because hello, you could just tape it for free! Why spend $20 when all you need is a $2 blank tape? But now I see that sometimes, due to our own stupidity, we are brought down to the level in life in which we must make a phone call to PBS. (I think that must be one of Lowest Points in one’s life—Finding yourself waking up in a ditch, taping the shopping channel, finding yourself making a call to PBS. Its all down hill from there) But oh! There is hope! Sweet Internet, you have saved me again! You see, the good thing about this snazzy thing we call the internet is that there are people who use it! People such as that group of Ewan fans I talk to on a regular basis, 90% of which probably taped the show, and at least one of which will therefore tape it off for me! Lets see how long it takes for me to get an email from someone saying they will. And dammit! I did it again! I promise you an Ewan-Free entry sometime soon, really.

Over at Really Big Words—
“that has changed because now, ten years later, i'm going through a second puberty. i am developing painful crushes on movie stars who will never know i am alive, i am writing bad poetry in my diary and i am getting pimples -- big, fat, ugly ones -- and i don't know what to do about it.”

Sing it, sister!

Oh, and now for proof that I watch WAY too much Trading Spaces and such. I have designed a new bed concept (see, you have to call it a “concept” if you want to be in with the designer crowd). What I’m gonna do is turn my bed from this

into this.

Oh, dear me, wrong pictures! Lets try that again.

There we go! Brilliant artwork, isn’t it? Heehee. Despite all the scary colors, the basic concept is that I’m going to build a headboard and do some fabric draping. I’d also really like to build something where there are drawers built into the bottom part of the bed. Think Amy Wynn or Ty is free this weekend? Its too bad I don’t like any of my neighbors, or I’d go on Trading Spaces.

My link of amusement today is which is similar to hot or not in that you pick the one you like better, but different in that its totally random things pitted against each other, rather than people.

I am bummed. I got very lost driving out to a town called Crane with a delivery, and in the process got pulled over by a cop. Having been doing nothing wrong, I figured that maybe I had a tail light out or something. Well, he told me my licence plates were expired, and went to run my info. I still didn’t think much of it, but then he gave me a ticket! A ticket for expired plates! A $72.50 ticket for expired plates!! WHAT THE HELL!!??? Okay, I had NO idea they were even close to expiring- I keep meaning to check, but its not usually the first thing on my mind. And $72.50!????? $20 I could understand. $50 wouldn’t be all that out of line, but seventy-freakin-two fifty?? That’s INSANE!

I overheard the Christian radio station my parents were listening to today going off about Harry Potter, how it was the devil trying to take over the world and all that crap. The funniest damn part was that they were saying how it was a sin to even read about that sort of thing, but then the lady was quoting certain incedents in the book, which she obviously read. Heehee. Really, I think that if you are worried your kids are going to have some major life change in beliefs and practices just because they read a book, maybe you need to look into your parenting more than what they're reading, but I digress.
posted by Crystal 10:30 PM

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Just a note- the following post was typed on and off over about 3 days, so it may get a bit jumbled up here and there.

I’ve been working on my list of things I want to do in my lifetime, and its continuously growing. I was going to call it the Escapades list, ala Mo, but now I’m leaning towards Quests, ala Monty Python. In fact, after watching the Holy Grail Bonus DVD, one of my Quests is to visit the castle where they did most of the filming. Perhaps that could be called the Quest for the Quest for the Holy Grail. Or not. Oh, anyway, back to the reason I started typing this—I’m making a list of all 50 states, and some nifty things to do in them. I want to have one well known thing to see in that state (such as the Grand Canyon or the St. Louis Arch) and one or two lesser known things like Farmer Bob's Rib Shack, or silly roadside attractions. So, if you could send me some that you know of, I would like you a lot for it.

Ooh! As I was writing this, my dad brought me in a little turtle he had found. I thought he was dead at first because he wouldn’t move, but he finally did! I think I’m gonna keep him for a day or two and then let him go again. I have my webcam aimed at him right now so I can watch him while I’m typing and such. Its Live Turtle Cam- Woohoo! I set him up a lovely little turtle condo in an old whipped cream container, complete with grass, rocks, food and water. Aren’t I good? I think it may be a girl, but I’m not positive.

I’ve gotten a few emails about the blogathon lately, and I cant believe its already almost that time of year again. This year’s will be on July 27th, and if you have a blog, you really should do it. Basically, if you’re just tuning in, you spend 24 hours blogging, and you have to post at least once every half hour. You take pledges from people for so much an hour, and the money is donated to the charity of your choice (And no, I don’t think the “Buy me some new shoes!” charity is eligible.) It’s a totally worthwhile thing to do, and ends up being pretty fun and more than a little crazy.

And man, I totally agree with Mo’s perfect day described in this entry
Throw in like 5 minutes worth of being with my horse, and that’s totally mine. I am exactly like that, where I would spend all day doing nothing if I could. I miss that! For instance, right now its noon. I have to call Dr. Kryger’s office at 2 and see what time their stuff will be ready to be picked up (Did I mention I’m doing Karen’s run today because she is going to TX to get married?). So, I call them at 2, then I set off to do the bank run, where I have to be by 3, do that, then do Kryger, then I’m done for today. Oh, there is some nature show with Ewan on at 7, and then I must watch the Velvet Goldmine at 10:45, for some more Ewan. (I have all of this outlined on one of my MK Weekly Plan Sheets, or else I would never know where I was supposed to be at all). Anyway, my point is, I have two whole hours before I have to do ANYTHING. And yet I feel like I cant relax. It sucks. I need at least 6 hours before I have to do anything to really feel like I can just go take a nap or something. And AHH! The turtle is moving out of camera range! Time to readjust! I don’t know why it is so darn interesting to watch him, I really don’t, but this could totally be a new reality tv show, and I would watch. I am really waiting for him to eat some of the grass or lettuce I put in there. He is finally acknowledging it, but still no luck. I just scared him when I moved the camera, so now he may never eat. Grr!

I’m reading the Bad Teen Novel at Hissyfits, and man, does the bad writing bring back memories of the stories I used to write. Ours were all horse shows and stuff though, no sex-drugs-high school stuff. Well, at least not when we were 13. But still, the theme of bad writing that we thought was awesome at the time remains. The chapter titles are definitely one of the best parts, as well as the author’s notes.

Okay, I just got an email from titled “Win a date with a jedi!” and then it was blank. Do you think I can sue them for a date with Ewan?

I have the oddest feeling right now. Its almost 8:30, and other than watching the Velvet Goldmine (Naked Ewan!) at 10:45, I have nothing to do tonight. I do have to be up around 7:30, so I cant stay up deliciously late like I’d like to, but other than that, I now have nothing to do. This is niiiice.

I am reading people’s reviews of Ep. 2 over on the Usual Suspects boards, and two posts in a row had a last line that made me smile:
p.s. Ewan McGregor's performance stood out as pleasant.
Oh and I know Haden doesn't compare to Ewan, but I have to tell you that he smolders pretty nicely.

And then…
Ewan MacGregor continues to be the biggest standout in the prequels; Obi-Wan is now as much his as it was Alec Guinness's.

Despite what I read a reviewer said, I thought Ewan MacGregor does a great job of mimicing the speech and mannerisms of Alec Guiness. I also think that he's got the hardest job in the entire series: to convine the audience that he will become Alec Guiness.

And after a long list of stuff someone thought sucked—
things i liked? obi wan definitely.

Okay, I really will shut up about Ewan soon. Really. Well, probably not. Y’all know how I get when I get interested in something- its an obsession for at least a month or so. On one last note, I made it through about an hour of The Velvet Goldmine just now. Yes, there was naked Ewan (um, very, very impressive.) but as far as I’m concerned, that was the only part worth seeing. I gave up in favor of a shower and sleep.


I have been dying to get back to watching Days of our Lives lately, but I still have no local channels, so I am soap-less. This is really starting to frustrate me, because not only am I soap-less, I also have practically no talk shows, no late night talk shows, no survivor, no will and grace, no Friends finale… its just wrong!

Oh man, I have the best lunch today. I just got home from grocery shopping, where I picked up some fresh apricots, peaches, and cherries. I have those cut up for a fruit salad with mango apricot yougart to dip them in, and animal crackers. It doesnt get any better than this! I was sad I couldnt find the big bag of animal crackers at the store- they're usually like 3 pounds for a dollar. All I could find was the little box that was like 70 cents for about 20 cookies. Ripoff! So, I asked mom to pick me up some-"Not the frosted kind or anything, just plain happy little animals I can bite the heads off of"

posted by Crystal 4:14 PM

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

13 days until Simucon, and only 11 until I see Kelly! Oh man, this is getting good. My schedule has been so weird lately, I’m really kind of missing having some sense of routine. Basically I just feel like I don’t have any time to relax, because there’s always something to do or somewhere I have to be in just an hour or two, and I feel that looming over me. Ick.

I got to FINALLY see Star Wars last night! The next sentence is in white text for those of you who haven’t seen it yet and don’t want any kind of spoiler. That part towards the very beginning when Obi Wan/Ewan jumps out the window? Holy shit!  That was worth the price of admission. And then they show him handcuffed? And doing all the lightsaber
stuff? And he actually got to smile and be funny in this one! DAMN! I was one happy star wars watchin girl. I did have to work to keep from yelling at the movie any time anyone tried to hurt him though.
I'm still not sure if I liked it more than Ep. 1 or not. There is way more Ewan, which is a very good thing, and there was a lot more action. Believe it or not, the guy that played Anakin doesnt do much fo rme, but he was a good actor. I missed Darth Maul though. The sith are just not sexy anymore.

I had a run to Springfield this morning, so I decided to stop by Toys R Us no particular reason. Okay, I admit I was there to check out the new Star Wars toys. I want a little Ewan with his big ol’ lightsaber to sit on my desk. Anyway, I found out that they had the Star Wars versions of both the Game of Life, and Stratego! I must have the Star Wars Stratego. Someone wanna send me $15 so I can buy it? Or just buy it for me? Please?

I decided to stop at St Louis Bread Co. and get a bagel for lunch, and then sat outside while I ate half of it. It was pretty cold out with the wind, but I enjoyed sitting in the sun watching the traffic go by.

I’m going riding in a couple of hours, which sounds like a pretty good thing to do today. We took the horses to the vet yesterday to get shots and coggins tests, and Em went through everything like a trooper, including what happened when we were loading the trailer. THAT is quite a story. We had 5 horses to take—Jenny & her foal Pagel, Gypsy, Tonto (Monica’s stud), and Emmett. The plan was to load Gypsy, Jenny & Pagel, Tonto, and then Emmett. Well, Jenny didn’t like being next to Tonto, so we decided to change the order to Jenny & Pagel, Gypsy, Emmett, and then Tonto, so that Tonto would be next to a boy and not try to hump everything. Well, this didn’t work either. In fact, Tonto bit Em’s neck and would NOT let go, and Em didn’t even kick him. He did however throw his head up trying to get Tonto off, and ended up taking a huge chunk out of his forehead. Okay, it was only about the size of a quarter, but this is my baby we’re talking about, so it was a HUGE CHUNK, okay? Monica was MAD at Tonto, and decided to not take him, since there was no way we could do it safely. She’s considering getting him castrated now, or selling him- she’s sick of dealing with his studly ways. I’m now pissed at him because he hurt my baby, and that makes things personal.

This is the part where I have to go check my most recent entries to see what I’ve told you about and what I haven’t, because my brain is all fuzzy. Oh! I haven’t told you about going team penning yet. Basically, that’s where you have 3 people and a bunch of cows (like, 30) in this arena, and you have to pick out three certain cows and get them into a pen. Sounds easy, right? Hah! The guy who was supposed to teach us was not helpful at all, so we had no idea what we were doing. It was kind of fun though, and I think Emmett liked it. He didn’t quite understand why I was sending him right into the middle of this herd of cows at first, but I think he started to like getting to chase them around.

I’ve been trying very hard to get the digital camera I want on Ebay so that I can have it before Simucon. Wish me luck! And gheez, leave me some comments, I’m starting to think you don’t love me anymore!

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Sunday, May 19, 2002

You know, once in a while, I stop and giggle with chidish delight at the most mundane, everyday things. I just got an email titled "Love that Ewan", and it just cracked me up and made me think at the same time. Check this out- some person I dont know can send me a message. And it justpops up! On my computer! And that little noise plays! I feel like I'm in 1938 and just got the first email ever or something. Its always kind of fun when I stop living on autopilot long enough to notice the little details of whats going on, and to delight in them.

On a similar note, it was such a strange feeling to learn how to drive the Jeep (I'm getting tired of typing Great Green Go Kart of Death, as well as the abbreviation, even though it has earned that title even more so after it made me so sick, but I digress). It was such an interresting situation to be in because essentially, I was just driving a car.. but the lack of power steering and anti lock brakes and the whole sitting on the passenger side phenomenom just added up to make it a completly different experience, and I continued to be overwhelmed by the memory of learning to drive when I was 15. This experience of five years ago, which doesnt sound like long on one hand, but on the other is a fourth of my life.. um.. I just totally lost my train of thought. I know I was going somewhere with all this. Really. Damn, this is what happens when I watch an hour long Ewan special first thing in the morning- the brain is mush for the rest of the day. Whatever you do, dont let me even consider writing poetry today. Those poetry magnets could be deadly.

Okay, lets spiral out of the mush of my thoughts and get back to the "What I did on my Summer Vacation" sort of post here. That's always safe, right? Yesterday morning I had a run for Executive Services where I picked up some sort of sample from the hospital here (It looked like plasma? serum? I didnt want to consider the wide range of bodily fluids it could be. Uh oh, here I go again.) and drove it up to Springfield to Cox South Hospital. (May we pause and giggle here please? Because a hospital named "Cox" is just... funny, dammit!) It was a really, really easy run- an hour to get there, and no rush to get back, so I was able to stop by Barnes & Noble and drool for a while. The only bad part of the run is that I have to go in hospitals. Me. In hospitals. For more than two seconds. Hospitals. Can you tell this is not a good thing? I just do not get along well with hospitals. I tend to go into total panic attack mode. Thankfully, for some reason or another (I blame that it was before noon), the idea that I was IN a..."H-word" until I was in the elevator leaving Cox. It kind of clicked when I was reading the menu of what was on each floor by the buttons. My eyes scanned over things like "Cardiopulminary Unit" and my brain suddenly clicked and went "Holy shit! I'm in a hospital!" I got that big lump in my throat and had to concentrate on breathing, and basically flew out of there as soon as the elevator doors opened (Although I noticed a coffee place called "Espresso Express" and was happy that I would at least have coffee available on those occasions when I have to run up there at 3am. Forget the $75 for the middle of the night run, I'm in it for the mocha.)

I still wanted to stop by Pier 1 before I went home, because I had never been there, and I got this idea the other night that I wanted to decorte my bedroom in some snazzy India-sort of style, ala the red room in the elephant in Moulin Rouge. (Maybe this is some sort of psychological thing where I think that if I get the snazzy décor, Christian will climb up there and sing to me. Yeah. Okay, no, I really just like the beaded pillows.)

Oh. I just realized that I just typed almost a whole page about running to Springfield yesterday, when I had intended about two sentences before I got on to the rest of the day. So, lets try that again.

I went to Springfield to drop off a sample at the hospital. Then I came home and went riding.

There! Much more effective at getting to the point. After I got home, I grabbed a slice of leftover pizza from the fridge and ate that while checking my mail, and then I was back out the door to Monica’s house so we could go ride.

I have to go off on a tangent again here…(I can hear this big army of people ala Monty Python where they say “Get on with it!”) I am a total Sagitarius. (Sagitarian?) in that I am a home body. I like to stay at home and watch tv and read and talk to people online. I need my alone time, where I can just veg out in front of the computer with my crazy hot chocolate powder-coffee mix (Don’t ask. Its something I started throwing together for the caffeine buzz, and now I am addicted) and just get that fun blank stare while my mind clears and de-stresses. As much as I love people, I cant be around ANYONE for more than about 24 hours straight without just wanting some time alone (Although I got through almost a week with Rich without ever feeling a need for alone time, so maybe that says something) So, getting back to the point of this off-topic ramble, all of this running around and being on call to have to work at any moment has been seriously infringing on my time to just do nothing, and its been driving me crazy. Today has been such a fantastic day so far because I’m finally able to do nothing. I woke up at 8:45 so I could catch “Ewan McGregor revealed” on E! (Yes, I taped it.) and now I’m sitting around reading journals online, going through some email, and still watching E!. This is the good life.

Okay, back to where I was. I went to Monica’s, and we went out to where her horses are to pick up Gypsy for her to ride. Then we stopped out at Brian’s to pick up Emmett, because we were going out to Busick State Park to ride. We got out there, and as we were pulling off, a woman on a horse and a man on a mule were just starting off to ride. We tacked up quickly, and we were off. Monica’s dog Kinzie, however, had decided to follow the people in front of us! We managed to catch up with them, so that they knew who this tag-along dog belonged to. However, Emmett then noticed the mule. I never knew that horses really even noticed a difference between themselves and mules, but boy did I learn my lesson. He gave me this vibe of “Holy moly! What’s that thing mom?? Can I go see it? Can I? Do you think I can eat it? Is it nice? Where did that thing come from? Whats with the ears? Do you think his name is Emmett? What? Who? When? Where? Eeeh?” I could see the little wheels in Emmett’s head spinning about a mile a minute checking this thing out, but I thought he’d get over it like he usually does, along the lines of “What the heck is that thing, mom? Oh, a deer? Ok, cool. Lets go.” This was not the case though. We were still sitting talking when the other couple left, and Em got it in his head that He Was Following Them. No matter what, screw this chick on his back trying to tell him what to do. I made him stop, I made him back up, I spun him in circles, he wasn’t having it. He wanted to follow that thing with the ears. He finally got so upset with not getting to go that he was getting very close to bucking or rearing (this is horse esp. When you ride the same horse for a few years, you know what he is thinking about doing) I finally got so pissed with him that Monica and I traded horses, because I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it (Horrible, I know.) So, I rode Monica’s little filly Gypsy, who is kind of broke, but really doesn’t know much yet. Thinking back, riding her was kinda like driving the jeep- no power steering, and although I had brakes (she understands whoa..), there was no gas (You have to work to get that girl to go!). Other than her tendency to want to dance around or jump over puddles rather than walking through, she was pretty fun to ride. I traded Monica back after about 10 minutes, but she absolutely loved Emmett, which made me happy. About twenty minutes later, we came to a section of the creek that was at least three feet deep, and the current was moving really quickly. Always up for such things, we hopped right in and rode across, our boots getting soaked in the process because the water came up to our calves. We finally got across, and Monica turned around to check that her little dog Max had gotten across okay. We couldn’t see him anywhere, and were starting to freak out when we spotted him clinging to a log in the middle of the water, holding on for dear life. Monica knew she had to go save him, but there was no way she could get there in time on Gypsy with her water issues, so she screamed at me “GIVE ME YOUR HORSE!”. I hopped off and threw Em’s reins to her in a matter of seconds, and they were off. Em got to play Super Horse as they marched back into the water to save Max.

Now, Emmett has his tendencies to act up, but that boy knows when he has to be good. He’s been particularly evil about standing still while anyone gets on him lately, but when Monica was holding Max and trying to get on at the same time, she couldn’t even hold the reins to get him to stand still, so she gave him the “You BETTER not even think about moving!”, and he didn’t. He crossed that creek, which was no small feat, three times in a row. When Monica got back, we both hugged him and told him what a good boy he was and basically treated him like a hero. I think he liked it.

When we got back, the mule people still weren’t back, and we could only guess that Kinzie was still with them. We waited around for a while, and Monica took Emmett for a 10 minute run to see if she could find them anywhere with no luck. We put the halters on the horses and let them graze while some nearby campers petted them and fawned over them, and finally the other couple came back. I asked if I could let Emmett come check out the mule, and they didn’t mind, so I let him, and he was just captivated. He stared for at least 10 minutes while I talked to the guy. It was almost like he was meeting a celebrity.

Exhausted, I was falling asleep as we went to drop Emmett off, and then stopped to breed a mare to Monica’s stud. She wasn’t up for standing, and kicked him in a terribly sensitive place, but I have promised people that I wont talk about breeding any more, so I cant go into that now. Then I pretty much came home and sat around and did nothing. I made some new Sims skins, that I cant wait to try out and see if they work.

I apologize for today’s post. This sucked. My brain is on overload between the dream I had (we wont go there either) and the Ewan first thing in the morning and the general sleepy state that is begging me for caffeine. I promise to step away from the computer in the future when these conditions present themselves. Well, no, I don’t. You’re a captive audience and you’re stuck with me. Muahahahaa.

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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Well, its 8:22 am. I actually managed to get up almost as early as I wanted to, so I have managed to find some time to sit and relax before I have to do anything today. I'm supposed to be at the hospital at 9:30 to pick up some things to run to Springfield, so I have almost 20 minutes before I need to start doing my makeup and hair and such. 20 minutes of freedom!

I'm pretty sure I havent yet told you about my job with Executive Services. Basically, they pay me to drive around in my truck singing along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. To be a bit more accurate, I pick things up, and drop them off elsewhere. Yesterday I had to drive up to Springfield to pick up 4 boxes of soap for a resort near the Arkansas border called Big Cedar Lodge. It was 160 miles roundtrip, and I just cant quite understand how they got themselves into this soap emergency. This wasnt a particularly enjoyable drive because it was so rainy and I had no idea where I was going either direction, so I couldnt much enjoy it. However, I drove to Harrison, Ark. and back a few days ago, and the weather was beautiful, so I really got to just enjoy the time alone to sit in my truck and sing. Easy money.

I did the postal routes all by myself on Thursday, and oh man, that SUCKED. The first route went rather well, I only got lost one time. I was so unbelievably tired by the time I finished it though, and still a bit stressed, plus my stomach was starting to bother me. Then I got back to the postal annex, and found that I had missed a whole tub of magazines that were supposed to go out, and almost cried. They told me I could just save them for tomorrow, but there were 2 newspapers in there that had to be delivered that day, so after I finished my 2nd route, I would have to go back and deliver them. NOT what I wanted to hear at this point in the day. Well, then I went out to load up the jeep, and I got the passenger's side door stuck open, and had to get 3 people to help me close it. Finally, I set off out of the parking lot, and just as I was about to pull onto the main road, the back door of the jeep flew open. I'm lucky I wasnt going very quickly at the time, or all of the packages would have gone EVERYWHERE. Well, time went on, and as I was doing the route, I got sicker and sicker. Finally, as I was passing by the road that leads to my house, I came THIS close to throwing up, so I gave up and went to my house and called Monica to come finish for me. I really didnt want to give up, because I only had about 10 minutes left, but I absolutly couldnt stand it anymore. I guess it turns out that seven and a half hours of jeep fumes can really get to a girl. Yes, it took me seven and a half hours. It takes Monica 3 and a half. This makes me sad.

So, after the Great Green Go-Kart of death earned its name even more, I talked to Monica, and we decided that I would only do the first route until I got more comfortable with it. If all goes well, I still wont even have to do that until June 1.

I would like to take this moment to ask What the HELL is up with this weather? It is freakin MAY and it is 40 degrees and rainy looking!! WHERE is my SUMMER? It should be in the 80's at least by this time of year, and I'm wearing a sweater! What the hell!? Oh, heh, speaking of clothes, that was another bit of my downfall when delivering mail. It was about 50 and when I left my house in the morning, so I wore jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Well, I forgot that its about 20 degrees hotter in the GGGKOD, and you get REALLY hot delivering mail, so by the time I reached my house, I was about this close to passing out. I was shaking like crazy, covered in sweat, and generally not looking too swell, so I switched into shorts and a tank top, and poured water all over my arms and legs. I was hoping this would cool me off enough to be able to finish, but we all know how that story ended.

In honor of Episode 2, which I have still yet to see (damn work!), some Ewan and other Star Wars stuff.

"But children, if they see one laying around, they should never ever turn it on because they can be very very dangerous"
-Ewan, on lightsabres. And you wonder why I would be ok with this man fathering my children! (with all due respect to the boyfriend)

"I just dont like it when my sister says "Hey Jake! You can fly!" and throws my action figure down the stairs. -Jake on the trials of being a movie star

"I use to say she was a skanky whore, which really pissed her off. But, yes. She plays a courtesan. A high-class whore. A high-class skanky whore."
On Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge
Details Magazine, May 2001

"I'll get in touch with Nicole now and again. Definitely. Because she's a skanky old whore and I love her for it."
when asked if he will stay in touch with Kidman Elle August 2001

"I'm waiting for the right moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real lightsaber."

"I smoke a lot. I drink far too much-I don't excercise. I torture small animals."
-Ewan On his sex appeal- (He forgot to mention his *huge*.... talent!)

"Actually, I really want to play Princess Leia. Stick some big pastries on my head. Now, that would be interesting."
- Ewan-
On his casting in the Star Wars Prequel; Entertainment Weekly

Which Star Wars character are you?

I was disappointed with this at first but then I thought hey-kickass! I get to hang out with Obi Wan and still end up a sith. Life isnt that bad.

I really, really hope I can make it out to see Star Wars today. I watched Episode 1 yesterday, to get my brain in the mood (hah! as if it wouldnt be!), and man, I had forgotten how unbelievably sexy the whole lightsaber fight with Obi Wan and Darth Maul is! I mean, Ewan! And Ray Park! Doing sexy martial arts fighting stuff! Oh my!!! We'll just say that really made me a happy girl. Yum, yum, yum. Okay, I will stop drooling over Ewan now. Really. Yeah. Sure.
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I apologize in advance for this week's Friday Five being slightly less than riveting.

1. What shampoo do you use? Ion Pure Tea Shampoo most often. but I'm a shampoo slut, I lather around.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind? Lately I've been using herbal essences. I'm yet to have an organic experience.

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut? I got it trimmed a couple of months ago, but I havent actually had it *cut* since um... '97?

4. What styling products do you use? I am a slave to my leave in conditioner spray stuff. It rocks my world, and I would be very lost without it. I'm also pretty dependent on its sidekick, the watermelon scented kids no-tangles spray.

5. What's your worst hair-related experience? Humm, this is a tough one! Probably that perm that gave me poodle head, but we all had one of those in the 90's, right?
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Sunday, May 12, 2002

OH! And I left something out!!

I stopped by my middle sisters today, and her cat has recently had kittens! And I really want to keep this one that is black with grey tiger-striped legs. And I am going to do everything in my power to keep him. And I almost have mom talked into it. YAY!
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I am one happy girl right now. I have a brand spankin new DVD player, and even have it working after some slight confusion. I have a cream cheese brownie, which is absolutly amazing, and I have magenetic poetry which I have wanted forever and am having far far too much fun with. Here are my first two brilliant works of magnetic genius ;)

ask the delerious chocolate whisper goddess
to incubate the essential diamond forest
chant over our winter garden void
with fast elaborate tongues
in a symphony of language like drunk honey

("domestic goddess in training")
eternity cooking bitter egg whites
ugly pink dress girl with delicate peach skin
scream cry ache trudge
one moment she felt them go
her sweet dreams gone
she can not recall spring

They probably dont make sense to you, but they do to me and the magnets, so thats all that matters. I was mostly going for strong imagery. After I watched Serendipity on my (hehe new!) dvd player, I threw together "the picture manipulated my weak vision of life" on the fuse box door that is serving as the easel on which I am painting my thoughts (um. the magnets are stuck to it.)

I hate when a bit of a song goes through my head, and then quickly out, and I'm not sure what it was, but I know I want to listen to it. ugh.

My oldest sister sent me a newspaper clipping from the comics today. In the strip, a girl is taking a job placement quiz, and it says "according to this, your perfect job would be a horse-trainign poet who designs fashions while talking on the phone and sleeping." Man, I wanna know where to apply.
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Saturday, May 11, 2002

I was going to tell you about something, and now I cant remember at all. The mail as fried my brain completely. Its not pretty.

Things went semi-decently today. I sorted 80% of my mail by myself before Monica got there, and I’m really getting the hang of that. Then I had to deliver, which didn’t go quite as smoothly. I still don’t quite have the hang of driving the GGGKOD, and I have no idea where I’m going most of the time. Monica was scrunched up in the back of the jeep telling me where to go, but I highly doubt I will remember Tuesday.

Right now I REALLY just want a good long nap. But I have to go pick up my check, and then go to Springfield where I shall visit my sister, return some shirts, and buy a DVD player. The DVD player is my reward to myself for these three days of training without pay.

I am going to lay down now. I need it.
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The scene: Cute, rather disgruntled mail chick driving along the road, getting really sick of Monica yelling at her. She has black ink smeared across her face from delivering flyers.

Cute, Rather Disgruntled Mail Chick: (In a tone that sounds far more evil than one would expect her of being capable of) HEY!!! BE NICE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

People walking through their yard to get their mail: (stare at CRDMC)

CRDMC: (realizes her jeep door is open and they can therefore hear her perfectly well.) (Smiles and waves) (pause) (Falls over laughing at the next mail box realizing that the poor people thought she was yelling at them, and what that must have looked like.

If you live on Kays Ave. and thought I was yelling at you today, I really wasn’t. I promise.

ed. note- I edited this to fix the typo. They were going to get their mail, not their male.

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Friday, May 10, 2002

Oh, and did I tell you that I signed up for The Moulin Rouge bonus disk, Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, and its bonus disk are all in the mail on their way to me! I think that means I need to get a DVD player before they get here on Tuesday, eeh?

I'm looking to take a poetry class from some university online. Any suggestions? Preferably one I wont have to drive to to take finals if it isnt in MO, Arkansas, or OK.
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Dammit, cleaning died when Rider was on TV handcuffed. Is the world out to get me? Its a freakin conspiracy!!

(Okay, so maybe it is hormone day. Or just handcuff day)
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Why is it that every time I go to do something productive, like clean my bedroom, something distracts me? I just went to hang up clothes, and a Star Wars trailer came on TV, and so I had to watch, and what do I see but Ewan handcuffed to something or another. Damn damn damn damn damn.

(no, this isnt hormone day, I promise. I also just yelled at because the handbag I liked was $375, so I think its just emotional postal worker day)

After a good nap, I can tell you a little bit more about today. Like I said, I learned how to drive the Great Green Go-Kart of Death (GGGKOD). It wouldnt be that hard to drive if only the steering wheel was on the left side as usual, it had power steering, anti-lock brakes, the spedometer worked, and perhaps was less than 11 years older than me. And oh man, the SMELL. You know how go-karts smell? That fuel-type smell? It REEKS of that all the time. Thankfully I usually have my door open. I did most of the sorting today, and then I drove the first half of the BB Route, but it took me an hour (Its only supposed to take a half hour). Monica decided to take over from there so that she wouldnt be late for her other job.

The funniest thing all day was as we were driving, right after we had traded places, Monica pointed out a dog at one of the houses we delivered to, and said "That dog is a something and something cross, just like Max. (pause...pause..pause..) MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH, we LEFT HIM at the POST OFFICE!" Yeah. We left her dog. At the post office. Alone. In the parking lot. Oops. Luckily she called someone there and had them get him and put him in their car until we got back. Max finally forgave us later when I gave him some of my pizza, so I think we're okay again now.

Do you have anti-lock brakes? Do you have power steering? Do you NOT drive a GGGKOD? If you answered yes to all of these questions, go outside and kiss your car RIGHT NOW. You cant imagine! The main annoyance with the GGGKOD is that if you dont hold down the brake HARD, the jeep moves. Well, I obviously have to stop a lot (to put mail in boxes and such) and so within about ten minutes, my leg was SO SO SORE! I guess this will help my right leg get as buff as my left (I use the left to get on the horse, the right doesnt usually get near as much of a work out, so this is new) I know, holding down a brake doesnt sound hard, and you think im just whining about one more thing, but MAN it is HARD!

About 3/4 through the 248 Route, I was getting SICK in the back of the jeep-- we'd gotten some free pizza from the gas station, and I guess the combo of that and being crunched up in the back of the jeep with my back all out of whack while we flew around little back roads at lighting speed just didnt do much for my stomach. There was quite a difference from this morning when I was begging Monica not to make me drive, and this point when I was like "LET ME DRIVE, PLEASE! I'm gonna throw up if I have to sit back here much longer!" I was great once I was able to drive again, and within a few minutes, Monica was whining that riding in the back was making her sick. Heehee.

Tomorrow, I have to get to the annex around 7, because I am sorting all of the BB Route by myself. Alone. Please, God, let me remember where I get the mail. Then I am driving the whole route, so I'm hoping I can do it in a semi-decent time frame. I'll be happy with under 2 hours to tell ya the truth, because I still dont quite have this whole super-fast mail box opening and shutting thing that Monica does.

So, now that the handcuffed Ewan (Oh man, I just made a major freudian typing slip there, but I'm not gonna tell you. I fixed it) is a distant but pleasant memory, I'm going to try to get back to this whole bedroom cleaning thing.

And damn. Mom wanted me to call this # because she called the nice IRS people (bastards) and the nice people (bastards) said my income tax check was direct deposited into my bank account march 8. Okay. My bank account's average ballance is about $6.75. I kid you not. Honestly, right now my balance is -$58 because I made an oops. So, with this info in mind, dont you think I would have perhaps NOTICED an extra $400 in my account, especially when I was watching for it? Yeah, thats what I thought too. So I was supposed to call them and tell them that I did NOT get my money. But, as you can guess, I fell asleep. So now I cant call till Monday. Mom is not gonna be too happy with me.

Back to cleaning.
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okay, Rider Strong needs to quit rocking my world. Check out this poem. This man has his imagery and choice of words DOWN.

"Top of the world"

You dont know it
But sometimes I go to a hill
That overlooks the landscape's mask of city lights
For a sip of momentary grace
On this brink of everything I know
I can gain an eyefull of the lost Atlantis
And the human soul
And a breath that fills my lungs with the air between two stars
If you were now to capture the image of this elation
In the framework of yor mind
Or find transcendence through these words
Then at most you would know nothing of the beauty your existance throws to me
For mine is a love no experience, no measure
No words could ever degrade into reality by virtue of degree

And then in something he wrote about Sept. 11-"...and the tallest buildings in New York floated away as the tallest clouds. " That is awesome.

So, today I fought the battle with the Great Green Go-Kart of death, and did pretty decently. I'm skipping springfield AGAIN in favor of a nap and some oreos. I have no willpower. I would tell you more about it, but the mail part of my brain has now shut down, and I just want sleep.
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Thursday, May 09, 2002

What I’m supposed to be doing: Driving up to springfield to see my sister.
What I’m doing: Reading Mo’s journal and downloading Sims stuff
What I want to be doing: Nap, nap, nap, nap, nap.

I have had quite a day. Yesterday while we were driving, um, Somewhere.. (We are ALWAYS driving somewhere, we never seem to be sitting still) Monica asked me if I’d like to learn her postal route and be her sub on her days off. Due to the fact that she’s a contract worker and not directly employed by the post office, I can, you know, DO this. I agreed, because lets face it, for $75 for 3.5 hours of work, I will do damn near anything. I had to get fingerprints done at the police office, and I was just so exhausted by the time I got home from talking with my recruits at Amanda’s last night that I did NOT want to drive back out. So I got up bright and early at 6:30 so I could go to the police office before I went to the post office. I got fingerprinted by a nice, relatively attractive policeman (It’s the man in uniform thing), and was on my way. The problem was, I couldn’t remember exactly how to get to the postal annex. I still had about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there, so I pulled into Sonic and ordered their fruit taquitos while I called my house on my cell phone to get Monica’s number. Sadly, mom wasn’t home, so I had to try to help dad figure out the caller ID to find Monica’s number. After 3 minutes of explaining what button to push (There are 4 buttons), he said “Oh, here it is! It ends with 0899.” “No, dad, that’s me.” “Oh, ok.” “Push the left button.” “Okay, I’m pushing the right button…” “No, Dad, Left.” “Oh, ok. 089…” “NO, dad, that’s MY number! Keep pushing it here.” “08…” “DAD!!” “What button do I push again?” “LEFT! LEFT!” “Oh, here we go… 339-1430” “THANK GOD!” [click!] SO, I dail the number, and guess what. IT’S THE WRONG NUMBER! I gave up, got my fruit taquitos (which sucked, by the way, don’t get them) and drove right down the road. Yup, the postal annex was about a half mile away. Well, I got there and couldn’t find Monica, so I HAD to call her. I tried dad again, and FINALLY got the number after five more minutes.

So, basically, it was a rocky start to the morning. Monica then taught me how to sort mail (For the record, I now HATE BB Highway), and all sorts of postaly things I really should have paid closer attention to, since I’m supposed to do this by myself Saturday. Then we went out in her truck to do her first route with her driving, and me in the passenger seat sticking the mail in the boxes. It took an hour to sort, and an hour to deliver. Then we went back and picked up the second route, which technically belongs to this guy named Greg, but he’s lazy, so he just sorts it and we deliver it. The fun part about this route is that I get to deliver the mail to my house- hee hee! For this one we took the jeep, and I had to scrunch up in the back because there is only one seat in the front. Now, I must tell you, I am scared to death to drive this thing! Its basically the Great Big Green Go-Kart of Death. Seriously. It’s a 1970. The gas gauge is broken. The speedometer doesn’t work. It smells really, really bad. Woohoo!

So, mail delivering wasn’t all that exciting, to tell you the truth, and now I am really sleepy. And I really don’t want to go to Springfield. And I really don’t even want to go to Monica’s later. I really don’t want to do anything but sleep right now.

(note- right after writing this I fell asleep for 3 hours and didnt get ANYTHING I was supposed to do done. Oops)
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Saturday, May 04, 2002

I really should be asleep, but obviously, I’m not- groundbreaking concept, huh? I got home around 1:30, which was a half hour ago, but I had to take some webcam pix in my Marilyn costume before I did anything. Then I had to heat up some pizza, since all I’ve eaten all day is one piece of pizza. Now I’m sitting around (finally out of wig and dress!) reading Monique’s journal and a few emails. My toes are frozen. I’m frozen. I recall walking to the car from Chateau saying “Its freakin MAY! Why the hell is it COLD!?” AOL tells me it is 48 degrees. That’s damn cold to be wearing a halter dress.

So, its 2:11 am, I have to be back at the Chateau for classes at 9am. I still have my makeup on, and until I took off the wig, I looked like Drunk Marilyn, because its all messed up now. I promise to tell you about the party later, but tonight I’m brain dead. I’m also gonna upload the webcam pix on Rich’s site tomorrow so I can post.

If I don’t get in bed soon, im gonna get frostbite and my toes will fall off. Must sleep.

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Friday, May 03, 2002

Its May, if you haven’t noticed. In may of 2000, I was in Florida. In May of 2001, I was in florida. In May of 2002? Sitting in front of the computer at home, watching a video of My So Called Life episodes, wishing they would come fix the satellite. I should be standing at the Wilderness Lodge bus stop with Nate, waiting on the “Boone’s Farm Bus”, to go somewhere, anywhere. Probably Epcot. We’re Epcot people, you know. It does not at all feel like May, you see. This will really take some getting used to. Where the hell did like.. February go?

Oh, and most excitingly, Monica’s horse had her baby! Seeeeee!

I sat on the floor in a pile of hay while she lay her head beside my hand. I felt her warm breath on my palm, her first day of breathing.. her first day of everything. I witnessed one of her first naps. It was a little overwhelming.

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