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Tuesday, July 30, 2002
You would think that going in and out of hospitals several times a day would have gotten me over my huge fear of them by now, but apparently it hasnt. Today I pulled up to deliver my afternoon delivery...

Peope die here. There could be dead people in there right now.
Its just a lab. You're just going to a lab.
There are about a billion needles in this building. And IV's, oh man..
(getting bag of x-rays out of my car)
Look, X-rays. Remember that time in human phys when you studied x-rays...
I wonder where the morgue is.
(This would be the part where I have to lean on my car so I dont fall over)
Okay, lets distract myself with scientific stuff. I am carrying a bag of blood. A bag of leukeocytes and erythrocytes. There's all sorts of cool stuff in there...And here's the lab, there's a centrifuge, those are pretty cool... test tubes, slides... all good.
Can we get out of here now?

Am I ever going to get used to these places?
posted by Crystal 5:49 PM

Monday, July 29, 2002

My pizza box just reminded me of "Book It". Did your school have that? When we were in grade school, we got these pins and you got a sticker for each book you read. When you read 5 (Or something like that) you got a free personal pan pizza from pizza hut. Man, if I got free pizza for every 5 books I read now?? I would be one happy girl.
posted by Crystal 9:09 PM

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Oh man. I just found like 20 cd's in my closet that I totally forgot about! I'm in cd heaven.

"That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!"-Weird Al
posted by Crystal 4:49 PM

Good morning, everyone!

Well, ok, its actually 4pm and I just woke up, but its morning to me! I'm getting ready to read through some blogs that I didnt have time to read during the thon, and then read through my own. The latter scares the living daylights out of me :)

I found a few new blogs that I'll read pretty often from this whole thing, which is always nice. I'm amused to see that we all started coming down to one or two sentence posts about the same time ;)
posted by Crystal 4:00 PM

Well, believe it or not, we've reached the end, folks! I'm actually rather awake now, but I'm still looking forward to sleep! Thanks a million to everyone who sponsored me, left me comments, emails, or otherwise kept me awake!
I wish I were conscious enough to write something significant for my last post, but my brain is really gone.

Lets do it all again next year?

posted by Crystal 8:03 AM

Lula knows how to make herself at home! She just jumped off my bed, from the floor to my lap, there to my desk, and started drinking out of my water glass. That's my girl!

She carries everything around in her mouth like this!

Now that its almost time for this to end, I'm feeling pretty darn awake. I know that will probably disappear the second I hit bed, but for now, its nice not to be completly falling over.
posted by Crystal 7:32 AM

I just brough Lula in so she could eat some breakfast and keep me awake for a while, and she's doing a fantastic job. I finally got a good picture of her carrying a toy in her mouth, so I'm working on getting that uploaded now!
posted by Crystal 7:00 AM

I'm sitting here vacantly staring at the screen and playing with my hair, and all I can think about how EMT's stay up 24 hours on a regular basis. Given my current state of mind, that makes me really think twice about ever calling an ambulance. I'm lucky to be able to speak right now, let alone have to do cpr on someone or something. Bad.

By the time I post this, it will be 6:30. I've woken up a little bit, I think my 20 minute nap may have helped. Hour and a half left! That makes me damn near giddy.

In blogthon news, we just went over $58,000. Yay, us!
posted by Crystal 6:34 AM

Almost 6am. I really hope I can finish this without falling back asleep. 8am will never have been so exciting, that's all I'm saying! I think last year I got my second wind right about the time we finished, and so I was up a few hours afterwards. Not this time. The second that last post is up, I'm in bed. Two hours and twenty minutes. 140 Minutes. Four little posts until freedom. I seriously think that if I tried to stand up right now, I'd fall over. That's not particularly reassuring.

My mind is complete mush right now. I'm trying to put words together into sentences, and its just not happening. Everything's all foggy up there. 22 hours at a computer will do that to ya, I guess.

Wow. Is it always light outside this early?
posted by Crystal 6:04 AM

I've gotten to where I try to take 10 minute naps in between posts.

Are we done yet? 5 more posts left!
posted by Crystal 5:34 AM

I'm seriously at the point where I lose my mind now! Three hours left!
posted by Crystal 4:55 AM

4:30 am. So very sleepy!
posted by Crystal 4:36 AM

Sleep. So sleepy. Want a nap. Want hours and hours of sleep. Sleep. S L E E P.

No, this 24 hour stuff isnt getting to me at all ;)
posted by Crystal 3:54 AM

You know, I'm suddenly now REALLY thankful that we started at 8am this year instead of 2pm like last year. The idea of having to go on until 2 just blows my mind right now.

And now a lovely part of last year's blogathon. Kel and I had been watching Shakespeare in Love...

When people who have been blogging for 19 and a half hours meet shakespeare.

Crystal: i know this play like.. like something I know really well
Kel: Like the back of your pillow?
Crystal: oh, how I miss my sweet pillows
Crystal: pillows are such sweet sorrow
Kel: A pillow by any other name... is still better than this chair.
Crystal: thou knowest the mask of the blog-a-thon doth paint my face else would a lovely pillow be paint my cheek
Kel: et tu, pillow?
Crystal: rofl
Crystal: Oh pillow, pillow, wherefore art thou pillow!? Deny thy pillowcase and refuse thy bed!
Kel: lol!!
Crystal: or, if thou will not.. be but sworn my pillow and ill no longer be awake
Crystal: arise fair pillow and kill the envious blogger, who is allready sick and pale from lack of mother freakin sleep
Kel: You need to post that.
Crystal: Oh thinkest thou we shall ever sleep again?
Kel: You KNOW the answer to that.
Crystal: Two bloggers, both alike in dignity,
In fair Internetland where we lay our scene
From ancient blogging break to new posts
Where 2pm can not come soon enough

From forth the fatal posts of these two friends
A pair of star-crossed bloggers write their posts
Whose misadventerous piteous overthrows
Doth with their blogging bury their charity's strife
Crystal: i never was good with the death scene
Crystal: thus with a blog.. I sleep
Crystal: Oh happy posting

And my personal favorite part of last year's blogathon, The Camel Attacks.
posted by Crystal 3:30 AM

I just got all excited about the fact that there are only five hours left, but then I though.."FIVE HOURS?" Five hours ago it was 10pm. That was FOREVER ago! Five hours is a really long time! I'm really starting to worry about my sanity now. I dont know how much longer its going to last.

Of course, then I clicked the next link on the blogathon webring and saw this picture, which made me giggle like a little girl.

I will never get over that kid.

posted by Crystal 3:02 AM

I really wish these half hours would slow down long enough for me to have time to actually write something before its time to post! Its getting quite frustrating.

I'm starting to really, really crave a nap. Mmmmm, sleep! My bed is starting to look so inviting.
posted by Crystal 2:35 AM

*too* funny- Ewan McGregor's head on Snape's body. All my dreams have come true at!

Six hours left! Six hours left!
posted by Crystal 2:02 AM

I'm watching Harry Potter now, and eating cookies! Six and a half hours left!

I've watched the whole potions class scene like three times in a row now. Did I tell you that I LOVE Snape? And of course Alan Rickman aint bad either ;)

That's one of the things on my List of 100 things about me, actually! I'll share!

My favorite Harry Potter characters are Hagrid, Fawkes, and Snape.

edited to add that I really like Wood, too!
posted by Crystal 1:32 AM

Awake awake awake awake!

I think its time to start on that 100 things list, dont you? Any suggestions?
posted by Crystal 1:02 AM

Can you believe it?
Not a single haiku post
The entire thon

Oh, damn.

Read of the moment: Purple Brick Road

And I'm still waiting for those Ewan/Obi Wan pics in my email, guys!
posted by Crystal 12:37 AM

Tallulah watching Star Wars.
posted by Crystal 12:00 AM

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Oh no, I'm yawning! Im starting to worry, guys! Please help keep me awake! I really dont want to have to go on a late night frappucciono run, but it may be a last resort. Perhaps I need to go run around outside for a while? Any suggestions? How did I do this last year? Oh yes, I had pepsi and Kelly. Damn.

posted by Crystal 11:30 PM

Oh man. Rich & I were just discussing all the sexual double entendre in Star Wars when this dialog goes down...
Luke: I cant! Its too big!
Yoda: Size matters not! Look at me! Judge me by my size, do you?

I am such a geek. I have been discussing Star Wars and/or Harry Potter for hours. My geek colors are showing!

Grr! These half hours keep flying by! In a way that's good, but content-wise, its really not!
Happy Happy 15th hour, bloggers!
posted by Crystal 11:01 PM

Figured I might as well share the whole Vader/Maul debate. We've had this before, but I think I put up a darn good argument!

CrystalW07: Super-Penis is still no match for Maul
Rich: LOL no way, super penis kicks ass!
Rich: have you watched empire yet?
CrystalW07: watching
CrystalW07: maul is horny!
Rich: He'd beat the living piss out of maul
CrystalW07: no way!
CrystalW07: maul knows how to handle his lightsaber ;-)
CrystalW07: and he has all that martial arts stuff going for him
Rich: Dude, Vader is the baddest Sith ever
CrystalW07: no way
CrystalW07: maul has a nice body, too!
CrystalW07: and he's a way better dresser
Rich: lol maul would get his ass kicked like a little girl.
Rich: vader isn't invincible but he's undefeated. maul got killed in his first movie
Rich: And Vader has more mitochlorians than anyone else, even Yoda!
CrystalW07: they never tested Maul!
CrystalW07: and dude, if I had those sexy Ewan eyes looking at me, I'd be too distracted to live too!
Rich: Maul was good, but not near Vader stature
Rich: rofl
CrystalW07: not even a sith lord can overcome the power of the Ewan Sex Appeal
Rich: lol
CrystalW07: Vader just had Alec Guiness to deal with. Anyone could ignore him!
posted by Crystal 10:26 PM

Still watching Empire Strikes Back. I brought Tallulah in to watch it with me-- she just stops what she's doing sometimes and sits there and stares at the TV. Smart kitten! I'm in the middle of transfering pictures onto my computer from my digital camera.

I cant believe I'm 14 hours into this. 10 to go! Woohoo!

I may get industrious soon and actually fold/hang up my laundry. There is a HUGE pile taking up a large portion of my room. I also need to clean some of my fish tanks tonight, as well as several other menial tasks.

My boyfriend and I are debating Darth Vader vs. Darth Maul. I'm madly in love with Maul, he votes for the guy that looks like a huge... member of the male anatomy. Oh come on, you know he does. Leave comments and let me know who's side you're on (Hint: MINE!)
posted by Crystal 10:02 PM

Well, I finished playing with the Harry Potter bonus DVD, now its on to the Empire Strikes Back!

I feel like my posts are getting really boring. I'm sorry!
Want to keep me awake? Go find me some pictures of Ewan McGregor in Episode 2 and email them to me. I will think you are the coolest person ever, and write a lovely haiku about you on here!

I still havent even started on my 100 things about me list. Man, I am way behind here.
posted by Crystal 9:30 PM

Still watching the harry potter bonus dvd! Starting to get a little tired, so I had to break out the cookies. Mmm, chocolate!
posted by Crystal 8:59 PM

Oh man! I got too caught up playing with the harry potter bonus dvd and almost forgot to post! Oh well, only 5 minutes late :)
posted by Crystal 8:35 PM

Made it home from the video place with 3 minutes to spare! I have:
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Harry Potter
Ferris Beuller's Day Off

(Quite the combination, eeh?)

Tallulah has come in the house to keep me company. She just tried to eat my pizza. I really need to take some pictures of her & upload one or two for you!

HALF WAY THROUGH! How excited are all of you about THAT? Can you believe its been 12 whole hours already? That's crazy! Good luck with Part 2!
posted by Crystal 7:59 PM

7 and a half hours into this shindig, Albert and I are still doing well!
Off to the video store!
posted by Crystal 7:25 PM

I just watched the season finale of the first season of twin peaks, and to say that I freaked out at the ending is a bit of an understatement. Dude. Dont leave a girl hanging like that!
posted by Crystal 6:59 PM

In an hour and a half, I will be half way done. Half way, already! Its going really quickly so far. I'm just hoping it continues to go this quickly around 4am!

I think I'll post some pictures soon. Not much else to do!
posted by Crystal 6:32 PM

I'm getting ready to watch the final episode of the first season of twin peaks, yay! I wasnt one of those cool people who watched it back when it was actually on, I had to be pushed that way by friends. Now if I can just get netflix to send me the pilot episode, I'll be such a happy girl! That, and they need to put the second season on dvd.
posted by Crystal 5:59 PM

Not much going on, still sitting around watching Episode 6 of Twin Peaks. Any movie suggestions for later?
posted by Crystal 5:36 PM

Watching twin peaks while waiting for mom to bring back the pizza. Its a good thing I have her around, our pizza hut doesnt deliver.

Ooooh, mom's home! Bye!
posted by Crystal 4:55 PM

Ok, my oldest sister is an oddball. Today, my mom recieved a package from her containing three packages of coffee flavored jell-o. No note, just jell-o. Who on earth would EAT coffee flavored jello? I am afraid.

I just called Dominos, I was *going* to have them deliver a large thin crust pepperoni, but they wanted $14 for it! Its usually like $10! I can eat almost a whole thin crust by myself, so there's no way I'm spending that much money. Pizza hut it is!
posted by Crystal 4:32 PM

I'm starving. I would kill for a pizza! Dominos?
posted by Crystal 3:59 PM

Question 2:

Are there people you envy enough to want to trade lives with?

I would like to trade lives with people for a few days, but out of curiosity rather than envy. As much as I despise Britney Spears, for instance, it would be fascinating to see what her life was like for a day. I’d like to see what its like to be my horse for a day. Lots of people, really.

Question 3:
Would you accept 20 years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you would die at the end of the period?

Sure, if it started when I was 90 years old! ;)

Question 4
Do your close friends tend to be older or younger than you?

Always seem to be older. Rich is almost 28, Kel is 27, Monica is 26, Amanda is 25 or 26…

Question 5
How do you react when people sing Happy Birthday to you in a restaurant?

Live it up, baby! For my last birthday, Nate and I went for breakfast at the Whispering Canyon Café, and the waiter made me ride around the room on a stick horse while everyone sang. Fun memory! I really think people have forgotten how to have fun sometimes.

Question 6
If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, masseuse, chauffer, housekeeper, or personal secretary, which would you choose?

Oh man. I’m torn between the cook, because I cant cook at all, and the masseuse, because my back always hurts.

posted by Crystal 3:55 PM

I found my book of questions!

The first question:
Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? Would you be willing to spend the night alone in a house that was supposedly haunted?

Absolutly, and no. I’m totally fascinated by paranormal stuff, but I get scared way too easily! My sister and I did go to a hotel that’s haunted down in Arkansas. It used to be a hospital, and then a mental institution, and then a private school, I believe. The freakiest thing was that I had read that several people have seen apparitions in the upstairs hallways, so we went up to the third floor. When we came back down, my 2 year old neice kept saying she wanted to go back up. When we asked why, she said there were people in the halls upstairs. We hadn’t seen anyone. Creepy.

I did go through a phase where I read ghost hunting stuff on the internet a lot, but that led to a lot of nights of not being able to sleep, so I had to quit. I also love shows like Haunted History in the History channel. Very cool.

I think one of the coolest things is Residual Hauntings. That’s when a building, usually a really old one made of certain types of stone “soaks up” what’s going on over time. Science has proved that these types of stone act almost like the tape in a cassette or video, and “plays back” sounds or images sometimes. Isn’t that cool? That’s why its so common to hear footsteps in old castles or something. Who knew there could be an actual scientific explanation?

posted by Crystal 3:29 PM

Yay! Found my DVD remote! Twin Peaks time!
posted by Crystal 3:09 PM

Yay! Shower, hair washed, legs exfoliated & shaved, all in under 20 minutes! Check me out!

Of course, on the other hand, I'm writing this post in a towel..
posted by Crystal 2:57 PM

Not only did my computer crash right as I was about to post my 2:30 post, but MS Word failed me and didnt autosave what I had written. Le sigh.

Its shower time, kids!
posted by Crystal 2:39 PM

Time flies when you're eating donuts and playing online!
I really am going to get around to that shower soon. I promise. No, really!

Listening to: Aretha Franklin- Respect
posted by Crystal 2:00 PM

I'm eating the famous $16 donuts from the earlier post (Yes, I did get a refund. I forgot to mention that!) After, um, brunch? I think I'm gonna take a shower, then go for movies.

I just went outside for a second, and it is HOT. I just checked the weather online, and it says: Afternoon Heat Index 100-105 today

I'm glad I'm sitting inside all day. Oh, and a half hour passes far too quickly!

Listening to: Avril Levine- Complicated
posted by Crystal 1:31 PM

I just spent 10 minutes trying to get that pic of Kel to work before I realized that I had forgotten to upload the pic. Oh, man. And its only 1:00.

Speaking of the time, I cant believe we are already 5 hours into this shindig! Still havent gotten off my butt long enough to find the books or the DVD remote. I think its time to go take a quick shower and get some makeup on so I can go rent movies. Or maybe I'll just sit here and eat donuts.

Listening to:Sheryl Crow-Soak up the Sun
posted by Crystal 1:02 PM

Kelly & the Vodka Voice

Now, before I tell this story, you have to understand that Kelly is my bestest friend and a fine, upstanding citezen. She would never do anything embarassing in public.

Anyway, when our dear Kelly drinks a bit too much, she gets what we have now affectionatly termed the "Vodka Voice". With the Vodka Voice, one tends to speak a sentence, and then repeat that sentence, stressing certain words of importance this time.

One night we ventured downstairs from the bar and found a bunch of people gathered around a piano singing (No, we weren't singing Hotel CA for once). Someone pointed to a bunch of beers on the floor, and Kel grabbed one. "Floor beer!" she exclaimed. "How cool is that?" About five minutes later...
(Kel looks at her hand with wonderment.)
Kel: "WHERE on earth did I get a beer? I dont remember getting this!"
Me: You picked it up from the floor five minutes ago. Right over there.
Kel: Oh! That's right! Floor beer!
(Kel holds up her beer for everyone to see.)
I have a beer from the floor! I have a BEER from the FLOOR!

Example #2.
Should I really tell example #2? Its a bit embarassing. Kel, what do you think? Oh, yes, you're not here. Perhaps I shall save this story for when she gets back. Feel free to go over to her blog and leave her comments begging for the "On Film!" story.

Anyway, the Vodka Voice is something we now use on a regular basis. "Look, Kel! I have new shoes! I have NEW SHOES!" You should really use it too. You know you want to be just like us.

PS to Kel- I love you man, but you're not here, so I get to tell all the embarassing stories I want! Muahahah.
posted by Crystal 12:25 PM

Well, damn. I've spent too much time looking through simucon pics in the past few minutes, and now I dont have much time to write. I'll tell you a really short story.

Quavvy is a guy that runs a bar at simucon every year. His friends buy a hell of a lot of liquor, and all the simucon people (hundreds) head up there for free booze. We all love Quavvy (some of us more than others..).

This year, the Hilton made a horrible mistake. They scheduled a group of pastors and their families to be staying at the hotel at the same time as Simucon. I feel very bad for these people.

How do these two facts tie in together? Well, someone decided to steal the sign off a door reading "African American Coalition Pastor's Meeting" and stick it on Quavvy's door. So, when your random group of slightly drunk people (that being us!) walks up to room 428 and sees that sign on the door, we are very, very confused. We sneeeeak up to the door, and quietly open it.

"Think pastors would be smoking cigars and doing shots?"
"Oh, good. This is still Quavvy's then."

I saw several of the families.. they were quite the contrast to us in their sunday dresses and suits. We were wearing... um. Well, the Gemstone people were running around in medieval costumes, and most Modus people are just lucky to stay dressed.

African American Coalition Pastor's Meeting, wherever you are, we're sorry. And no, the hilton usually doesnt have those big chairs in their elevators.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories including:
Modus vs. Public Transportation!
Kelly and the Vodka Voice!
and the True Story of Albert the Drunk Monkey!

Look, me & Kel in a bar. Who knew?
posted by Crystal 12:00 PM

Look, it happened again! Its 11:25!

I'm listening to Drops of Jupiter. Have I told you the story about why I love this song? Well, if I did, it was at least a month ago, so most of you didnt hear it, so I'll tell it again. We were all at Simucon, and the Modus crowd (plus a few brave people from other games) had been up dancing all night in the hotel lobby. It was around 6am, so the band had gone home, and the DJ had quit. We had one guy there playing guitar for us, and he eventually decided to start playing the piano instead. Someone requested Drops of Jupiter, and so we all stood around while he played it. The only problem was that since we were all a) really sleepy and b) slightly intoxicated, nobody could remember any of the words except "tell me!" And so it went like this...

(pretty piano playing)
Drunken People: Tell me!... La la la la... and... hummm hmmmm, TELL ME!

It was a great night. I think I shall tell you more Simucon stories! Perhaps with pictures! That's always fun for a while.

posted by Crystal 11:30 AM

Blogathon: Then and now!
Blogathon 2001

Blogathon 2002

With Albert the Drunk Monkey in his first public appearance since Simucon, in honor of Kelly. (please pardon the lack of makeup)

posted by Crystal 11:09 AM

I have to admit that I'm having a good time, and not getting a damn thing done. After the past two weeks of working constantly, its nice to be able to actually sit here and eat breakfast. Im getting to catch up on some websites I've neglected, and I'm coming across a few new blogs to bookmark while I work my way through the blogathon webring.

And look! Someone else was watching MST3K when I was! That's kinda cool.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about Mollie! I got an email from her last night. She's another Mary Kay consultant that I've never met, but she's holding a skin care class today, and is planning to donate 10% of what she makes. How sweet is that?

I really have attention span issues. I get so caught up reading other blogs and catching up on some message boards and IM's and playing Modus that I keep realizing that I have about three minutes left to write a post in. I've also discovered that I'm not truly happy unless I have at least 4 web pages, music, im's and a game going at once.
Listening to: A1- Caught in the Middle
posted by Crystal 10:59 AM

Things are running quite smoothly so far. Eating breakfast, still not dressed. This 8am thing may be for the best, two hours have gone by already before I actually woke up. Good moring, world!

Remember those books of questions I mentioned? I cant find em. I'll have to search. I also cant find my dvd player remote, which means I cant watch Twin Peaks until I do. Damn!

Listening to: Get this Party Started, Pink
Reading: Vegspam's Blog (between this blog and my friend mamanda, I have decided I really need a chinchilla!)
posted by Crystal 10:30 AM

Okay, I really can not type and watch MST3K at the same time. I'm far too amused. Sadly, my hopes that its a marathon have been ruined, just one episode. Luckily, I still have 5 episodes of Twin Peaks on dvd, and I'll probably run to the video place at some point.

So what was it I said about actually writing long posts this time? Yeah.
posted by Crystal 9:59 AM

Ok, I just heard that Harrison Ford and Liam Neison (however you spell it) are both in that K-19 movie. You know they have to be sitting around discussing Star Wars. That just freaks me out. Han Solo and Qui Gon Jinn together. This really screws with my universe.
posted by Crystal 9:32 AM

Well, I went in to do all my skin care stuff put on some makeup, and ended up having this conversation with myself.

Good morning, self! You look like hell this morning!
Thanks! Good to see you, too.
Think I should hop in the shower and wash my hair?
Nah, too much work. Lets save the showers for like 3am when you really need them to stay awake.
Good point. You know, you really look like hell.
Yeah, I know.
What do you say we skip this makeup stuff for now and go grab the eye mask cream stuff out of the fridge, and go lay down for a while?
I really like the way you think!

So, as you can guess, I used my eye stuff, went to bed, and turned on the TV. Guess what I found! MST3K! HOORAY! I seriously cheered out loud. I haven’t seen this show in years! Please, please, please let this be a marathon! That would make me the happiest girl ever!

posted by Crystal 9:26 AM

Oh, and did I ever remember to tell you about the gas station with the sign outside that said "We sale beer now!". Classic.
posted by Crystal 8:56 AM

So, since I havent posted in about 37 years, lets get caught up while we have the chance. The car and I are still getting along fabulously, but I still haven’t named her. I’ve put about 1500 miles on her in the past week and a half. Really not my fault though, I’ve been working way too much!

Cassie-cat has been missing for about four days now. The first couple of days I didn’t think much of it, since she is the independent type and has gone away for a day or two at a time before, but now its been a really long time and I’m getting worried. Tallulah is going crazy without her around, she has nobody to play with! Plus, Lula got in a fight with some stray cat and nearly broke her leg. She was limping really badly at first, so I was planning on taking her to the vet the next morning, but she seems to be doing pretty well, so I think I may let it heal on its own. Its obviously not broken, so I hope I’m doing the right thing here. (Um, yeah. I’m the one who planned to be a vet and is taking the whole vet assistant course, and I’m not sure if I should take her to the vet or not. I feel pretty stupid, thanks.) Anyway, she has been spending a ton of time in the house with me, since I feel so bad about her little leg and lack of having her sister around for company. She watched Star Wars with me the other night. Seriously. She sat in bed with me and stared at the screen. I have one smart kitten.

Oh yes, and then there’s the donut story! I’ve been doing Monica’s hospital run, which involves about 45 minutes of driving all together. I was picking up the stuff from the doctor’s office across from Super Wal-Mart when I decided I could just stop there and pick up the new Harry Potter books I needed, and could therefore avoid driving to my own wal-mart. Well, I walked in, and there was the ol’ bakery section. They had donuts. Really, really good looking donuts. So, I grabbed three especially yummy looking ones, picked up a couple of things for dinner, and a magazine. When I checked out, it was $24. I paid the lady, and then stopped. $24? The hell? I looked at my receipt, and the first item listed was

Donuts: $15.98

$16 for three donuts? Those better be some damn good donuts! I showed the lady, and she discovered that she had in fact charged me for FOUR DOZEN DONUTS instead of three donuts! I cracked up the whole time I waited in line for the service desk. You know, that story really just isn’t as funny in print. Sorry.

Tallulah just came in here and jumped on my lap, so I think that’s kitten speak for “Stop typing and come play with me, woman!”, so I shall post this and go away.

And I just noticed how many different nicknames she has. Tallulah Jane. Lula. LJ. TJ. Not nearly as embarrassing as all of Cassie’s (which include Hufflepuff and Cassie-Pants). Collectively, I tend to refer to them as “kitten heads” or “kitten cats”.

Now please excuse me while I stop Lula from eating my earrings.

posted by Crystal 8:55 AM

Wow, its really hard to believe I’m back doing this all over again! Its really a bit odd having it start at 8am instead of 2pm like last year. Last year I had time to go get a sandwich, movies, etc. that morning before it started, this year I barely woke up on time. On the other hand, its really hard to stay awake until 2pm no matter when you wake up, so hopefully 8am will be much easier. I guess I’m just lucky I don’t live over on the west coast where its 6am. Ick!

Wow. Did one word of that make sense? I fear I’m not terribly coherent first thing in the morning.

A few more changes this year; One notable one is that I cant drink soda any more, so that will make this quite interesting. Luckily caffeine can also be had in the forms of chocolate and caramel frappuccinos from Starbucks! Mom has already been informed that she may have to go to Starbucks at any given hour, so hopefully she will be prepared when that time of need comes! The saddest difference from last year is that Kelly isn’t here to participate this time! She’s off in New York for her sister’s wedding, so I will really miss going through the whole thing with her. I think that made all the difference last year!

I’m currently looking through blogs, since I know I’ll spend a lot of the next 24 hours reading them. I’m sad to see that isn’t blogathonning this year! Neither is wockerjabby!

So, um. Hi. What am I supposed to do for the next 23 hours and 44 minutes? I suppose I may read through last year’s blogathon entries every now and then. Luckily some of my friends are silly enough to be awake already, so that helps. And of course there’s that whole entry writing part of it. I’m going to make a conscious effort to have far fewer two sentence entries this year. Lets see how long that lasts, shall we?

I have a couple of those books of questions you’re supposed to ask your friends for amusement which I will be pulling out when I cant think of anything to write, so be prepared to learn far more about me than you ever wanted to know!

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Look, its 8am already! Here we go! (I just woke up, so this is all I have time to write)

Good luck to all my fellow blogathonners!
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Friday, July 26, 2002

Barbara, I dont know you, but I love you!

Now the rest of you all know you want to be as cool as Barbara the Unknown! She just sponsored me for $50 for the blogathon! Isnt she the coolest? I dont even have a URL where I can go adore her, which makes me kind of sad. I wonder if its Barbara the waitress from Simucon, she's the only one I know!

The blogathon starts TOMORROW! Eek! How did this happen so quickly? I'm feeling totally unprepared, but how does one really prepare for this? All I learned last year is to have food, a digital camera, and plenty of movies. This year I also have a mission. Kelly put up a list of 100 random things about her on the little "about me" section of her page, and since we all know Kelly is my idol, I have decided I should do this too. Honestly, with the two of us sharing a brain, when one gets a good idea, both really need to run with it because you never know when another good one will come around!

My other source of amusement will be running a big Mary Kay sale while I blog. I just decided this, to tell you the truth. So, head on over to anytime during the blogathon (8am Saturday-8am Sunday) and I'll give you 10% off any website orders. I rock, eeh? I'll also donate another 10% of what's made to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (The organization I'm blogging for!) The MKACF is an organization Mary Kay started a few years ago that provides funds for research in women's cancers, as well as working against domestic violence.

Kind of going hand in hand with this, for every lipstick I sell during this sale, I'll donate one to a local women's shelter. That's one of my favorite things to do, because so many women there are out trying to get jobs, and something like makeup can really help their self esteem.

So, that's the rundown! If you have any topics you want me to write about, any deep dark secrets, anything you've always wanted to know but have never asked, now is the time my friend! By about 6am, I will be so out of it I will be telling you anything! So, see that lovely comment link down there? Click it already and tell me what you want to hear!

See you in the morning!
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Saturday, July 20, 2002

Forgive me all, for I have sinned. It has been 13 days since my last post! Can you believe that? I sure can't. It always seems like the more that I have going on, the less I get around to posting. First, because its the absolute most important thing you will hear all day, if not all year...

(and the people rejoiced! Yay!)

I am speakably happy. Really. I had almost given up hope, but then one morning in the mail, there it was: the Fruit Loops Card ! It only had a $500 limit, so I was kind of torn. $500 can pay a lot of bills. $500 can make the Mary Kay order I really need to put in. $500 can buy one fantastic day at Barnes & Noble! However, it was pretty damn obvious what I really wanted to do with that money, so I called up Ford and told them that I now had $500 for a down payment, so Marc the Money Guy said he'd resubmit the loan application, and get back to me sometime after 1:30. Well, Greg the Car Sales Guy called me back around 4 while I was coming home from my bank run, telling me to go out there. I was like "Um, so this is good news?" and he said that the car was mine. I boogied. I was bouncing up and down and clapping at a busy stoplight, it was a beautiful thing.

I'll leave out the part where I run around in a frenzy trying to get $500 from an ATM before calling customer service in a panic, only to have them tell me I can only take out $300 in a 24 hour period. Luckily, Marc said I could just drop by the rest the next day, so I went out to pick up my car! She is beautiful and I love her. For those of you who havent been playing along at home, she is a 2001 Ford Mustang, white with black/grey interior. I love her. She has a little button I push that adjusts the tilt of my seat-- even Mustang Sally didnt have that! I love her. She has this traction control system that will keep me from spinning out and such in rain (And most likely prevent the 360* turn in the middle of a road while trying to make a left turn in the rain that Mustang Sally did that one time...) This will be a handy feature, and it makes me feel a lot safer. I love her. She has that yellow handle in the trunk with a picture of a little man running away on it that you pull to open the trunk if you get locked in there. I love her. I love the little man. I think he needs a name. I will call him Pete.

Well, anyway, all of that was Tuesday, and its now Saturday, and the new car and I are still blissfully happy together. I've already put a hell of a lot of miles on her- I'd assume about 700. Its been a busy week!

Totally random thing: While driving home from Kryger's, I noticed a sign outside a gas station that read "We sale beer now." I dont think I even need to comment on that, do I?

I've been housesitting for Monica since Wednesday. At first it was a bit surreal, waking up in a house that isnt mine and walking out to a new car. It took a while to get used to the quiet, but now I'm loving it and dreading going home. I'm kind of a hermit by nature, so I'm enjoying having the place to myself. I've been stopping by my house every day to feed the fish, pick up things I need that I forgot to bring, and see the kittens. I've decided that I'll bring them out here today. How long they stay depends on how well they get along with Monica's dog Max and cat Lucy. And of course how insane they drive me!

So, that's pretty much it. I've been working my butt off doing my runs and Monica's too, but its good money, which makes me happy. Oh! Speaking of which.. I was late with my truck payment last month because I had planned on getting my car and not needing to make it, so I thought I would have to send in a double payment plus late fee this Friday, and I was totally financially prepared for once. Then mom tells me that because the loan has been rewritten for my car, I dont have to pay this. She is almost 100% sure, but I'm calling Ford to be sure. However, this pretty much means I have $570 to do whatever I want with. Sadly, this means I'll put in my MK order and pay bills, but I think it allows a book or two and the boots I found yesterday that I must have. Hooray.

Finally, today is the deadline that we must all have 3 sponsors for the blogathon by, and I currently only have 2, so if you would like to sponsor me, even if its just for a dollar, go do it, please! You can either sponsor so much per hour, or just a flat rate. I will love you to pieces no matter what you do! I promise!
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Sunday, July 07, 2002

I have picked up this horrible habit of just jotting down notes for posts, or writing a few sentences and leaving them to finish later. The problem is that by the time I get around to actually posting, the things I had planned on telling you are either no longer relevant, or I’m just too lazy to write about because it happened days ago.

After posting my last entry, I realized that I totally forgot to tell you about the problem with my truck. As you may know, the Check Engine light has been coming on since before I took my truck in to Ford (and consequently found the Mustang). Then, the oil gague started freaking out. Well, being the smartie that I am, I checked my oil and found that it was low, so I put a quart in. Problem solved, right? Well, then I was up in Ozark on my way home from a delivery, and while I was at the gas station, I decided to go ahead and check it again. I pulled out the little dipstick, did the usual wiping off thing, and checked the oil. There was none on the stick. I stuck it in again, and sure enough: I had no oil. Now I may not be a car expert, but I had a feeling this wasn’t good for the general well-being of my truck. I drove to the Super Wal-Mart across the street to pick up some oil, and started wondering if perhaps the little screwy thing (told you I was a car expert) where I drain my oil when I change it was loose. I debated crawling under there to check, but I was working and didn’t want to get disgusting, so I stopped by their auto department and asked the guy how busy they were. He said they had a few cars in line, and so there was probably about a 45 minute wait. I told him “All I really need is someone to stick their head under my truck for like five seconds to check the oil cap. Isnt there anyone who has a minute for that?” but he went into this speech about how they had to take the cars in the order they come in, and they’d have to put it up on the racks, and all this other bs. I grumbled something about doing it myself and went to pay for my oil. Out in the parking lot, I put in 1 and a half quarts of oil (I had bought 3, but halfway through putting in the 2nd one, I seemed to lose coordination and was starting to be less successful at getting it in the hole without dripping, so I decided to wait till I got home where there was a funnel. Well, I drove back to Branson, and after I dropped off my delivery, I noticed the bottom of my truck was dripping stuff and smoking. I stuck a piece of paper under the drip to see if I could tell what it was (kinda hard to tell against pavement) and sure enough, it was oil. The problem was, it wasn’t dripping from where it would be dripping if the cap were just loose. I drove home and threw a general fit over my truck having issues and needing a vehicle for work and wanting my damn mustang NOW. My neighbor came over to check out my truck. He checked the oil, and I had none. The quart and a half I had put in about 30 miles ago was completely gone (not a good sign, for those of you playing along at home). He put my remaining quart in to see if he could tell where it was leaking from. This was when he discovered that my oil filter had a hole in it, and was generally spraying oil all over. Really, really not a good thing, but at least it was super cheap to fix.

So, now you know the truck story. Don’t you feel better now?

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At the moment, they are in the kitchen playing their new favorite game. We give them a few wrapped pieces of candy (and tonight, a ketchup packet, too) and they bat them with their paw, sending the candy skittering across the slick kitchen floor. They chase after it for a while, and then pick it up in their mouth and carry it off. Try as I might, I cant get a single picture of one of them carrying something in their mouth- I tried for about ten minutes tonight, but every time I got close my camera would refuse to take the picture because the batteries are very weak, or the kitten would move too quickly. Its really a shame, because it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve seen in ages.

(I adore how I can simultaneously be scrounging up $500 for a down payment on a car and planning out a $5000 vacation. I suppose I live vicariously through my planning…) My hope for this next trip is to really focus on immersing myself in whatever I’m doing and wherever I am. Staying at the Animal Kingdom lodge that night? I want to order something African from the room service menu and spend the evening on my balcony watching zebra and giraffes. I want to wander around and talk to the people working there (most of them are from Africa), and talk to the animal keepers about the animals in depth. I want to examine the African art in the gift shop. I want the experience. On the far more simple side, say I’m staying at the All Stars Movies resort (the cheapest side of Disney resorts. Think Motel 6 on crack. 3-story movie characters, bright colors… you get the idea) While I’m there, I want to wander around and check out all the massive movie characters, eat cheap food court food, play in the arcade, etc. It may sound abnormally cheesy, but I always end up overlooking so much and really not making the best use of my time. I want to try a different approach to vacation. Who cares if I actually stick to this plan, its fun to think about. Man, I promise to shut up about Disney vacations one of these days. Well, actually, no I don’t.

I did Monica’s Skaggs Hospital West run for her on Wednesday, and as a result, I got to speak a phrase that should go down in history. As I was getting the Boxes O’Stuff (I usually pick up their blood samples, x-rays, and other things I don’t care to know the true identity of..) out of my truck, some x-rays fell off of the paper clip attached to this folder. First of all, who paper clips x-rays to the outside of a folder? Put them in for the love of Pete! I grabbed them off the ground before anyone noticed, and stuck them in the folder (I hope?) they went in. I dropped the boxes off in the lab and went to pick up my check. I had no gas, but I was in a hurry to get home so I decided I’d press my luck and run on empty. While I was opening my check envelope in my truck outside the building where I get it, I noticed something in the passenger seat. There was an x-ray in my truck. I picked it up, and it was quite obviously a foot. Muttering a few obscenities at having to drive BACK to the hospital, and simultaneously being really embarrassed that I had to go back in the lab and feel particularly stupid and incapable at the mistake, I drove back to the hospital, still on empty. However, it was all totally worth it to get to walk in, find my Microbiologist of choice, and say “I just found this foot in my car, I thought it might be important” and make us both laugh like idiots. I mean really, how often do you honestly get to say “I found this foot in my car…”

Kelly and I somehow got on this kick of doing all of those “What’s your (whatever) name” things. My “pirate name” is Mad Ethel Bonney “Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!”
As for my Exotic name-“The stage clears, and all eyes turn to you, The Enchanting Melanie Mischief.” And my absolute personal favorite, my Cereal Name: “Available in low-brow convenience marts everywhere, it's:Chunky Brown Sugar Hunks” Classic!

And of course..
Me: “And so your road trip alias is what you had for breakfast, and the location of your last vacation.”
Me: So, I’d be Oreo StLouis
Kelly: I’d be Godiva Louis
Me: You know, maybe its time for us to re-examine our eating habits.

I woke up on Friday morning, and immediately decided I was going to go test drive the Mustang down the street. The car lot that its at has a horrible reputation, but I figured that if nothing else, I’d come out of the deal with a few minutes of mustang-driving’ bliss. I was looking at the car, and by the shape of the tail lights, I guessed it was a 97 or 98. I was then perplexed when the tag said 96. I was totally sure that they hadn’t switched to the square design until 97, so I hunted down the dealer and asked him. He of course had no idea, so after I drove the car (mmmmmm…), I asked him to run a Car Fax on it so I could see if it had been in a wreck and they had changed the lights or something. I was one self-assured little chica. Well, the car fax was taking forever, so I said I’d stop back by later to get it. Needless to say, with this being me, I forgot. Well, seeing that I woke up at 6am today, I decided I really had nothing better to do than look it up online. Being the Mustang girl that I am, all of this looking at photos of them was obvious torture. (Well, actually, it kinda was since mine is STILL over at the ford dealer while they try to break the icy hearts of ford credit) Anyway, guess what. I was wrong. The new tail light design started in 96, so I now feel like a big ass.

You may have noticed that I just said I woke up at 6am today. Very observant, you are (and sound like Yoda, I do!) I’ve had this evil runny nose/head thing going on for the past two days. I spent most of yesterday in bed, and although its still icky today, when I randomly woke up at 6, I could tell that I obviously wasn’t falling asleep anytime soon, so I just got up.

Right now, unless Marc the Ford Guy can work something else out, the only way I can get my car is if I come up with $500 to put down. Apparently, Ford Credit (bastards) wont give me the loan unless my car payments are the same or lower than my truck payments, which in a way is a good thing, because I really cant afford much more a month. It seems they are pretty close (they dropped the price of the car to like, three dollars for me), but still off enough that Ford Credit still says no. Therefore, if I could put like $500 down, this would lower my payment the extra $10 or $20 a month it needs. The obvious problem here is that I don’t have $500 laying around to put down, especially when about a month after I get the car, I will have to pay around $600 in taxes. Mom cant loan me any, and dad pretty much wont since I still owe him around $250 for my camera. I seriously don’t see myself coming up with $500 anytime soon, so I’m really hoping Marc works something out before I die of Mustang deprivation. On the good side of things, Karen will be out of town for the next three weeks, so I will be working for her the whole time. Yay! This means I will at least have enough cash to pay my bills this month, and maybe a little extra, but definitely not $500 extra. My one other outside hope is the Fruit Loops card. Remember it? If that credit card comes in the mail, I can put the $500 on it. I know, getting myself in more credit card debt is obviously not the brightest idea at this point and time, but a) its for the CAR, and b) at this point, am I really going to even notice $500 added to all the money I owe? Doubtful.

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