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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
It is still August, right? I haven’t fallen asleep and missed a month or so? Because driving along the road that leads from my house out to the highway, I have seen workers setting up the Christmas lights for a few days now. Lights everywhere! Now on my way to the gas station, I pass Santa and his 8 massive reindeer (they’re at least 20 feet tall). Now, I know we start Christmas season early around here (Nov. 1), and that they do have a lot of lights to put up, but really, in August? Hold off till October, at least! I’m just waiting for someone to drive through and steal a lamb or something. Hey, I wonder if there are any camels…

I have created my own little post-it paradise. I decided my life would be better with little sticky papers everywhere, and man oh man is it! I have three big ones stuck to my monitor- one of a recent order total so I can remember to charge the person (Hey Kel!), one with a few various story ideas, and one reminding me to watch a tv show. The very best part is that I bought mini-cubes of post-its for my car. Now when I’m driving and think of something I need to do or want to write about, etc, I grab my little green cube and stick a note to the dash board. The best part is that when I get home, I can grab the ones that I need to use as reminders in the house, and bring them in and stick them to my computer. It’s a lovely system. I also have a cube by my bed for those little things I remember as I’m falling asleep. My closet door (right next to where I sleep) is covered in little pink squares.

Have I told you about my music downloading woes? Why is it so darn hard for a girl to have her music these days? First, Audiogalaxy decided it didn’t feel like working anymore, so I re-installed Morpheous, which worked ok for a few days, and then stopped connecting. So, then I downloaded Sharezea (something like that), which functions sometimes, but not always, and generally isn’t all that great. Today, I downloaded KaZaA, and its almost exactly like Morpheous, except that it WORKS! I am a happy girl!

I finally got to go to the chiropractor yesterday! After spending the whole weekend in bed because my vertebrae decided to imitate abstract art instead of lying in a nice straight line, I was even happier to see my chiropractor than usual! Have I ever told you how much I adore this man? I do. I finished work a half hour before my appointment, and happily sped to the office, making it with eight whole minutes to spare! The doc was ready when I got there, so I wandered into exam room two, pouted, and said “SAVE ME!”. This was one of the most amusing chiropractor visits in history- the three of us (doc, nurse, and me) spent the entire ten minutes I was being twisted into a pretzel laughing our heads off. I couldn’t help cracking up at how screwed up I was, when he was constantly saying things like “Wow! 6 and 2 are both out on the right side! We hardly ever see that!”, and the thing that happens EVERY single time I go- when I lay on my side and he twists me to fix um, whatever part that fixes, he ALWAYS comments on how flexible I am. He’s like a kid. (to the nurse) “Hey! Look at how flexible this girl is!” (at which point he twists me into the shape of Africa or something). We were giggling at the increasing loudness of my back popping when he went to fix my thoracic vertebrae, and it popped about 10 times, and so loud that the nurse heard it across the room. I almost fell off the table laughing. I guess it was one of those “you had to be there” humor moments. J

And yes, I am still kinda sick. My symptoms remind me of a certain condition I had last summer that starts with a “Bronch” and ends with an “-it is”, but its simply not allowed to be. Whatever it is, its not pretty.

Last night was all kinds of fun. My package from Amazon came, containing my new Yoga DVD, and my belly dancing video. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I was an idiot and accidentally ordered the intermediate video instead of the beginner. Oops. I watched the video first, since I didn’t think I could actually do it until I had the beginner. First of all, I have to make a confession. I’m sort of.. mesmerized by these chick’s bellies. They’re both really thin women, except below their belly button, they have this…well, belly! It’s the weirdest thing! I freaked out when they started doing rib circles. Have you ever SEEN that? Funky.

Well, I broke down and decided that I had to give this stuff a try, and mom wanted to join in, so we moved the DVD player into the living room. All I can say is THANK GOD I’m not on the Real World or some other situation where someone would have a video of me and mom doing this stuff. Comedic gold. I finally did get the hang of those rib circles, but it just doesn’t have the same effect coming from someone like me whose ribs you cant really see. I’m totally getting the hang of this butt-shaking thing, though. Just call me Shakira.

While driving yesterday, I popped in a really, really old mix cd, and found myself rocking out to Kid Rock. Driving alone all day does this sort of thing to you. At the beginning of that one song, I was singing along when he does the “My name is kiiiiiii(insert about 34 more “i”’s here)id! Its kid baby! Kid Rock!”. Well, singing that, I felt a bit silly (don’t comment), because well, my name isn’t kid rock! Therefore, I have a new nickname for myself. My name is chick-- Its chick baby, Chick Rock!

My job leads me to funny places sometimes. Yesterday, I parked right in front of a business door, even though there were plenty of open parking spots, just because I could. It’s the little things…
Oh, but getting back to my point: There’s a new theme park being built here that’s supposed to open next year. Its amusing, because all the public knows about it is its name and where its going to be. I, however, have ended up delivering tons of blueprints, and today found myself having to walk in on a design meeting to deliver some. From what I caught, they were discussing either the design of a ride, or how one ride would relate to another. I saw a list of names of attractions they were planning, and it occurred to me how odd it was that I had access to all of this info. Kind of weird.

The part that kind of pissed me off was that the guy who I delivered to was really quite rude to me. But then I got home and thought about it. Who is he? Some guy who designs theme parks. And so I slipped my Roller Coaster Tycoon into my cd-rom, and thought, “We’re the same, Billy, you and me”. Muahahaa.

I’ve been getting runs to Springfield almost every morning lately, and that’s a very good thing, because I’m very poor. However, it kinda sucks, because I get home around 11 or 12, and have to leave again at 1:30. I do not dig that.

The strangest phenomenon just happened. My dear fishy Bogart’s little bowl was disgusting, so I knew I really couldn’t put off cleaning him any longer. Most of the fish I don’t give a second thought to cleaning, but Bo’s bowl is so oddly shaped, its darn near impossible, because I cant get him out to clean it. So, I picked him up and gave him a lecture on how he better keep it clean for at least three months, because I didn’t want to have to do this again anytime soon. Then, I thought I’d at least give getting him out a try. It never works because the angles of his bowl are so weird, its impossible to trap him against the side with the cup. However, this time I put the cup in the water, and he I told him what a good, smart fish he was for about ten minutes. So, I actually managed to clean his bowl in about three minutes, vs. the usual 20. I am a very happy girl!

Its really a bit hard for me to believe that its noon. This is like, the time of day that normal people get up. Its weird to think that I’d usually be asleep right now when I’ve already done so damn much today. On one hand, I wish I could wake up at like 8 every day, watch some morning tv, eat food, take my time getting dressed, and still have time to chill before work. The problem is that on the days that I do get up at 8, its because I have to leave to work by about 8:30. Plus, I really enjoy staying up late too much, and I’m not sure if I could sacrifice that for mornings.

posted by Crystal 12:41 PM

Monday, August 26, 2002

I’ve been wanting to write an entry for days now, but things have been kind of crazy. My back has been messed up and I’ve been sick- didn’t even get out of bed yesterday.

I just spent the past five hours playing Roller Coaster Tycoon and Hoyle Casino. I just bought them two days ago, and I’m having a lovely time sitting on my butt. I didn’t like RCT at first when I played it, and was really kicking myself for spending that much money that I didn’t have on a game I didn’t even like. However, I just spent about 4 hours playing it, and now I’m hooked. However, I am horrible, terrible, awful at building roller coasters or any ride where I have to lay out the track myself. (And I really thought that “rollercoasters” was one word, but Word spell check is telling me otherwise, so hummm…) I wish I could design really snazzy rides with loops and hills and such, but it just doesn’t work out. This makes me sad.

Hoyle Casino makes me very happy, because I get to play lots of blackjack and poker! I have learned a new game, too- Caribbean Stud Poker, which I’m starting to get the hang of. Playing this makes me very excited to be going to Vegas for my birthday. I plan to make a killing at blackjack, and perhaps decide to move there and become a cocktail waitress.

Tomorrow is a busy day, and feeling like I do, I’m not 100% sure I’m up for it. I’m doing Karen’s tickets in the morning, which will be from about 8-11, I need a chiropractor appointment, which I’ll try to get in at noon, I need Monica to do my hair, which I don’t think I even have time for, then I have my bank run from 1:30-3:30, and MK meeting from 6-8. I’m thrilled to be doing tickets, because I REALLY need the money. I’m thrilled to get my back and hair done, too, so maybe I’ll live.

So, not much going on really. I guess this isn’t so much of a post as just an “I’m still here, still breathing, carry on.” sort of things. No news is good news, right?

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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Bleh. I wrote a rather long post last night, but MS Word decided it was hungry, and bye-bye post. However, I do have this that I wrote on Saurday and forgot to post, so all is not lost!

My youngest sister called today at 3pm, and I was of course, sleeping. This is exactly how the conversation went down, I kid you not.

MaryAnn: Whatcha doing?
MaryAnn: Oh, of course. Hey, what are you doing in September.
Me: Um, sleeping?
MaryAnn: Wanna go on a road trip?
Me: OK! So, hey, you wanna go to a movie this weekend? The theater is having movie, drink, and popcorn for $5.
MaryAnn: I can't, I have too much to do.
Me: Aww, ok. Oh, hey, where are we going on this road trip?
MaryAnn: Humm, I don't know. I was thinking maybe going to Virginia to the ocean. I just have a need to travel.
Me: Rock on, I could use an ocean. So how long are we going for?
MaryAnn: I have about 9 days off. We'll figure it out from there. I'll supply money if you'll supply the car.
Me: Ok, sounds good. Can we…(insert random list of destinations here that aren't even close to being on the way from here to Virginia)
MaryAnn: Um, sure!
Me: Yay.
(kids in the background start yelling "AUNT CRYSTAL!!" about now)
MaryAnn: I should go.
Me: Ok. See ya.

Once again, the fact that we are in fact related smacks me upside the head. First, she knew I would agree to a road trip no matter when, how long, or where we were going. We could be on our way to see the World's Biggest Shoestrings in Ontario and I'd be in. Second, she used the phrase "I have a need to travel." Sisters, really.

This makes me happy. We've never really done anything together like that, mostly because for most of our childhood we hated each other. Now that we get along, its about time for some road tripping. I will, of course, require that she reads the "Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road" pre-trip. I think her road trip alias should be "Cha-Cha".

And know what just frosts my cookies? I now have a road trip in September, possibly a 3-day trail ride in September (I'm really not feeling like riding and camping for 3 days right now, but you know Monica will probably talk me into it!), Disney in November, and Vegas in December for my birthday. This is my kind of schedule! I'm so much happier when I have a lot going on like that. Last summer was the epitome of great schedules-I had a week at Disney in May, Simucon the 1st weekend of June, and Equitana (HUGE horse convention) the 2nd weekend of June.

So I guess that now I just have to be sure to sell $50 worth of Mary Kay stuff along the way so that my trip can be tax deductable. Seriously, that's the way to live. And how lucky am I to have jobs where I can not only take off whenever the hell I want for however long I want, but one of them I can even do while I'm gone if I'm so inclined? (aka we're 100 miles from home, broke, and need gas)
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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Yay, finally got the CSS working correctly! About Me page updates are still ongoing.
posted by Crystal 2:14 AM

I forgot to mention that I'm in the middle of redoing my "About Me" page, and so I threw together a snazzy little collage to use on it. Its very me.

ps-finished the about me page update. click the link on the left to see. also added Lula and Phoenix to the cast list
posted by Crystal 1:58 AM

Found this mini-survey while cleaning out my e-mail filing cabinets. I really should do this on a regular basis:

2 You Cant Live Without:

CD's: Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits, Savage Garden's "Affirmation"
Movies: Ever After, Moulin Rouge
Games: fake scrabble, Modus
Books: "Still Life With Woodpecker" (the wonderful Tom Robbins), and "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" (JKR, of course.)
Restaurants: Olive Garden & this fantastic mexican restaurant downtown called Pepperbellies, but its gone now, so I do have to live without it!
Guilty Pleasure: Godiva chocolates, cheesey Disney channel movies

Well, its 1am, but that doesnt mean I wont still try to continue my new Saturday morning ritual of getting up at 8am to watch MST3K. There are few things that would get me up at 8am on my day off, but that's one of them! I'm so happy to have a few days off. I have so much stuff to do around the house. The down side is that I know I wont get any of it done, I'll sit around and read my new books and watch dvd's, but who cares, really?

I ordered a yoga DVD and a belly dancing video from Amazon. I know that even if I do come up with cash for a membership at the gym, dance and yoga are so much more fun. Therefore, I'll just continue to go to the gym on a very sporadic basis with mom for my treadmill duty, and spend the rest of my time happily at home shaking my bootie. I really want to find some more good dance workout videos. Any suggestions?

I really wish I could find some sort of sleep schedule that works for me. I'm a night owl by nature- I do my best work and have the most fun between about 1-6am. I would never go to bed before 5am if I had my way! However, I have to be up before 8am 3 days a week (4 if you count MST3K on Saturdays). Then I am gone from around 2:30-6, or else that would be prime sleeping time. (Nothing good happens in the afternoon, why not sleep?) Someday, I will figure it all out.
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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Today was one of those days where nothing all that remarkable happens, but it’s a good day anyway. I got up for work after only 2 hours of sleep (really long late night phone calls will be the death of me, but that’s life!), drove up to Springfield with my delivery, and then hit Barnes & Noble. I could spend days there! My mission today was to find something on creative writing, because I used to fancy myself as quite a writer, but my muse seems to run away, and creativity that hasn’t been tapped into for a while is feeling rusty. Much to my joy, I found exactly what I needed, a book called The Pocket Muse, which has all sorts of suggestions for combating writer’s block and such, as well as ideas that make fantastic jumping off points for stories or poems. I am in love with it. I also found a book called “Life’s A Stitch” which is a collection of work by women authors that was done to raise money for various charities. So far, I’m in love with it too.

On the way home, I pulled onto the road that Emmett lives on, deciding at the spur of the moment that I wanted to pay him a visit. Luckily, he was right up by the gate and I didn’t have to walk a mile to find him! I stood with him and rubbed him and such for a while, and we generally enjoyed each other’s company. The only problem was that due to lots of rain recently, the mud in that area was deep. And since the horses hang out around the hay most of the day, well, you can imagine what gets mixed in with that mud. So, every time Em would lift a foot to kick at a fly or something, when he would set it down, the mud/ickyness would splash up on my legs. They were brown by the time I left, and my shoes (cute black platform sandals) were caked with an inch of mud. But you know what? Who cares, I got to spend time with my horse!! (I stuck the shoes in a garbage bag in the back of my car and drove home barefoot. I really ought to get around to cleaning them soon) I was glad to see that although I haven’t ridden him in well over two months, he was in perfect shape. I’ll never know what it is he does to maintain this, but it’s his gift. He’s lost his two front shoes and is definitely due for a trim and a worming though.

When I got home, I scooped Tallulah up in my arms and carried her into the house with me like the princess she is, only to find that mom had bought her two new toys today: a blue and green fish that you wind up, and its tail flops like a fish out of water (I see big, big problems if she’s ever in the house and one of my bettas jumps out of its bowl.) and the other is a stuffed mouse that makes realistic sounding mouse squeaks when you play with it. She’s in kitten heaven, she loves them both!

I came home and played online for a while, then did my bank run, by which time I was getting really, really sleepy (It was about 4pm, and remember I was running on 2 hours of sleep!). I had to be at the doctor’s to pick up at 4:30, which meant I needed to pick up their stuff from the hospital by 4:15. This gave me about 10 minutes of nap time. About 5 minutes into it, someone from work called asking if I wanted a run to Springfield. How sad, that it killed my nap, but I somehow fell back asleep and felt much more rested after just 5 minutes of sleep. Ahh, sleep!

When I got home from that, I fell asleep again until about 8. My job tonight is to find my car title since I have to pay my taxes and get licenses and everything tomorrow. Buh-bye, hard earned money! I made myself feel a little better by splurging for a yoga dvd and belly dancing workout video from Amazon. I’m gonna learn how to shake my bootie! ;)

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Yay yay yay yay! I just talked to my friend Nate tonight, and it looks like we may be at Disney at the same time again! That would be the most awesome thing ever. We could a) save money on hotel rooms by sharing, and b) have a hell of a lot more fun than we would without each other! Party Buddha lives!!!

I so didnt want to go to my Mary Kay meeting tonight, but I am SO glad I did (heh, that's usually the case!). It was a really fun meeting- we got to try some of the products that will be coming out in December (All I can say is that I am in LOVE! I'm gonna be spending at least $100 on myself. The peach lotion & shower gel are AMAZING) We discussed our "purpose" again, which is one of the hardest things for me. Basically, the idea is that you arent really going to be driven to be dedicated to your business unless you have some underlying reason or goal. My reason is that I eventually want to be a director so that I can be a stay at home mom, give my kids everything they could ever need, not have to worry about money, and only have to spend a few hours a week away from home. The thing is, the kids are like 10 years off, so its hard to really apply that purpose to my life now. Thankfully, I have this trip in November that I *REALLY*, desperatly need cash for, so that is a huge motivation. HUGE. I need to sell my bootie off! Thankfully, I should be able to do a ton of holiday gift sales around late october. I'm planning on making up cute gift sets and putting together a flyer.. I should really start on that now, huh?

Speaking of such things, if you ever feel like browsing through my catalog, the link is right over on the linky section to your left. I would think you were the coolest person ever if you ordered stuff and helped me on my way to vacation. (end advertisement here =D )

Have I mentioned lately that I really, really, really want my own house? Nothing too big, but I have decided that one big bedroom and two small bedrooms would be ideal. Why three bedrooms for lil ol me? Well, one for the obvious sleeping purposes. (Although I plan to have this daybed that I fell in love with in either my office or living room, and to sleep on it most of the time) The second would be an office/computer room. I really, REALLY need an office. I am drowning in skin care products here. I would also have my computer, all my vacation planning stuff, etc. in there. The third bedroom would be a huge walk-in closet/dressing room. No, really. Its not that I have that many clothes, but I would really like to be able to lay out a room where I could have shelves for jeans and a huge area for shoes and a chair and a 3-way mirror and all that fun stuff. In other words, 2 bedrooms would be ok, but 3 would just rock my world. If all else fails, I could totally remodel a 2nd bathroom into a dressing room, but that involves a little more work.

I've already started collecting "house stuff". I found the CUTEST plates at K-mart the other day, so I had to buy some. They were cheap, pretty, and just very "me". So, I have some dishes, TONS of glasses, and that's pretty much it. Two desks, a tv ad dvd player, and a bookshelf. Sad, eeh?

The House also has to have some sort of system for my fish. I have lots of bettas, which have to live seperately from each other. Therefore, I have 7 small 1-gallon tanks scattered throughout my room. The difficult part is that since they are fighting fish, if they can see each other, they will constantly be flaring up at each other and trying to fight through the glass, until they eventually wear themselves out. Not good. So, yes. House has to solve this problem.

It must have a nice front and back yard with plenty of room for Tallulah, Future Kitten, and a garden.

Speaking of which, there is an update on the kitten front! My sister's cat, who is Lula's mom, is about to have kittens AGAIN. Mom already asked her to save me one-- how sweet is that? I really would prefer one Lula's age, but dude.. who can resist a baby kitten? Not me, that's for sure! Maybe I should specify that the yard should be big enough for several cats. And a possible dog.

A show about the making of Moulin Rouge is on at 3. Its 12:30 now, and I cant decide if I want to stay up or just tape it. Ewan is worth staying up for, but I want to get to the gym in the morning. Choices, choices.
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Writing about a breakup is really hard. I cant write when I’m angry, or I’m going to say a lot of things I don’t realy mean just because it feels good to say them. I cant write when I’m sad, or I say a lot of things I don’t really mean either. Luckily, the past day or so, I’ve been in a much better mood. I still have an hour here of there where all I want is to be back together, but then logic sets in, and I’m pretty ok. Or maybe I’m fooling myself. I really don’t know what I feel yet. It was not a pretty kind of breakup. Well, it was at first, but then I thought things over and was totally freaked out by the idea and wanted to do anything to save it. That’s when it turned into a total of about 12 hours crying on the phone. Not the easiest thing ever.

What can I say then? Mostly, we had some issues that have been lingering for a while that there’s really no way to resolve at this point in our lives- we want totally different things. If we ever end up in a place where we’ve grown and changed a little and find ourselves looking for the same things, or at least with more similar priorities, we may get back together. Until then, who knows.

I know that this is something I need. I’ve known there were problems for ages, but loving him so much and not wanting to lose what we had overpowered that. I listen to talk radio almost every day while I’m doing my bank run, and even though I don’t always agree with I hear (read: rarely), I kept hearing the same advice to so many women: You’re not out there to find a man you can change into what you want. You’re out to find a match, and if he’s not a match, why are you wasting your time? Its really hard to look at things like that when you have so many feelings invested, but its true.

In a way I’m tempted to just pack up and move to Orlando, or New York, or San Francisco, or just go live with Kelly, and have this whole fresh start. Its probably for the better that my finances don’t allow that though ;)

Moving on, (heh, now there’s a phrase of the day.) I have to tell you about some really good things, and the usual randomness! A week or so ago, I got mail from a life insurance company. Figuring it was junk, I tossed it aside, and finally got around to opening it a few hours later. Inside was a check for $774. Apparently, it was a refund of some sort for a life insurance policy that I didn’t even know my mom had on me. (Rock on, mom!) Anyway, I was obviously totally skeptical at first, but it was real. Me, who had a dollar fifty in her bank account, now had almost $800. This, my friends, is a very good thing. Especially when a girl has taxes due on her car, her first (damn big) car payment coming up, owes her mom $250, and has a breakup which requires at least $12 of Godiva chocolates, plus about another $80 in random shopping. (This brings us back to two important theories: 1-Shop Therapy is always good, and 2- the magnetic poetry that I just cant bear to take down- “Chocolate always says I love you”) Oh, and one other reason I need money. I’m planning a vacation.

Yeah, I know, haven’t we heard THAT before? Are we watching that same old “Crystal goes to Disney World!” rerun again? Yup. Basically, I really, really need a break, and that’s my destination of choice. Because I decided I needed some extra spoiling, and because I got a FANTASTIC room rate ($182/nt for a $400/nt room!!!), I’m staying at my beloved Polynesian for six days. Six blissful days.

You really have no idea how much I love this place. Its home. Imagine waking up in the morning and calling room service which arrives right after you finish getting dressed. The room servicey person sets up your breakfast (complete with tablecloth!) out on your balcony. My breakfast of choice is called Tonga Toast, which is this huge, thick banana-stuffed French toast with warm syrup, with bacon on the side. Its bliss on a plate. Now, keep in mind that you’re outside. Its about 75 degrees, just starting to warm up for the day. Palm trees stand over the perfectly-manacured lawn, where two of the smartest ducks ever (they chose to live there, and have been there at least 3 years- bloody genius in my book!) are hanging out enjoying the sun. Bay Lake stretches before you, and you can see some people out on sailboats. Oh, and did I mention Cinderella’s Castle in the distance across the lake? Yeah. So you sit there in complete peace, occasionally watching the monorail go by, enjoying breakfast.

Not a bad morning, eeh? I’m totally addicted to this place. I could spend my whole vacation at the resort and still be perfectly happy. I really want to add on 5 days at Port Orleans Riverside, one of my other favorite resorts, and as a long shot 4 more days at the Wilderness Lodge, but it all comes down to cash. If all I can afford is the 6 days at the Poly, I’ll still be pleased as punch, but really, having 15 days total is what I need. In other words, I’ve become totally spoiled, and anything less than 2 weeks just seems to short. There, I admitted it.

If you’ve been holding out for a Tallulah update, here one is! The kitten-head is still doing great, and I’m starting to get that feeling that I’m raising a toddler. Her new thing is chasing pieces of dry food. She’s so hard to get to eat much as it is, so I’m totally game to sit there and toss individual pieces of kitten food across the kitchen floor so she can chase after them. It’s a long process, but amusing as hell. And for the record, she’s make an incredible hockey goalie- its impossible to get a piece past her! Today she “helped” me clean out my car. That meaning she climbed around in the back seat, up to where the back window is, into the front seat, everywhere. She’s in her teething phase now, and she chews on EVERYTHING. Poor Mousey (her favorite toy) may not survive the ordeal.

Last night I indulged in the ultimate guilty pleasure: I watched a backstreet boys concert on video. All I can say is holy hell, that is the ultimate tool for getting over a relationship. I forgot how the Blonde Wonder gets to me. Hot damn! Now I just need Episode 2 on DVD, and life will be fantastic. Oh, the very best part of the video is that it has the original BSB band!! I used to hang out on Tommy, the keyboard guy’s website all the time. There was a group of us who chatted there on a regular basis, and got to know the band pretty well. I miss Tommy!

And a random note, I should not be allowed to watch those things the Humane Society has on the news. You know where they show a few animals that are up for adoption? I want them all. Watching that just made me start seriously considering getting a friend for Tallulah. When Cassie was still around (she’s still missing), we said at least 10 times a day “Im SO glad we have two!!”. Kittens that age have so much energy, they need a companion. Tallulah tries to play with Laura (my 10-year old cat), but that goes over..well.. not well. So yeah, it’s a huge temptation. They also had this white husky/german shepherd mix on just now that I want. I want em all, dammit!
I just checked out our humane society’s website, and the prices are really reasonable. The $40 cat adoption fee includes all their shots, flea treatments, ear mite treatments, and it even covers them getting spayed/neutered. Seeing that kitten shots are $27 alone, that’s not bad at all.

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Friday, August 09, 2002

I have never felt more like a ticking time bomb, I'm going crazy. I'm waiting to hear a decision, an important one. I'm trying so, so hard not to get my hopes up, but I'm so damn optimistic in nature that that isnt really working. Nothing has worried me this much in a really long time.
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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

[i'm firenze!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

(he's the ceataur. How the hell do you spell that?)

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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Oddly enough, the most useless online quiz ever really, really suits me.

Which Sex and the City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?

Okay, I really do love Lula, but after her third attempt on Sugar Daddy's life in one night, and the huge scratches across my wrist that make it look like I've been attempting suicide (I tried to block her from jumping into the bathtub with my arm-- not good.), I figured I had to try something. I found the only water gun I have (purchased from Schnucks while at Simucon), filled it up, and got ready to give her a quick shoot when she did something she wasnt supposed to. Apparently, this is supposed to be a really quick way to teach cats not to go to certain places. Well, seeing that Lula does something she shouldnt an average of every 2.5 seconds, I have to hold it at all times. This results in her staring at me as if to ask "Um, mom, why are you holding that thing?" Plus, the gun leaks. So, I give her a few squirts which really seem to confuse the hell out of her (she just jumped up on my keyboard as I typed that), but the problem is, she LIKES the squirt gun. She wants to play with it. I have her drinking out of it. Seriously.

So, um, anyone out there know anything about kitten training? Please? She is pretty good about the not using claws while playing with people rule, and she just jumped a good three and a half feet up my wall trying to get a spider. Her favorite current toy is a package of crackers from a salad bar, and her new nickname is Taluey Kablooey. I really think the main problem is that her sister Cassie has been missing for three long weeks now. SO many times when we would let them into the house to play at night, I would remark how happy I was that we had two, as they always kept each other entertained, it was perfect. I would give anything to have Cassie back so that they would have each other again!

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

So, ready to hear what is quite possibly the most bizarre dream in ages?

Mom and I decide to go back in time to watch me being born. (Dont ask. I dont know.) Well, while she's getting ready for labor, I meet her particularly sexy doctor, and I totally miss watching my birth because I'm off hooking up with him. I really need to have more respect for the point behind time travel, eeh? Well, anyway, the next day, I'm pregnant, I pop out a kid, and we go to Disney World. The kid stays in the room with mom while I go off and do disney worldish things. Quite the maternal insticnt I have, huh?
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